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The 10 Best Male Vibrators According to Sex Experts

Male sex toys have come a long way from the boring sleeves that were only designed to offer men a simulated replacement for the female anatomy. The vibration was not even available in male toys for decades after the female counterparts hit the market. Thankfully, the industry has made leaps in technology.

The 10 Best Male Vibrators include:

  1. Lovense Hush (Our top pick!)
  2. Lovense Edge
  3. Pulse 3 SOLO and DUO Male Vibrator
  4. Man Wand Male Vibrator
  5. Nalone Oxxy Male Vibrator
  6. Jett Vibrator by Hot Octopuss
  7. Lovehoney Wild Thing
  8. Tenga Flip Zero Vibration Male Vibrator
  9. Nexus Revo Slim
  10. XR Brands Vibrating Head Teaser

These advances and innovations now bring men some of the same extraordinary sensations that previously only women were able to experience.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 Best Male Vibrators on the market to make the search a bit easier if you, or someone special to you, maybe interested in adding a bit of buzz to those intimate moments.

The 10 Best Male Vibrators

There are plenty of different male vibrators on the market. You could spend tons of time, and way too much money, trying them all out.

However, we’ve made the search a bit easier by providing you with a list of the best male vibrators available. These vibrators come with high praise and great reviews as the best in male sexual stimulation.

1-Lovense Hush

lovense hush male vibe

The top spot on our list definitely goes to Lovense Hush. This versatile butt plug is made from 100% body-safe silicone, making it free of harmful latex, rubber, or phthalates. Completely safe for all forms of internal and external stimulation, the Hush brings a bit of taboo excitement to even the most traditional sexual relationships.

Available in two sizes, the Lovense Hush has been designed to bring pleasure to both novice and more advanced users.

The unique spiral neck helps prevent slippage or insertion issues, and the wider base ensures safety during even rougher playtime. The Hush has been made to stay in place until you want to remove it.

The Hush by Lovense features some of the most intense vibrations available in any male sexual stimulation toys.

The Hush can be operated on the toy or by the Lovense app, giving the user, or a trusted partner complete control over the sensations, including speed and intensity. With the Hush, a completely customizable experience as possible.

These are all of the things that lifts the Hush to the top of our list – it’s one of the very best and most versatile male sex toys on the market.


2-Lovense Edge

lovense edge male vibrators

Another great Lovense product is the Edge. The Edge is designed to be a prostate massager, though many have found several ways to use its unique design to provide stimulation to their most sensitive areas, both internally and externally.

When paired with the well designed Lovense app, you can even give control over to a trusted partner. The fit and design of the Edge can also be easily worn during penetrative sexual acts without worrying about discomfort or injury.

The Lovense Edge features an optimized neck that allows it to stay put during sex and provides you with handsfree fun.

You can adjust the head to ensure that it hits the right spot for most men and can be altered to fit your unique body. The device also features dual vibrators, giving it more power than other options on the market today.

Also, unlike some other options on the market today, the Edge can be used by beginners or advanced users alike. You can position it to feel completely comfortable for you and move at a level that feels right.

Both the Lovense Hush and Lovense Edge can be controlled with the free Lovense app allowing users to:

  • Achieve ultimate pleasure during solo play
  • Prepare for intercourse through foreplay
  • Spice things up discreetly through public play
  • Enjoy worry-free, handsfree stimulation
  • Increase stimulation during penetration


3-Pulse 3 SOLO and DUO Male Vibrator

pulse3 solo duo male vibes

The Pulse 3 Solo and New Duo are powerful male vibrators that focus on vibrations and use oscillation technology on the frenulum.

These are both great vibrators for men and can also be used as a remote-controlled couples sex toy. An amazing option for using during foreplay to get things going and really set the mood.

You do not need an erection to use either of the Pulse toys, which is great for use during foreplay, recovery periods, or for relaxation stimulation.

Additionally, many men who suffer from occasional erectile dysfunction, find this toy very helpful and fun. You can use the device with or without lubricant, depending on the sensation you would like to achieve.

The only difference between the Solo and Duo is that the Duo contains an additional vibration location that provides stimulation on the outer part of the masturbator. This allows for stimulation for a play partner.

This unique feature has been all the rave for couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, that prefer non-penetrative sexual intimacy.

