Bloom Review: Your New Favorite Intimate Audio Stories?

By M.Christian

Do you enjoy listening to steamy short stories? What about learning invaluable tips and tricks for improving your sex life?

Or are you a tried and true Lovense enthusiast who cannot wait to get your eager hands on its newest, coolest, most state-of-the-sexual-art vibrator, massager, or stroker?

Then we have great news for you.

Especially if you answered yes to all three of our questions, as one of the web’s most popular audio erotica sites now works with any or all of Lovense’s Bluetooth-enabled sex toys.

So if you have anything from a Max 2 to a Nora, you can wirelessly connect it to your choice of Bloom’s numerous sexy stories or immensely helpful sexual education guides and feel as well as hear them.

Seriously, we cannot praise this collaboration enough.

Sure, it can be an astounding, to put it mildly, pleasure to have a Lovense toy do its so-exciting pleasuring in conjunction with an interactive video, but there’s something extra-special about listening to a steamy story or informative guide while getting sexually stimulated by one of their well-made and always-arousing products.

Maybe it is how an erotic story uses the listener’s own imagination or perhaps listening to instead of watching something sexy is less distracting.

But whatever the reason, you simply have to see, or should we say, “hear” for yourself when a top-of-the-line sextech innovator is combined with a bevy of spoken word steamy stories and sex education guides.

Because after you do, you’ll see why it may very be the exciting thing you have always been looking for—or maybe it would be more accurate to say, have been listening for.

Everything you need to know about Bloom

short intimate stories

Bloom is dedicated to providing its listeners with extremely high-quality spoken word erotic short stories and an impressive range of helpful sex and masturbation guides.

Right now, Bloom can only be accessed via the web.

Though there is a high probability sometime in the not-too-distant future, it may release an Android and Apple app for it.

But today, as long as your computer or smartphone can browse the web, you can hear for yourself what it has to offer.

Its guides and stories are also available on both Spotify and as an Apple podcast.

Why Bloom Is So Much Fun

On average, Bloom’s stories and guides clock in at anywhere from a brief-yet-satisfying ten minutes all the way up to a fully-immersive thirty.

Their viewpoints, if you could call them that, vary from story to story or guide to guide.

So sometimes a narrator might address you, the listener, directly, while at other times, it may feel like you are a third party who is along for the sexy and erotically provocative ride.

If English isn’t your first language, German and Spanish versions are also available with, according to the site, more coming soon.

intimate audio sessions free ACCOUNT

A big feather in Bloom’s audio-erotica cap is that it is absolutely free to join. Even better, a free membership grants you access to three stories or guides per month.

For more, you have to pay its premium rate, which in all honesty, is not at all expensive.

It is worth mentioning that a free membership does not include every story or guide on the site. Rather it limits you to a respectable number of them, with other titles locked behind that prime paywall.

Unfortunately, this includes the guides and most of the stories coded for Lovense sextech interactivity.

Normally we’d be tisk-tisking at this inability to listen and feel more of that sextoy and audio combo we have been raving about, but, again, when you think about how little Bloom charges when compared to what you get, it’s a more-than-fair exchange.

Bloom is also no slouch in the variety of content department.

It even has an assortment of guides and stories in a variety of accents, such as Canadian, French, and German. It breaks down its content into masculine or feminine voices, as well.

Talking about what kind of audio erotica you can expect, it has anywhere from stories about partner play, same-sex encounters, oral experiences, threesomes, and bondage and discipline—or BDSM for short.

intimate audio stories immersive ASMR

Then from there, you can select all kinds of further options, like teasing, exhibitionism, and so forth.

For relaxing, it has several uniquely-recorded stories where the goal is less to turn the listener on than it is to put them to sleep.

Some of Bloom’s titles are also grouped together into themed collections.

This makes it really easy to listen to a single kink or sexually interesting activity without needing to do a lot of unnecessary searching.

We particularly like Bloom’s inclusivity, with it offering a host of queer stories to hear and enjoy.

It is also wonderfully community-supporting, evidenced by an entire section dedicated to subscribers telling their own steamy stories.

Its educational guides span a wide range of sexual interests and activities. With edging, playing with a vibrator, and bathtub play being only a few available.

As for what we are all here for, when Bloom meets Lovense’s Bluetooth-enabled smart sex toys, it has a respectful variety of stories you and your vibrator, massager, or stroker can interact with.

How to Use and Enjoy Bloom

Listening to anything on Bloom is simply a matter of going to the site on your smartphone or computer and selecting the title you want to experience.

Linking Bloom to your choice of Lovense Bluetooth-enabled toy begins with downloading and installing the Feel Connect smartphone app.

pleasure bloom stories sleep relaxation

Available for Apple and Android, we truly feel it is the absolutely best application when it comes to setting up and using any sex tech device—so we sincerely doubt you will have any trouble using it to connect your Lovense toy to it.

Next, use your phone to visit the Bloom site.

You can also use your computer, but it has to be Bluetooth compatible as otherwise, it will not be able to connect to your Lovense toy.

Once on Bloom, head over to the Lovense compatible section and pick whichever title you want to hear and feel.

After selecting a story or guide of your choosing and starting to play it, hit the way-too-tiny “sync” button.

This will pop up a QR Code which you then need to snap a picture of with the scanning option on any smartphone running the Lovense Remote app.

This should enable it to set up a link between it, your toy, and the Bloom site.

Seriously, that is all it takes.

Once set up, at various points in a Bloom guide or story, your Lovense toy will suitably respond, providing your erotica listening experience with a remarkably unique and overwhelmingly sexually stimulating new aspect.

audio erotica sites sync sextoy

Suppose, for whatever reason, you cannot establish a connection. In that case, we recommend making sure your phone and Lovense toy have actually linked up.

If they haven’t, try restarting each, along with making sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the Lovense Remote app.

Sometimes all it takes is a few tries before things begin working as they should.

If you still cannot get it to work, Lovense has plenty of how-to guides and an excellent tech support service to help you out.


  • Listening to and feeling erotic stories are a LOT of fun
  • A respectable number of guides and stories are available
  • All sorts of different options, including various languages and accents
  • Self-help techniques are quite well written
  • The premium rate is remarkably affordable
  • Hear stories by other community members


  • Needs more content
  • Thirty-minute maximum length for any story or guide
  • Quality varies widely from title-to-title
  • Accessible only via the web
  • Could do with more free samples

audio porn bloom STORIES

The Verdict

Though we have admittedly been wildly praising when Lovense meets Bloom, it is not like this arrangement is completely perfect.

For example, as we mentioned above, thirty minutes frequently seems far too brief when you are craving a really immersive erotic story.

While most Bloom titles are pretty well written, we felt more than a few are not so much.

Brevity and sexual education guides also do not go well together.

Most notably, when the subject is something like edging or anal sex play when it is vitally important to fully cover what could potentially be risky sexual behavior.

Then there’s the site itself. To put it bluntly, Bloom appears to be more optimized for viewing on a smartphone than on a computer.

So when using the latter, it can be unnecessarily challenging to navigate.

After all that, do we recommend signing up for Bloom?

The answer is a resounding yes, as despite these quibbles when used in conjunction with a Lovense smart sex toy, it definitely can be a remarkably arousing experience.

And though we disparaged the site’s small number of titles, keep in mind the minds behind it are obviously hard at work drumming up more stories, guides, and even more exciting content.

Not to mention Bloom’ passionate fanbase, who regularly post new and often wildly erotic stories of their own.

So if you like listening to sexy stories as your favorite Lovense smart sex toy does its amazingly stimulating thing, then head on over to Bloom to have, and hear, a good time!

Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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