The 12+ Best Couple Sex Toys to Explore Together

When your spouse or partner goes away and you want to play, a standalone device works wonderfully.

When your spouse or partner returns from their business trip or weekend with friends, you want to experience sexual fun together.

This means using a set of sex toys together or using a single toy that pleasures both of you.

Read on and see our reviews of the top sex toys for adult couples.

Lovense Max 2 and Nora: Best for Long-Distance Sexual Interaction

Remote App-Control Rechargeable Couples Vibrator

According to Lovense, it developed the Lovense Max 2 as a male masturbation device but recently added a vaginal sleeve to the design, which you can purchase separately.

This enlarges its target audience since it creates utility for all males. The manufacturer recently updated its design in other ways, too.

By improving the battery to hold a longer charge, the man’s vibrator can produce 360-degree contractions over an extended period of time.

The Max 2 can connect both long-range and close-range, using either a Bluetooth connection or a WiFi connection.

The vibrator recognizes sound activation and you can program it with custom vibration levels.

The vibrator can operate in the bath, shower, swimming pool, or hot tub because it’s waterproof.

Like many IoT devices, you can use them in conjunction with other devices of a similar type.

It syncs with the Nora model device, Lovense Max, or another Max 2. The paired devices react to one another’s movements.

Its Nora female vibrator, crafted of ABS plastic and featuring a shaft and a handle – also called a flexible arm – lets a woman control the entry of this type of dildo.

The term comes from how bouncy its action is.

It comes with a remote-control app, too, so your partner can control the vibrations. This provides a couple with mutual interaction and long-distance pleasure.


  • Longer battery life than the original design.
  • Both offer programmable vibrations.
  • New sleeves available to add to the Max 2.
  • The Nora features a handle that makes the device easier to control.
  • Syncs with each other.
  • Both work in water.


  • Complex to setup and program.


Kiiroo Onyx + and Pearl 2: Best for Couples Who Enjoy VR and Gaming

expert approved sex toys couples

As the Kiiroo Onyx+ enters its third generation of design, its manufacturer has added features so that it outdoes the Keon.

The lightweight Onyx+ operates quietly and this fact makes it ideal for travel. Although we’re discussing couples sex toys, you can also use the Onyx+ alone.

While using it, pair the device with any number of interactive content types, including virtual reality (VR) games, 3D gaming, erotic videos, and webcam partner sites.

Plugging the Kiiroo in before you go to sleep remains the most convenient way to charge it since it needs four hours to charge. Its battery provides one hour of use.

The Pearl 2 is the world’s most technologically advanced G-spot vibrator, designed to fulfill your most intimate needs for solo play, couples sex in-person or long-distance, or connected to your favorite videos.

Kiiroo made the women’s device compatible with its existing line and all of its content. The vibrator comes in two colors – hot pink or black?


  • Connects with many other devices.
  • Weighs little.
  • Travels well.
  • Connects with multiple types of entertainment.


  • Complex to setup.

Lovense Diamo: Best for Couples Who Love Music


Intended for use anywhere, the Lovense Diamo says it offers quiet operation so you can play in public discreetly.

Reviewers who purchased the device say it doesn’t operate as quietly as it advertises. Still, this app-controlled male vibrating cock ring has a lot to offer.

The c-ring represents the first wearable, external men’s device offered by Lovense. The ring targets the perineum with its vibrations, which you can sync to music.

The device offers multiple wearing positions and offers methods of operation that make it suitable for use in solo, foreplay, couple’s sex, or for stealthy public romances.

Lovense offers an app that multiple platforms support, so you can use its remote-controlled cock ring with an iPhone or iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows PC via a Bluetooth connection.

The Diamo offers a fully-programmable remote control cock ring capable of three levels of vibration with ten patterns.

The Bluetooth range varies slightly, depending on whether you stand or sit.

By using the Internet for the connection, you can connect at any distance, which provides an opportunity for interaction long distance with a loved one you miss.

Lovense outfitted this device with a powerful battery capable of between 2.5 and 3 hours of continuous use.

You can enjoy this waterproof c-ring anywhere, since it travels well in a discreet storage bag, included with the purchase. It also comes with a USB charging cord.

The ring uses body-safe materials and offers your partner shared vibration.


  • Connects with an app.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Travels well.
  • Useful for many situations.


  • Reviews say it doesn’t operate as quietly as advertised.

We-vibe Chorus: Best for Couples Who Enjoy Straight Sex

best sex toys use couple

The We-Vibe Chorus toy offers an unusual service to both partners because it provides vibrations to both simultaneously, stimulating the G-spot, clitoris, and penis.

