Kiiroo Keon Review: The New Standard for Male Toys?

The sex toy industry has evolved over the years to include more stimulating toys more than ever. There are new companies that are breaking the threshold of toys that can bring pleasure to adults. One of those companies is Kiiroo, which produces high tech sex toys for both men and women.

The company’s latest toy is a male toy known as Kiiroo Keon, which comes with a real feel stroker. Keon is an evolutionary product that aims to pleasure men that feel similar to actual sex. The automatic vibrator comes with various automated features to simplify the command input and give men control of their pleasure.

What is it?

rechargeable interactive masturbator stroker

Kiiroo Keon is an automatic male masturbator from Kiiroo. It is their best male product and has garnered a lot of interest across the world.

It is an upgrade from the Fleshlight Launch collaboration, and it does deliver on what it promises. The Keon is the first in-house automatic masturbator from Kiiroo, and it represents the future of masturbation.

Many Keon users were eager to buy the product on the launch date on 9th October 2020, with most users pre-ordering before the launch date. One look at the Keon and you will notice that it is compact and comes with an overall more straightforward configuration. The product comes with a sleeve and stroker as part of the package.

What are the Key Features?

The Keon has a variety of features that set it apart from the Fleshlight Launch. The product has a thoughtful design to provide maximum pleasure to the user. The toy is more powerful, and it promises performance that will define the future of masturbation.

Here are some of the features that Keon has that you will love.

Real-Feel Stroker

The real feel stroker offers stimulation to the user and makes the whole masturbation experience delightful. You can opt to buy the Keon without a stroker because it is compatible with other Kiiroo strokers.

The flesh-like sleeve comes with nodes to stimulate the penis during thrusting. The nodes are large enough to provide stimulating sensation, and they are smooth to feel against the skin.

The sleeve feels like real skin, and it comes with a tight fit to ensure it stimulates every part of your penis. Also, the RealFeel sleeve is safe and soft in texture.

The package comes with water-based lube, warm lube, and a toy cleaner. You can use your new toy immediately it arrives without purchasing additional items.

Locks in Perfectly

kiiroo experience interactive vibrating masturbator

The stroker is simple to secure in the toy. The new model comes with grooves on the stroker that holds it in place all the time. You can forget all about a stroker that jiggles because it isn’t well secured.

Also, the stroker is simple to place in the toy before use. The new locking mechanism improves the masturbating experience because users are not worried that the stroker will slip off in the middle of masturbation.

Bluetooth Connectivity

You can connect the sex toy to your device using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth option is simple to pair in several minutes. You need to press the modes button at the back until you see the LED lights flashing blue.

The sex toy will try to pair with a Bluetooth device, and the lights will stop flashing when the pairing is complete. You can issue commands directly to the machine using the Kiiroo App. It is simpler to control the device using the app and settle on the custom settings that suite you the best.

Ergonomic Design

The Keon design is ergonomic to provide the maximum convenience to a man when masturbating. The device requires a man to hold the automatic masturbator with both hands for ultimate pleasure. There are groves on the sides that offer more grip to your fingers when holding the sex toy.

Your thumbs will be next to the control buttons to enable you to change the settings with ease as you like. You can change the speed level or the strokes’ depth with your thumbs without making significant movements. The LED lights beside the buttons will blink or change color to signify a change in the settings.

Multiple Setting

Keon provides users with many control options so that they can customize their experiences. You can access the controls manually using the buttons on the sides or using the Kiiroo app. The buttons are simple to press, and it has LED lights that show a change in settings.

The settings vary from speeds to the depth of the strokes. Here are some of the options that will significantly improve your masturbation experience.

Speed Settings

kiiroo keon combo stroker set

There are seven-speed settings from slow to fast. The speed button can increase the speed of the automatic masturbator one level at a time. You can skip to the speed that you like with one click when you use the app.

The machine can provide over 200 strokes per minute at the highest rate. Please start at the lowest speed and adjust it until you reach the pace that suits you best.

Pause Option

The pause option comes in handy when you are using the interactive video feature. The Fleshlight Launch required a user to manually pause the interactive video and wait for the masturbator to come to a stop.

You can hit pause on the Keon to halt the device’s action without pausing the video. Therefore, you can take a break when things get too hot and continue after a while.

Mode Button

The mode button enables you to swap from one mode to another one. The controller can change the masturbator into the manual option.

It is the button you press when you want to pair the masturbator with your phone. Press the button for long until the LED lights on the device start flashing in blue.

Stroke Length

You can adjust how shallow or deep the strokes of the masturbator goes. The strokes can go a minimum of 0.8 inches to a maximum length of 2.56 inches. Short strokes can go extremely fast and provide a lot of stimulation.

The app offers a much simpler way to control the stroke length. You can choose to have a full stroke, medium stroke, or a short stroke that only stimulates the tip. Whichever you choose, you will have control over the amount of stimulation that you want.

