Lovense Lush 1 vs 2 vs 3: Evolution and Comparison

Lovense’s Lush line of egg-shaped vibrators sparked some doubts in the need for “high-tech gadgetry” in the bedroom after its successful crowdfunding campaign, but the pink antenna has gone on to appear in countless bedrooms and on webcams across the world.

Is it worth paying for the latest version of this new-fangled teledildonic device, or was the rush for the Lush a fad that fails in the current generation?


Comparing the Lovense Lush line

There are three models in the Lovense Lush line to compare:

Material Composition

Body safety is the most important reason for checking the materials of sex toys, but it also factors into the sanitation process.

Silicone and ABS plastic are the major ingredients for Lovense’s products, excluding the internal machinery and electronics.

Both are considered body-safe materials, and they can be cleaned by a hand-wash with a mild soap and warm water.

There have been no major changes advertised in the composition of the materials between the versions. Presumably, the only difference is the ratio of materials used.

Size and Shape

lovense lush comparison

All models in the Lush line are insertable “bullet” or “egg” vibrators with protruding antennae to keep the radio frequencies open. This is important for remote and solo play, but especially useful in long distance play.

The insertable portion is 1.37″ wide in every model, but the length and height vary around 3″ and 1.5″ respectively.

It’s not designed for deep penetration or overwhelming girth, but the size is big enough for it to comfortably sit inside you without either falling out or overfilling.

The antenna is about 5″ long, bringing the length of the Lush 1 to around 7″ when extended.

From the first to the second generation, Lovense extended the insertable upwards by 0.1″ with a bump towards the end that provides a better focal point for the motor’s vibrations.

A motor upgrade happened at the same time, so it’s hard to say exactly how much the bump factored into the better stimulation in the Lush 2.

The antenna portion also received some tech updates and new features that broadened and flattened the tip, but it otherwise remained about the same.

As far as the insertable portion is concerned, the Lush 2 and the Lush 3 are nearly identical.

While not exactly a different shape, the floppy antennae material is now a sturdy curve that sticks closer to the body, bringing the maximum length down to about 5″.

Like the bump added for the Lush 2, it’s a minor difference in shape that helps direct the vibrations where they’re wanted.

Some people like the look of the pink tail sticking out, but the new curve is still a visible indicator of the toy, while being far more functional.

With the other features of the Lush 2 matching the Lush 3, the newest model has the best size and shape of the three.


motor lush 2 stronger

Bullet vibrators rely almost entirely on their vibrations for stimulation, so you want one with enough power to get the job done.

At the time of its release and afterwards, users praised the original Lush for being stronger compared to similar wearables. That trend has stayed true over the years.

The second generation of Lush received a significantly larger motor, increasing the power of its vibrations.

The bigger motor and upward bump combined to amplify the sensations even more.

Lush 3’s motor provides about the same level of stimulation, but the change to a fixed antenna keeps the pressure from the extended bump on target most of the time.

This step-by-step evolution makes the Lush 3 the most powerful vibrator in the line, but the Lush 2 isn’t very far behind.


All of the Lush line is rugged for a device combining wireless electronics and motors in rough and wet working conditions.

Completely submerging them in water is fine, but don’t run them through a dishwasher.

Severe impacts and other damage can break it, but it doesn’t need to be treated with delicate fingers – for the most part.

Users quickly noted the antennae as a weak point in the design, Since it’s made of bendable material, overworking it can cause fractures.

LUSH 3 upgrade lush 2

Even if the antenna’s are not visible, they can cause problems with the internal functions of the Lush, including its Bluetooth connectivity.

Despite the stiffness of the Lush 3’s antenna, it’s still flexible enough to not snap when pressure is applied.

Since it also stays where it’s expected to be with less fuss, it’s less likely to end up being pulled and tugged at odd angles.

Battery Management

Few things are as torturous as a battery-powered toy running out of juice in the middle of a session. Battery life has steadily gone up in the Lush line over the years.

The original has a maximum battery life of 2 hours with continued use.

Despite a bigger motor, the Lush 2 has a higher continuous use duration of 3 hours at a maximum. Lush 3 takes the victory again with 5 hours of continued use.

Many Lovense toys, including the Lush line, charge through a USB cable.

The original Lush and Lush 2 have charging cables that end with an insertable jack that pushes into the flexible silicone.

The small circle can be difficult to find until its location becomes familiar, and it’s possible to break through that barrier by being too rough with the charging jack.

LUSH 3 improved battery connector

Magnetic connections in the Lush 3 are clearly visible on the antenna.

The charging cable clings to those connections through the power of physics, so there’s no jabbing a metal object into soft plastic involved.