One prong of the U-shaped device slips inside the woman’s vagina offering vibrations for her, while the other remains external to provide the man with pleasurable vibrations, too.

The Chorus adjusts to fit inside the woman’s vagina, letting her place the vibrations where desired. It stays positioned once placed.

Instead of a downloadable app, you control the vibrations by squeezing a remote control that comes with the device. Squeezing tighter offers stronger vibes.

Set it to one of three touch-sensitive modes for the device to draw information from you and your partner’s activity.

We-Vibe constructed the Chorus as a waterproof device, but its remote only qualifies as splashproof, requiring some care in use.

You do still get the We-Vibe app, but uses We-Connect for long distance connections.

Recharge it with the included USB cord. Once charged, it provides about 90 minutes of vibrations during intercourse.


  • Easy-to-use remote.
  • Weighs little.
  • Connects with We-Connect for long-distance interaction.


  • Large design leaves little room for your partner’s manhood.

Lovense Lush 3: Best for Long Lasting Sex Play

high quality sex toys budget

When you need a long-lasting love machine, try the Lovense Lush 3. Its battery holds out for up to five hours, so you can enjoy a lot of fun before needing to recharge it.

The device connects via Bluetooth to a remote control that lets the person holding it control the vibrator’s action.

A mini-egg style silent vibrator, the vibrator features a U-shaped design with a fixed tail. Pair the Lush 3 with the Lovense Media Player, Cam Model Extension, or the Lovense Remote.

You’ll need to be a techie to use this or befriend one because setup and programming can become complex. You can program by installing its interface app, available for Android, iOS, Mac, or PC.

Designed for use alone or with a partner, whether physically present or connected long-distance via the app.


  • Wearable.
  • Bluetooth controlled.
  • Long battery life.


  • Exceedingly complex setup and use.
  • More apps connected sap battery life of Bluetooth host device.

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2: Best for Couples Addressing Erectile Dysfunction

discreet sex toys travelers

MysteryVibe Tenuto has one job – to help a man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction to successfully achieve and maintain an erection.

Developed to address a specific disorder regardless of its cause, Mystery Vibe tested the device with patients, although it has released only one case study so far.

The electric cock ring includes four motors and a unique design featuring wings that secure at the base of the penis.

The flexible material of the ring doesn’t get in the way of ejaculation, as some designs do.

A support, extending from the ring itself, provides constant stimulation to the penis to keep it from going flaccid.

This motor placement increases arousal for both the man and his partner by providing both the penis and labia with stimulation.

The gadget comes with a USB charging cord and a smartphone app for enhanced programming and control.


  • Two gadgets in one.
  • Extendable by using an app.


  • Huge design.
  • Looks clunky

Lelo Tor 2: Best for Couples’ Sex While Traveling

best selling couple sex TOYS

The Lelo Tor 2 looks more like a piece of modern art than a cock ring.

Technically, Lelo bills its c-ring as a couple’s ring because its design offers pleasurable vibrations to both parties.

The Tor 2 offers a waterproof design that creates powerful vibrations to arouse both parties. Its battery charge holds up for 1.5 hours after a two-hour charge.

Crafted of smooth silicone, this body-safe device has an easy-to-control interface that you can access via the Lelo mobile app.

Rather than replacing the original Tor ring, Lelo debuted this ring to join its premium couples’ ring that already topped the market.

The Tor 2 offers improved performance and a better fit for a wider range of men.

Choose from six stimulation modes and enhance them with the app. Choose from the Tor 2 in forest green or black.

When traveling, stash it in the satin storage pouch that accompanies it. The device comes with a full one-year warranty.


  • Arouses both parties.
  • Great battery life.
  • Body-safe design and materials.


  • None really.

Dame Products Eva II: Best for Couples Desiring External Stimulation

SYNC Couples Vibrator Clitoral Stimulator

The Dame Products Eva II offers a massager that attaches under the labia then sits on the vaginal opening to provide consistent stimulation.

It resembles a plucked chicken, so it becomes tough not to laugh when observing it. According to the manufacturer, you fit the stimulator inside the vulva.

Dame advertises whisper-quiet operation in three speeds. The product received mixed reviews from users though, because it doesn’t fit everyone.

Some women could not position the device. On others, it popped out of place. Some said it fit perfectly and worked well, whether used in solo or couple’s sex.

The device uses body-safe materials. It takes about four hours to charge it and that provides one hour of use.