4-Man Wand Male Vibrator

man wand male vibrator

The Man Wand is a unique toy that is made specifically to stimulate the penis, using a wand massager.

The vibrator is designed to allow you to position your penis in the vibrating head of the Man Wand. The two flexible flaps on the massager’s head are designed to hold the shaft of the penis in place during this stimulation.

You will love the pleasure that the textured silicon head of the wand optimizes, along with the vibrations, you will have a highly stimulating experience.

You can add lubricant to the mix, and it will allow you to move the wand back and forth, for a more traditional masturbation feeling. The amazing textured grip handle allows you to hold on properly and fully enjoy the device.

The Man Wand may be used with or without an erection and is a great way to achieve an erection for intercourse. You can also use the device during couple play or can be used for clitoral stimulation on your partner.

5-Nalone Oxxy Male Vibrator

nalone oxxy male vibrator

The Nalone Oxxy Luxury Vibrator is a powerful pump operated male vibrator that provides dependable and intense orgasms.

The Nalone Oxxy features seven vibration modes and even a Bluetooth mode. This mode combined with the suction cup located at the tip of the device helps enhance the sensation. If you are having trouble reaching orgasm with other devices, shelling out the cash for this amazing vibrator may be the clear choice for you!

6-Jett Vibrator by Hot Octopuss

jett vibrator hot octopuss

The Jett by Hot Octopuss has quickly become a favorite of those looking for handsfree stimulation. The Jett provides users the ability to add compression, and easily controlled vibrations to their sexual activities.

The Jett’s sleek design allows for it to be used easily, even during penetration without worrying about it slipping or losing power.

The Jett resembles what many may recognize as a cock-ring. However, the addition of two powerful and fully adjustable bullet vibrators can be placed on the top of the penis for offering a female partner clitoral stimulation or under the shaft for testicle stimulation.

The sleek design is so comfortable that many customers wear their Jett for longer periods of time with no worry, although we would caution anyone with extensive girth to be cautious in attempting long-term use.

7-Lovehoney Wild Thing

lovehoney wild thing male vibes

Another ring design that offers a bit extra is the Lovehoney Wild Thing. This cock-ring features two silicone rings, one designed to fit snuggly around the shaft of the penis, while the other wraps around the base of the testicles.

The combination adds tension to the entire sexual organ providing optimum blood flow and increasing sensitivity. On top of the ring duo sits a 10-function bullet vibrator that is operated easily with a simple push-button.

Lovehoney was originally designed for providing clitoral stimulation. However, men have discovered that they can flip the Lovehoney can be worn inverted, by placing the bullet between the testicles and the base of the shaft for very intense stimulation.

8- Tenga Flip Zero Vibration Male Vibrator

tenga flip zero vibration

If discretion is what you are looking for, then the Tenga Flip Zero may be more your style. This luxury male vibrator and masturbation sleeve uses intricate internal texturing details for added pleasure in a compact and sleek design.

You will find that it has two vibrating motors inside the elastomer sleeve, which provides rumbly sensations with each stroke through the entirety of the masturbator, sending you tumbling toward intense orgasms.

Though this device is more like a traditional masturbator, it does feature five different vibration patterns, which you can access by pressing a button on the bottom of the toy.

You are in full control of the device after you insert your penis, you can control the pressure by manually altering the pressure pads. You can also squeeze out an internal air to create additional suction.

9-Nexus Revo Slim

nexus revo slim male vibes

The Nexus Revo Slim is a prostate massager that can be used by either you or your partner to stimulate the prostate, perineum, or both.

This is one of the few toys that operate completely remote-controlled The Nexus Revo Slim features six modes, more than most other prostate massagers on the market.

The slim design allows for discreet wear for those that may want to consider public play options. The contours allow both men and women to wear the Nexus Revo Slim comfortably.

Controls are located conveniently on the base of the toy, or you can use the included remote. With 6 different vibrations, 2 shaft rotations, and multiple speeds, the Nexus provides 34 different pleasurable combinations.

10-XR Brands Vibrating Head Teaser

xr brands vibrating head teaser

XR Brands Head Teaser offers a more affordable option for those who want to try toys but do not want to spend a lot of money. This budget-friendly option, however, does not skimp on the stimulation or excitement.

Unlike other male vibrators that tend to focus stimulation along the shaft or base of the penis, the Head Teaser lives up to its name. This toy features two adjustable bullet vibrators mounted on opposite sides of a sleeve meant to be worn over the penis head.

