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Lovense Ambi Review: The Smart Mini Vibrator You Need

Lovense has been at the forefront of adult toys for years. The teledildonics company makes toys that you can control through a Bluetooth connection with the Lovense mobile app.

The Lovense Ambi is one of the company’s most appealing toys. The Ambi is a bullet vibrator, but it is not like any ordinary model. The Ambi supports many levels of stimulation. It produces a greater sensation, not to mention it works in many patterns. It is also easier to keep it in a position to create the most relaxing feeling you could experience.

This Lovense Ambi review will cover many details surrounding what you can get out of this thrilling product. You’ll find that this adult toy provides a thrill that you will love.


What Is the Ambi?

The Lovense Ambi is a compact bullet vibrator for discreet use. The toy is smaller than other traditional wand vibrators like the Lovense Nora.

Like with other toys from Lovense, you can control the Ambi from far. The touchless control lets you or a partner adjust the Ambi for the highest possible pleasure.

The Ambi features a distinctive pink body in a compact size. It is 3.39 inches high, 2.29 inches wide, and about 1.08 inches thick.

Key Features – What Makes It Unique?

Wireless Control

The most noteworthy part of the Ambi is its Bluetooth-enabled body. You can connect your Ambi to the Lovense app on a compatible phone or computer. The Lovense app lets you adjust how the Ambi works. You can contract the vibration patterns and intensity through the app.

The Ambi supports close and long-distance controls. You can adjust the Ambi through your smartphone. You can also have another person send data from a phone to another that links to the Ambi. The design makes foreplay easy, even when people are apart.

lovense ambi remote control

Various Settings

The wireless control system supports various settings. The Ambi uses three steady vibration levels. You can program it with one of ten unique patterns. You can choose between vibration and pattern settings on the app. The interface provides maximum control, so you can find a setup that fits your desire.

The app lets you do more than set the vibration levels and patterns. The visual guide helps you review the vibrations. The settings are easy to adjust to your liking. Every woman has unique vibration desires, so feel free to experiment.

You can also sync the Ambi up to music, or you can program sound-activated vibrations. The Ambi responds well to many patterns and sounds that it picks up.

Intense Vibrations

The motor inside the Ambi is more powerful than what you’d get from other vibrators. The power works well through both the lightest and strongest settings.

The Ambi produces vibrations that are four times more powerful than what the average bullet vibrator will create. Even the lightest vibration setting will generate more powerful sensations all around.

ambi remote controlled vibrator

Special Shape

The Ambi has a hammer-like shape. The body makes it different from a traditional bullet vibrator with an oval-shaped layout. But the design is a critical part of what makes the Ambi special.

The body produces a full head that stimulates specific spots around the vaginal area. The other end features a narrower head for smaller or more specific areas.

The slim design lets you target more precise spots for extra stimulation. You will appreciate the Ambi if you have sensitive areas that need to be touched.

Battery Powered

The Ambi uses a battery that you can charge with an included USB plug. The battery works for about 90 to 120 minutes on a full charge. The total time varies based on how you use the vibrator.


The Ambi features a waterproof body. The smooth and nonporous silicone body prevents water from reaching the battery. It is also easy to clean off the Ambi after use, so it will keep working its best.

You will need to avoid submersing the Ambi in water for too long. While it is waterproof, that does not mean it can stay underwater for long.

lovense ambi

Silicone Body

The silicone body on the Ambi is safe to use. Silicone is easy to clean off and offers a smooth feel. It will not trigger any allergic reactions like latex or rubber could.

What’s In the Box

Lovense keeps the packaging simple, as there are only three items in the box:

  1. The Ambi vibrator itself
  2. A USB charging cable
  3. A user manual

The entire setup comes with a one-year warranty.

You don’t have to worry about the packaging. Lovense always sends its products in discreet shipping boxes. You won’t know that the product is from Lovense until you open the box.

How It Works

The Lovense Ambi provides a flexible approach to stimulation. To use the Ambi, you would place its head on the proper spot around the vaginal area. The head may touch the labia and clitoral region. You can also place the head along the side of the vulva for an extra bit of coverage.

The smaller tip on the Ambi is best for when you need to target a specific spot. The tip may go on the top or bottom parts of the clitoral area.

The curved body and hammer-like appearance let you figure out how much coverage you need. You can use the smaller tip for smaller areas, or the wider one if you need extra support all around.

The small handle lets you keep a firm grip. The handle works in either hand, although it does not have any curves. The vibrations will stick around the top part of the toy and will not interfere with the handle.

The design is appropriate for solo play, but you can also use it in many sexual positions. Lovense promotes the Ambi as a tool for the cowgirl, missionary, and doggystyle positions.

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Getting the Bluetooth Link Ready

The greatest part of how the Ambi works entails how you program the app. The Lovense app is easy to start up. You can download the app and then activate the Bluetooth connection on your device. The Bluetooth link should identify the toy. You can confirm that the app has access to the Ambi. After this, you can adjust the toy through the app.

The app the Ambi uses is the same one that Lovense uses for all its toys. You shouldn’t have much of an issue with the app if you’re already familiar with it from other Lovense products.

Be advised that you’ll need a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter if you’re going to use a Windows PC to control the Ambi. It doesn’t take much time to set up the adapter.

How It Feels

The Ambi fits well in your hand, but the best part comes from the vibrations. The Ambi produces vibrations that are unlike anything you’d find in a compact toy. The motions are strong, but they can be toned down if you wish.

The smooth tip body feels good on the skin. The silicone design feels comfortable without causing anything rough.

The orgasms that the Ambi produces are thorough and deep. It works even better when you have one hand on the toy while in use. You can position the Ambi further to reach that perfect spot for the best possible sensation. The handle and small body give you extra help every time.

The Ambi also feels well in varying positions. While it does well for solo play purposes, it will add to any sexual position you wish to enter. You will love how the Ambi feels while you’re engaging in any other form of play with someone. The vibrations add to the total experience.

pinpoint ambi


  • Produces intense and efficient vibrations
  • Can work well in the shower, tub, or another watery spot
  • Easy to charge
  • Lasts for a while on a single charge
  • Doesn’t irritate the body
  • Will not slip out of your hand while in use
  • Quiet and compact; you could use it in public if you wanted
  • You don’t have to adjust any buttons on the vibrator while in use


  • Takes a bit to figure out the right vibration and pattern settings for each user
  • The vibrations might be too intense for sensitive users
  • The wireless connection might experience delays depending on the link quality

Who Is This Best For?

The Lovense Ambi is ideal for women who need a flexible vibrator. It works well for women who want something that functions in many positions. Women with sensitive vibration needs who require a vibrator that works with many settings will also appreciate what the Ambi offers.



The Lovense Ambi produces a great feeling every woman will love. The variety of controls and positions in the Ambi make it an outstanding choice. The Bluetooth-enabled control setup adds to the pleasure.

This Lovense Ambi review proves that this toy is more than what you could ever expect out of a vibrator. You should consider the Ambi as a useful alternative to some of the more massive vibrators out there, or as a change from the ordinary bullet vibrators you will find today.


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