  • Hands-free operation.
  • Made from safe materials.


  • Doesn’t work for every woman.
  • Hard to position.

MysteryVibe Crescendo 2: Best for Couples Who Love Creative Sex

couples sextoy spice sex life

Bend the MysteryVibe Crescendo 2 any way you want because it can bend into a U or use it straight.

This flexible vibrator enables the user to create a personalized sexual experience with targeted vibrations.

You control your arousal and stimulation, whether you want to target your P-spot, G-spot, or clitoris.

The Crescendo 2 uses a six-motor design to create super-charged vibes, using 16 different power settings. This handy device can wrap around a penis or enter a vagina.

Activate the Crescendo 2 via controls on the device or by using a smartphone app from the manufacturer.

You can use preset programs or create a custom program. It charges with a USB cord and a full charge produces up to two hours of use.


  • Extremely flexible.
  • Gender-neutral design.
  • 16 power settings.


  • Short battery life.

OhMiBod Esca 2: Best for Couples Use at Home

sex positions toys

According to OhMiBod, the Esca 2 offers such quiet operation that you can easily use it in public.

This wearable G-spot vibrator enables a woman to enjoy stimulation any time she wants with this U-shaped device. It offers the user dual stimulation.

It molds to the body’s curves and offers six usage modes – pulse, tap, club vibe, rhythm, touch, and music.

Using the OhMiBod Remote app, your partner can also connect to the Esca 2 using Bluetooth or WiFi. The vibrator also features an LED light that syncs to your chosen vibration pattern.

The device doesn’t offer a way to turn this off, so if used in public, taping over the light in advance can help maintain your privacy.


  • Made from good-quality materials.
  • Controlled by Bluetooth or WiFi.


  • Frequently loses Bluetooth connection.
  • Doesn’t remember the last program used.
  • Not quiet, as advertised.
  • Lights get in the way of public use.

We-Vibe Moxie: Best for Music Lovers

classic couples sex toy WEARABLE

Made from body-safe silicone, the We-Vibe Moxie wearable panty vibrator looks cool and theoretically could provide hours of fun.

According to its purchasers, it does not work. The vibrator uses a Spotify connection to sync to your favorite music but, according to users, it randomly disconnects.

Larger-sized women have noted that if they close their legs, the device disconnects.

It relies on information sent from its mobile app remote control to operate, so constant disconnection means it consistently shuts off during sex.

It offers 10 vibration levels and features a high-capacity rechargeable battery. We-Vibe made it waterproof, so you can use it in the bathtub or swimming pool.

It weighs very little – just 2.05 ounces. You secure it onto your panties by slipping its clip onto the inner lining of your panties.

When you travel, discreetly hide it in its accompanying silk pouch.


  • Uses an app for remote control.
  • Weighs very little.
  • Syncs with Spotify.


  • Doesn’t work for all sizes of women.
  • Connection disconnects frequently.

Lovense Domi 2: Best for the Technically Inclined

best foreplay women

This exceedingly complex massager comes with two user guides.

The Lovense Domi 2 offers a high-speed, powerful mini-wand massager that produces high-level vibrations at top speed in a consistent manner, but wow, is it ever complex to set up.

The wand also comes with two optional attachments, one for a man, one for a woman. This extends the use of the device, but complexifies its programming.

The Domi 2 doesn’t offer plug and play use. You’ll need to install the manufacturer’s app and program the dildo first.

That may be worth it for a dual-rotating head to do its work, but you shouldn’t expect to open the packaging and use it immediately. That won’t happen.

The device offers apps and Bluetooth connection through iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Mac, and Windows PC.

To use it with Windows, you will also need the Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter. This device syncs with music, uses sound activation, and you can control it from near or far.

The app that comes with it lets your partner control the device from anywhere in the world. You can set custom vibration levels with it.

You’ll need to spend some time with it though, just programming it for use. If you aren’t a techie by nature, then this probably isn’t your device.


  • It is something new and different.
  • Lets you create custom patterns and vibrations.


  • Many opportunities to disconnect.
  • A little technical to set up.


Couple’s Sex Toy Frequently Asked Questions

Sex toys can add a lot of fun to your sex life, but it can feel daunting to get started with them. So many options exist and not everyone feels ready to jump “all in.”

Here we address the most common questions about these devices and their use.

Why should I/we try using sex toys?

We’re educated to believe that sex toys belong in our life before we’re married.

Once we have the real thing in our lives and our beds, we no longer need the vibrators or dildos. Right? Wrong, say the experts, like sex educator Lisa Finn.

