We-Vibe Nova 2 Review: Is it Worth It?

The world is a wonderful place. A place where women take charge of corporations and deliver ever evolving products to higher levels and standards. A place where the finest technology of a few years ago can now be much more fun.

This We Vibe Nova 2 review is a testimony to that evolution. Every so often we have to take the plunge and upgrade to the latest new stuff.

My wife and I first bought a We Vibe vibrator years ago, At that time, the decision process was very simple. We went to our local women’s owned and operated sex toy shop in ever fashionable Park Slope Brooklyn. There we looked over the selection.

We looked it over pretty quickly really, though we tried to relax. It was funny to be in a nice shop with a lot of girls buying and selling vibrators. Everyone was pretty upfront, but most were also a little self conscious.

Looking back, I would say we based our choice of vibrator on what was the most luxurious look and feel. Although I think the recommendations of the girls working there confirmed our thoughts. We certainly did not want to pick anything that seemed cheap, or that wouldn’t last.


What is it?

The Nova 2 Rabbit vibrator is a luxury, state of the art ergonomic wonder of a vibrator.

What makes it special?

we vibe clitoris vibrating control

Well, what does it mean to have a luxury look in a sex toy? That’s a good question – the answer involves weight, texture, a clean look and design – futuristic, functional, streamlined. The toy has to have some heft, it cannot feel cheap in any way.

Other purchases of sex toys over the years confirm this. Anything that feels less than awesome soon gets thrown away. Of course, any toy that feels weird or feels like it cannot be cleaned soon manages to get lost.

The toy has to make you feel good to own it, like any sensible person would have this toy. Then of course, it has to work. Really work, like bring in a whole new level of sensations and control.

Good sex is very important to the happy lives of all couples. At the end of the day, it is time for either big sex or divorce. The blessed ones among us go for sex.

Sometimes, when we are deciding to keep our love lifestyle going, it is time to bring home a new toy. Often, to increase my pleasure of being sucked, we love to use a toy on her. But, of course, the purpose is to satisfy her.

Well, also to satisfy her. If only so that I can then satisfy myself more fully after she has peaked – but I digress. But for better or worse, we moved away from the city, and away from the chance for us to visit a nice sex shop in a good neighborhood to go over the latest options.

So, the good with the bad – losing the chance to get personal, current recommendations, we plunge into the world of online reviews. This world is a lot of fun, because of the depth of information, the wide variety of perspectives, and most of all the chance to take the time to reflect after gathering data.

What does this mean?

we vibe nova not connecting

Well, for starters, it is clear from the modern world that rabbit vibrators are pretty much the current king hell top dog vibrators for the girls. Any quick look around shows that. We want to see what is the state of the art?

The Rabbit is the word for the third decade of the third millennium. The Rabbit design seems to have evolved from a giant, three-story rotating Japanese rubber monster suit it once was. Now it seems to be a very simple, thoughtful, delicate but strong design.

We soon saw We Vibe vibrators re-entering the arena of next generation luxury Rabbit vibrators. In our case we had a previous experience with We Vibe, but to tell the truth at the time of that purchase I did not look into the company behind the toy at all. This was understandable, in the heat of that pleasant shopping experience.

This time, online, we most certainly did – it turns out We Vibe is a Canadian company. One that is a big, serious, long term player, and has many industry awards to prove it. The We Vibe website has a bunch of women in the industry, they call themselves “Pleasure Pioneers.”

That’s pretty cool, it is sad to think that women had to fight for the right to have women-designed and focused sex toys. But yet I do believe that is or was fully true. I kind of like the Canadian aspect.

Sometimes Canadians, like many others, have a certain altruistic bent, a desire to provide good quality for money for the good of a happier society, I don’t know. I do know, We Vibe was a name we could trust that had given us a good product in the past.

So if We Vibe decides to, excuse me, whip out a new and improved Rabbit vibe? Fair play to them. We were in.

Time to dial up another We Vibe product to join our happy household. Everyone seems to say We Vibe stands behind their product, and answers all questions quickly, etc. We don’t know, we don’t really want to have any questions to be answered, but that is good to see when people seem to like a company and that company survives, thrives and keeps on competing.

What’s in the box?

we vibe nova personal massager

Anyway, the UPS delivery guy was not nearly as much fun as the girls in the shop in Brooklyn, but after waiting, we received our package.

The We Vibe Nova 2 did not disappoint. It is a luxury, yet fun and futuristic toy. We Vibe calls it a state of the art true dual stimulation rabbit vibrator.

My wife and I call it the Fuchsia Wow. It’s fun, it gets the job done.

In a way that doesn’t feel like a cheap thrill. It comes with a nice white silk bag to keep it in over in the top drawer of the tallboy.

How does it work?

There is one thing that is really special about this vibrator – it has two different motors. Technically, we would agree it is important to be able to set two different levels and styles for vibrations, one level for the stimulator. Maybe this is the primary reason for the two motors, though it would seem like perhaps they could have delivered two different sets of stimulation from one motor.

But we don’t think so. We think that the two motors help the Nova 2 do some kind of deeper, maybe harmonic vibes. The thing that other Nova 2 lovers seem to like is that this deeper vibration produces a rumbling effect.

My wife says it is almost like more bass. The literature uses “harmonic” in a different way. The We Vibe Nova 2 says “harmonic” orgasms are enabled by harmonic stimulation of both the constant contact of the clitoris and pressing against the G-spot.

They call this a “balanced” orgasm, and claim it can be reached in five minutes. We would not say that exactly, but the Fuchsia Wow is definitely up to some high tech wizardry that can be scrunched around to feel good. We would say it can hit the g-spot and the clit pretty damn well.

How does it feel?


Not sure how to say this technically, but the modern design is lovely, it bends and flexes in a advanced and friendly seeming way. It feels good. It is made out of some new super silicon.

The current standard is no pthalates? no BPA ? Anyway we trust We Vibe to have it made from something that won’t make her sick.

The charger fits on nicely, it holds a good charge. The vibrator is waterproof, everything that you expect these days as improvements march on. We also agree with other We Vibe Nova 2 reviews that downloading, installing and running the app is the best way to control the Nova 2.

Personally, we never tried the feature that supposedly allows remote control of the vibe. That might be fun to be on a business trip and still control the vibe, hah! Maybe someday, soon if possible.

The inclusion of some of the water based lubricant is another nice touch, it is like We Vibe cares, they want us to see how good their other products are, they want us to be able to enjoy this luxury experience right now without any issues. I think the product is something good that they care about.

There is actually a little instruction manual included. It has some pictures that make you think of the old sex education farm instructional manuals. But one of the pics is kind of useful in that it shows a couple of the more popular ways to curve up and around the Nova 2.

I reckon that is the result of some heavy ergonomics all worked out by the design team. Man, I would have liked to be part of that research. But in any case we are all now part of the results of that work.


All of the above, state of the art adjustable good clean fun. plus the Nova 2 comes with a solid off switch so it won’t go off unexpectedly in an overnight bag. That’s always a nice feature when traveling, but


The Nova-2 does seem more like a stay at home power toy. The design is not exactly the same as a tube of lipstick, might be best for private jets only. Though you never know what you need on a really good beach vacation, life in the cabana’s around sundown can be absolutely awesome.

YouTube video


Another great step forward for all of us from those folks at WeVibe.

The Nova 2 rabbit pushes along the path to better living through technology.


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