There’s no real risk of shock from the magnetic connections, which could be a concern for some people when they see them.

For all of the models, it’s necessary to own and keep track of special USB charging cables.

Spares are relatively cheap, so it’s not a bad idea to grab one or two extra of the appropriate kind to prepare for emergencies. It’s a small price to pay for them being entirely waterproof.


A quiet vibrator is easier to use when discretion is required, and the Lush 3 is the most silent model in the line.

The Lush 2 has an advertised maximum loudness of 45.5 decibels, while the Lush 3 only makes 43 decibels of noise.

The actual amount of noise generated changes, but the numbers give a fair idea of how much noise to expect.

Inside the comfort of your own room, it’s very unlikely that the toy will be heard, even before insertion.

Keep in mind that the noise level of a library is around 40 decibels, so even the Lush 3 might be audible from relatively close range in quiet areas without intervening walls.

The danger of excess sound goes up when sitting on a surface that carries sound, depending on sitting posture and position of the toy.

Users may also involuntarily emit noises much louder than the Lush.

Ease of Use

lush 3 2 most powerful

A single application manages all of Lovense’s remote-control toys.

Syncing the toy to the Lovense Remote app is quick, and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of advanced features, like the variable vibration power control, preset rhythms, or bumping it to the beat of a favorite song.

This ease of use greatly contributed to the excitement for the original Lush.

It’s possible to link Lovense toys to a variety of camshow websites, making it a great professional tool for adult entertainers.

Many models connect their tips to the toys, giving viewers a direct motivation to donate.

At the time of their release, each Lush would have started with a slightly different version of the application.

As the software has upgraded, the benefits have applied across all of the company’s products.

The app performs well when pitted against other teledildonic companies, but there’s no difference to compare between the Lush models.

Remote Control Range

The Lush 3 saw a very minor decrease in the short-range control distance.

Where the Lush 2 was advertised for 20-to-30 feet while sitting and 45 feet from the front while standing. The Lush 3 has a more concrete sitting range of 25 feet, and 43 feet from the front.

These close-range control distances are long enough to work across most household rooms, but they wouldn’t work across an arena or other large venue.

By connecting to the Internet on the controlling device, the range can be functionally extended across the planet.

lovense lush biggest difference

The app lets the physical owner of the toy control who gets to take control, and it can be done in a way that doesn’t risk personally identifying information.

Note that, although the vibrators are waterproof, completely submerging them will limit the range of the Bluetooth connection.

Price and Warranty

With the popularity of the Lush and continued improvements to the design, the price of the Lush has understandably increased with each new version.

Frequent sales from both the manufacturer and secondary vendors – plus shifting prices – makes an actual rate impossible to give, but the non-sale prices from Lovense put the Lush 2 at 20% over the Lush 1 and the Lush 3 at 100% over the Lush 1.

On sale, the prices can squeeze more closely together and make the Lush 3 even more attractive.

Lovense offers a 1-year warranty for all of its toys, including the Lush line.

That is one of the many reasons it’s best to buy the toy new, especially for those who know they are rough on their sex toys.

What is the best version of the Lovense Lush vibrator?

Lovense created a better product with each successive generation of the Lush, so the Lush 3 finished in first place for this heated race.

A steep price hike is unfortunate compared to the previous versions, but the updated model still sits at a competitive price with similar remote-controlled wearables.

If you can grab it on sale, the price may not even be that much over the Lush 2.

lovense lush generations quick comparison

Paying the premium unlocks a more comfortable fit while wearing the Lush, and five hours of continued use is enough time to put on a long show for whoever is watching.

Not having to worry about breaking through the silicone every time the toy is plugged in afterwards helps alleviate some potential panic after a relaxing session, as does the extra durability from the sturdier antenna.

Those who already own a Lush 2 shouldn’t feel too rushed to buy the new version unless they are tired of having the flexible antenna getting in the way.

For Lush 1 owners, the difference will be immediately noticeable from start to finish.

Is the Lush 2 still worth buying?

For a discount, you can get nearly the same vibrator as the Lush 3.

Getting rid of the floppy antenna is probably worth the discount on its own, but the Lush 2 is otherwise close enough to the Lush 3 that it’s a decent purchase if you can’t find the newer model on sale for a reasonable price.

Is the Lush 1 still worth buying?

Despite being only a few years old, the Lush 1 has been fully replaced and discontinued thanks to the many major and minor tweaks between the versions.

It will probably be the cheapest option as long as there is an available stock, but it will also be the weakest one with the shortest battery life.

That old Lush in the toy chest is fine to keep around if it still works, but strongly consider an upgrade to the Lush 3 or Lush 2 if it needs to be replaced.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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