According to Finn, using sex toys like C-rings or vibrators lets you and your partner add excitement and sensation to your sex life.

These battery-powered or electric devices let your partner and you go beyond what you can do using just your genitals, tongues, and fingers.

With an array of options available, couples don’t need to choose just one of everything.

It proves easy to start small with something that doesn’t embarrass either of you and adds pleasure.

You might start with a C-ring for him and a fingertip vibrator for her.

These ubiquitous items don’t take up much space, but they provide lots of pleasure, and both parties benefit.

What options exist?

fetish couple sex toys

You can start as small or large as you like. Sex experts recommend various items depending on the couple.

The options include vibrators, static and vibrating cock rings, strap-on harnesses, G-spot and P-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, dildos, and even interactive porn that lets you feel the vibrations of the couple or group in the video or audiobook.

Ideally, your discussion as a couple turns up something you both want to try. Most of today’s devices offer a smartphone app for programming.

Why do couples introduce sex toys into their marriage or partnership?

A couple may feel that their sex life became monotonous, or one party may have a medical condition that precludes unassisted sexual relations.

One or both parties may have grown bored and want to explore new territory in the bedroom or the kitchen.

A couple who meet online may want to enjoy some level of sexual interaction before getting together in real life or in between the times that they can get together in person.

Sex toys can address all of these issues.

What does a sexual aide do that a human can’t?

recommended sex toys married couple

As blogger Epiphora writes, “Humans don’t vibrate.” Whether battery-powered or plugged into the wall, these devices offer stimulation that a human can’t.

Some of these devices oscillate at more than 4,500 RPM and that can generate serious arousal.

Some devices for women help alleviate medical conditions that can cause pain if she has sex.

The specially-designed vibrators help to tone the muscles inside the vagina to help solve this problem.

Some men experience problems achieving an erection after prostate surgery or when taking certain medications.

Sexual aids can also help address these issues.

Devices such as strap-on dildos can provide a man without working genitalia or who incurred injury to his genitalia to have sexual intercourse.

How do you get started with sex toys?

Using a set of couple’s sex toys can create new bonding opportunities and spur added pleasure, but you both need to agree to using them willingly.

Talk frankly about trying a sexual aide before shopping for any. Decide what you can both agree to use and shop for it together.

One partner may feel embarrassed, or both may feel reticent but miss the emotional bond created during sexual intercourse, since its physical contact does help establish deep feelings for one another and express those feelings, as well.

Discussing it first and only moving forward when you both feel ready can alleviate fights and make the sex more enjoyable for both of you.

What matters when shopping for sex toys?

sex toys based relationship STATUS

Forget the marketing and the advertising and read the reviews of genuine users. Epiphora says any toy can work for couples, but it depends on how you use it.

Make sure the toy does what you need it to do. That matters the most.

If one or both of you travel a lot, look for an app that offers video interaction or a remote control with shared access so your partner can participate long-distance.

Some items stimulate the clitoris, others the anus, still others the penis.

Agree on things like color and material before you start shopping.

You might think that a hot pink vibrator looks fun, but your partner might find it so funny that he or she cannot stop laughing during your intimate time.

If you wanted serious romance, that kills your mood.

These shopping conversations may bring to light details you never knew about your partner, like an allergy to latex or silicone.

If you shop alone and try to surprise your partner, you could end up in hot water instead of hot sex.

How far does Bluetooth reach?

When you read that a device can connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, that means you will have a range of about 30 feet that the connection reaches.

There’s a caveat because any item can get in the way of the connection – sheets, your own legs, the other person’s legs, the bedside table, etc.

That’s why connecting via WiFi or MiFi provides a better choice and a stronger connection.

Prioritizing Your Features

best sellers couple vibrators

You might not find one device that serves you both and features all of the bells and whistles you want.

Prioritize by talking to each other about what you find really important.

This will help you shop, too, since some companies specialize in items like C-rings. Consider if you want to use the device in the shower, requiring a waterproof design.

Think about your needs and work from there. In general, the product you choose will have one or more of the following features:

  • Remote control included.
  • Smartphone app available.
  • Connects to other teledildonic devices.
  • Connects to interactive content.
  • Connects to Spotify.
  • Waterproof.
  • Water resistant.
  • Lube friendly.
  • Gender neutral.

Pick your favorite features and search for what you want, then use the shopping tab for the easiest shopping.

If the tab doesn’t offer the device you want, go to the main search engine page and choose the top result. That’s usually either a major retailer or the manufacturer’s website.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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