Unbranded Design

kiiroo keon review price feature

It is a standard habit for brands to add their logo or name on all products. The Keon automatic masturbator doesn’t come with any logo or name from Kiiroo. It doesn’t resemble a masturbator when in storage.

A person walking around your bedroom can assume that it is just another machine. You don’t have to worry about it when you have company over and forgot to place the masturbator in a hidden location.

Chat Options

The chat options on the app resemble those of popular apps used globally. You can chat with your partner using the app. Also, a video call feature enables you to let your partner watch when having fun.

The chat option allows partners to share control features. You will be able to let your partner control your pleasure using the controls on the app from their devices. You can even add a video chat so that she can watch how much fun you are having.

Synching Options

Kiiroo provides solutions to couples in long-distance relationships. The lack of regular sex can cause friction between partners. It is a nifty feature. The sex toys from Kiiro have a synching option between male and female ones.

The Keon comes with the synching option for female dildos from Kiiroo. You can synch your sexual stimulation with your partner even if you are far apart geographically. The sensors on the dildos will prompt the stroker to move at the same pace as the lady.

Compatibility to Interactive Videos

sex dolls and masturbators

The interactive video option takes the automatic masturbator’s stimulation to the next level. Pair the masturbator with some VR goggles, and you have a mind-blowing masturbation experience. Some sites, like Porn Hub and FeelXMe, supports interactive videos.

You can choose videos of your best porn stars and enjoy every stroke of the show. Keon allows you to pause the masturbator when you need a break but keep the video running.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to the Keon, especially for partners in a long-distance relationship. You can buy additional accessories to add to the fun of the masturbator.

Here are some of the benefits that we found when compiling the Kiiroo Keon review.

Compact Design

The Keon’s compact design makes it portable for anyone who is a regular traveler. It takes up a small space, and you can easily fit it in your overnight bag. The design is a significant improvement from the Fleshlight Launch.

Better Grip

The ergonomic design allows you to have a firm grip on the device when masturbating. Your thumbs will have simple access to the device’s control buttons when using the manual option.

No Touch Controls

The Fleshlight Launch came with touch controls that were easy to touch accidentally. It was frustrating to speed up the strokes unintentionally in the middle of your pleasure. The Keon comes with button controls that are simple to adjust and minimize the chances of accidentally changing the settings.


The beautiful thing about the Keon is that it can stand stably on its own. Therefore, you can place it upright on your bedside. You can be sure that the masturbator won’t fall off when you leave it standing on any surface.

How Does It Work?

kiiro experience interactive vibrating masturbator

The Keon is simple to operate, and it comes with instructions on how to use it. The first step is to charge the machine for four hours straight when you take it out of the box.

Charging the device until it is full is the manufacturer’s instructions. The product comes with a USB charger, but you need to connect it to a power outlet.

Once the machine’s battery is full, you can turn it on using the power button. Press the modes button at the back to connect the masturbator to your phone’s Bluetooth.

Once it is connected, open the Kiiroo app to see the options available. The package comes with a lube that you can use to reduce friction when penetrating the sleeve.

You need to connect the stroker to the shell before your insert your penis in the Real-feel sleeve. Once inside, you are ready to start masturbating. Select the speed and stroke depth that you want to use.

If you are watching an interactive video, connect the masturbator to the video online to sync the movements. You can use the various chat options to get intimate with your partner using Kiiroo products. Adjust the settings to your liking and relax until you reach the climax of your pleasure.

Once you are through, clean the sleeve with the toy cleaner that comes with the package. Proper hygiene is essential when it comes to sex toys. Store the toy as per manufacturer instructions until the next time.


  • Sleek and compact design that enables portability
  • The device isn’t branded and avoids embarrassment if found lying around in the living room
  • A vast number of chat options from the mobile app
  • Simple to use, clean, and store
  • It can sync with Kiiroo female sex toys
  • It enables interactive video experiences
  • It is powerful and highly effective at pleasuring men
  • The real-feel sleeve has a tight fit around a penis
  • You can buy Keon without the stroker if you already own a Keon stroker


  • It is a bit expensive, retailing at $249
  • It can be a bit technical for some users
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The Keon is a real game-changer when it comes to the sex toy industry. It has an incredible design that is pleasing to the eye and simple to use. The device will change the way men masturbate in the future by providing the maximum pleasure that a sex toy can.

It gives immense pleasure to single men as well as couples. It is perfect for a couple who are in a long-distance relationship.

The synching feature between two sex toys makes it possible for a man to feel the strokes from a female device. It is the closest thing to what partners can have as sec when they are apart.

The proprietary technology that Kiiroo uses to make the Keon ensures that it works seamlessly, whether on manual mode or using an interactive video. This Kiiroo Keon Review article proves that the company thought of all aspects from the little groove to improve the grip to the real-feel sleeve that comes with stimulation nodes.

The product is bound to be a hit before the end of 2020, just like other sex toys from Kiiroo.


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