SexLikeReal Review: A Closer Look at the World of VR Porn

By M.Christian

Of the growing number of virtual reality adult entertainment sites, SexLikeReal is unique in its support of smart sextoy integration.

Reading that last sentence, you might think to yourself, “but other sites do that as well.”

And you would be right, as sites that work with Kiiroo and other sex tech products are not exactly new.

The difference is that SexLikeReal also works with most of Lovense’s line of Bluetooth-enabled vibrators, masturbators, and similar pleasure products.

Meaning if you have any of them, you can connect them to SexLikeReal’s videos and experience not only the immersiveness of virtual reality and, for the first time, feel along with the action.

So let’s look at SexLikeReal and see if it’s the VR adult entertainment site Lovense fans have been waiting for or if it’s more of a miss than a hit in the interactive video department.

Welcome to SexLikeReal

sexlikereal slr app quest

Even without teledildonic integration, SexLikeReal stands out from its competition for its impressive variety of performers, the types of videos it offers—as in pre-recorded as well as livestreamed shows—and competitive pricing.

SexLikeReal scores additional points for being a true rarity in the world of virtual reality porn sites; it not only hosts content from other producers and platforms like Fantastica, RealJamVR, WankzVR, and SinsVR but creates its own original videos as well.

For all of you into celebrity performers, it has, at last count, nearly thirty top-tier adult actresses.

These include the likes of Liya Silver, Ann Joy, Blake Blossom, Anna Claire Clouds, and the list goes on and on.

Searching for exactly what you want, explicit virtual reality-wise, SexLikeReal, is remarkably easy, compliments of the site’s well-laid-out category page.

There you will find practically every possible adult entertainment specialty, from adult games all the way to, and we kid you not, yoga pants.

So whatever you may happen to be into, it’s a safe bet that SexLikeReal has a video that will get your sexual motor running.

Even better, each category has a number next to it, indicating how few or many videos are available.

This can be extremely helpful; if you see an enticing one that does not appear to have a lot of videos, you can easily expand your search to try and improve the number of videos you will enjoy.

SLR app free

Not into pre-recorded videos? SexLikeReal has you covered with a constantly growing range of livestreamed virtual reality shows.

All without having to pay one thin dime to watch any of them.

Though you should always treat webcam performers with respect and politeness, which is not just polite but may also result in you having a great time during their show, so be prepared to tip and tip often.

Why SexLikeReal is So Exciting

But when SexLikeReal is used with your preferred Lovense smart sextoy, things get very, very, very interesting—not to mention absolutely, completely, and mind-bogglingly fun!

This is done via a catalog of what the site refers to as scripts.

Think of them as specially-created programs that interface between any of SexLikeReal’s interactive videos and your Bluetooth-enabled toy.

Once set up correctly, at various times in these sorts of videos, your vibrator or masturbator will vibrate, oscillate, stroke, or whatever.

It may sound, to be polite about it, kind of weird, but trust is that once you have experienced it for yourself, particularly when coupled with a middle to high-end VR headset, you will be amazed by much like “real” sex it can be.

sexlikereal VR porn

On the subject of virtual reality headsets, another thing that sets SexLikeReal apart from its competition is how upfront the site is about which VR headsets you should and should not use.

For instance, though it is possible to use a smartphone-based rig like Google Cardboard, SexLikeReal makes the excellent point that when it comes to immersiveness, using these sorts of low-end headsets is like trying to watch a movie on tiny rolling, flickering, black, and white TV set as opposed to a getting your eyes, ears, and the rest of your senses blown away by super high definition, widescreen, surround sound entertainment system.

Of the currently available virtual reality headsets, SexLikeReal strongly recommends the MetaQuest2.

This medium-range, stand-alone rig does not require a separate computer and is a perfect combination of affordability and immersiveness.

Though if you own higher-level systems like the HP Reverb G2 or the supremely powerful, with a price tag to match, Valve Index, you can also use them with SexLikeReal to your heart’s content.