The sleeve has been designed to easily allow for ejaculation and will fit almost any size penis, thanks to the super stretchy material.

You can use the remote control, control the device by hand, or let your partner intensify the vibrations. Overall, this is a unique toy that can change up your pleasure levels! For men who are extra sensitive on the end of their penis, this toy will quickly become a favorite.

Why Purchase a Luxury Male Vibrator?

purchase luxury male vibrators

Though male vibrators are becoming more common amongst sex toy companies, both big and small, they should still be purchased from notable brands. You want to ensure that any toys you purchase are high quality and designed to keep you safe.

Though these higher-end toys may come at a higher cost, this ensures that you will be able to use them safely and effectively. Just a few of the many benefits that come with purchase high-quality, luxury sex toys are:

  • Often more powerful
  • Usually feature higher-tech options and innovations
  • Quieter
  • Made of body-safe materials (not always the case with low-quality toys)
  • Built to last
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable

Better established companies often maintain a more rigorous standard for their products. These companies usually spend more time and money on researching and developing their toys. Often, the more trustworthy companies offer at least a one-year warranty on their items.

How to Identify Lower Quality Toys?

If you are unsure of the quality of your toy, you can usually note a few key features that give this away.

It is important to note that there are lower-cost options out there that are still great quality and safe, but you should always do your research. Some ways that you can tell if your toys are high quality or not are by checking for:

  • Rough seams
  • Made from jelly-like materials
  • Feature a chemical smell or rubber smell
  • Don’t indicate the use of body-safe materials

What Type of Male Vibrator is Best?

Of course, each style of male vibrator will work differently, depending on how it was made or its overall purpose. However, the majority of these toys work by stimulating one or more areas of the male sexual organs; this includes the penis, perineum, or prostate.

Masturbators use a wider variety of vibration, oscillation, and sometimes even suction to simulate penetration or masturbation. Most masturbators will require the use of some type of lubrication.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s suggestion for the type of lubricant, water or oil-based, that should be used with the masturbator. They will also have suggestions for proper cleaning of the unit as well.

Prostate or anal stimulators should be made from body-safe materials and have smooth or no seams that can cause injury.

These toys may also require the use of lubricants, and all manufacturer’s suggestions should be followed to keep the toy in the best operating condition. As with any penetrative toy, thorough cleaning should be a priority.

Almost any vibrating toy can be used for external stimulation; this includes the perineum. Although care should always be taken when multiple types of stimulation or used, especially if done prior to any penetrative activity.

The Best Male Vibrator Brand: Lovense is a Name You Can Trust

lovense best male vibrator

The Lovense company wants you to love your toys and use them to the fullest, which is why they offer a yearlong warranty on each device they sell, including the Edge and Hush. They offer their devices at the lowest price on the company’s website.

You can also find them on Amazon, but they may not carry it at the lowest price possible. The company’s website accepts most major forms of payment, including most credit cards.

In addition to accepting most major forms of credit card, Lovense keeps the purchasing process as discreet as possible, never showing up on your statements. Of course, some companies require a brand name to be listed, but this is the only way that it will show up on your credit or debit statements.

Though there should be no taboo with purchasing sex toys, many prefer to keep their purchases discreet, and Lovense recognizes that protecting your identity and your privacy may be important to you .

Just as they make the purchasing process discreet, the team at Lovense also makes the shipping process inconspicuous.

They ship your package straight to your door in an unmarked box. This means that no one passing by can tell what is inside and that your secret is safe with you. Inside of the main shipping box, your toy will be in an additional unmarked box.

What Sets Lovense Apart?

As mentioned, two of the top male vibrators on the market today are made and sold by the Lovense brand. This is an excellent brand of sex toys as they feature some of the biggest innovations to date in the sex toy world.

They work diligently to create new and exciting toys that can be used locally or by couples that are living long-distance.


Final Thoughts

Male vibrators have come a long way. Only time will tell how the technology will change and grow. We have provided you with the 10 best male vibrators available on the market today.

We hope this will provide you with the information that you need to pick up one or more of these toys to add a bit of spice and pleasure to your intimate moments.

Whether you are playing solo or have a partner, any of the toys on this list will surely fit the bill. We wish you many pleasurable moments in your near future!

Written by LovenseFAN Team

The LovenseFAN Team is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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