In short, other than those of you who are unfortunately stuck with a smartphone VR headset, if you have a relatively recent rig, fast internet, not-out-of-date smartphone, Bluetooth-enabled Lovense smart sextoy, you are ready to have immersive fun with SexLikeReal.

How to Get In on SexLikeReal’s Action

Setting up a connection from SexLikeReal’s interactive videos to any Bluetooth-enabled Lovense product is a relatively simple process.

VR site full-length porn videos

Before you do anything, you need an SLR Premium membership.

Slightly more expensive than the site’s regular subscription rate, it gives you access to both its premium content and the special scripts we mentioned previously.

Once signed up, your next step would be to research how to get your virtual reality headset, Lovense smart sextoy, and SexLikeReal communicating to one another.

Thankfully, the site has a very informative guide on how to do exactly that.

But to give you an example of what might be necessary, let’s say you have a MetaQuest2 and a Lovense Max 2.

To get things rolling, install Lovense Connect on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Thanks to Lovense’s software, and dedication to making sex tech integration as easy as possible, merely fire up the app, turn on your Max 2, employ the first to locate the second, and, bingo, you are all set to go.

Then download either the DeoVR or SLR app onto your Apple or Android smartphone.

Even without sex tech interactivity, you will still need them to view SexLikeReal virtual reality videos.

That out of the way, do the same for the Haptics Connect app. Installed, it will act as a kind of bridge between the site and your Lovense toy.

Now sign onto SexLikeReal with your Apple or Android smartphone.

After you have, go to your profile, where you will see an option to link your phone to the Haptics Connect app.

And, as the old saying goes, that is that. After all this, and fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, you will be able to slip on your virtual reality headset, fire up your favorite Lovense toy and relish in the staggering power of fully immersive, fully interactive adult entertainment.

virtual reality hot porn stars

On a side note, it is important to have the most recent versions of the DeoVR, SLR, and Haptics Connect apps.

The same applies to your smartphone, as older operating systems may not play well with them.

If you run into any problems, SexLikeReal has its very own forum and Discord, where site staffers and passionate fans are more than happy to lend you a hand.


  • Supports Lovense smart sextech integration
  • An impressive array of categories, performers, and sexual activities
  • Content from top-tier virtual reality adult entertainment content producers
  • Is making their own VR porn videos
  • Has livestreaming performers and pre-recorded videos
  • Livestreamed shows are free
  • Provides well-written instructions on connecting your Lovense toy
  • Works with a majority of virtual reality headsets
  • Easy access to tech support


  • SLR Premium membership mandatory for video interactivity
  • Connecting virtual reality headsets and smart sex toys to the site could be simplified
  • Additionally, the process may or may not be frustrating

The Verdict

When all is said and done, if you are turned on by the prospect of immersing yourself into an extremely realistic-looking, sexually-stimulating environment, one where it might be hard to tell where the real world ends and virtual reality erotic pleasures end, then signing up with SexLikeReal is very much a no-brainer.

Despite our enthusiasm for it, we would like you to keep in mind the site and how it handles Lovense sextech integration remains a work in progress.

So trying to get all of its various moving pieces to work together will either be smooth-as-silk or, we hate to say this, a real pain in the posterior.

Fortunately, SexLikeReal understands this, which is why it has the aforementioned forum and Discord when you find yourself struggling.

Further, in the site’s favor, it is open about sex tech integration remaining a work-in-progress.

An attitude we can only applaud as it demonstrates that SexLikeReal is hard at work behind the scenes trying to make the process easier.

Who knows, maybe in a surprisingly short time, we will see a single smartphone app combining the insanely smooth engineering of Lovense Remote with headache-free connectivity to SexLikeReal?

Or perhaps the site will instead opt for an online solution, one where all that’s needed to glory in all that sex tech interactive goodness is a VR headset and a Bluetooth-enabled toy?

Until then, SexLikeReal is more than worth signing up for.

Issues aside, it is bravely leading the way in merging the ongoing smart sex tech revolution with the just-like-being-there power of virtual reality.

So check it out for yourself and see for yourself why it is tomorrow’s adult entertainment today and a hint of an even more immersive and pleasurable future.

Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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