The 5 Best Lovense-Compatible Interactive Porn Sites

By M.Christian

Despite not lazily scooting through the air via jetpacks strapped to our backs, taking lunch breaks on the moon, having robots serve us perfectly-prepared martinis, or dining on food pills—and, seriously, who wants that?—there’s evidence all around us that, yes indeedy, we’re living in the future!

Just look no further at what’s happening with sex—or, to be more precise—sextech: the exciting new world of smart devices that for many of us have transformed self-pleasure from merely a blast to astonishingly so.

And, right along with their science-based designs and brilliant engineering, having the ability to wirelessly connect them up with one another for long-distance erotic adventures. What’s even more exciting is how they can interact with specially-created porn videos to put you right into the sexy action like never before.

The only problem is what toys to choose from and the best interactive porn sites to use them with. The first is a no-brainer as this is, after all, Lovensefan: your one-stop shop for all that is great and good about this top-of-the-line maker of superb sex toys.

That leads to that other question—which I’m all over with my picks for adult sites that’ll further heat up your already-hot Lovense play by making you part of the fun.

What are Lovense-Compatible Interactive Porn Sites and What Makes Them Interesting?

lovense media player launch

Back in the old days when the Internet was a science fiction daydream, most porn just laid there: static, unmoving, and unresponsive.

Now, though, if you have a Max 2 or a Nora, coupled with specialty-coded videos and the appropriate software, any of these Lovense smart sex toys will respond to what’s happening on-screen.

Getting set up is remarkably easy, as Lovense has some of the industry’s best software. For example, you can install Lovense Remote on your PC or Apple computer and, from there, use Bluetooth to find, connect, and then control your Lovense toy. Or, if you prefer using your smartphone, put the app version on your Android or iPhone and do the same Bluetooth matchup.

Then there’s Lovense’s excellent Media Player: a PC program (sorry, Apple users) that’s user-programmable to respond to whatever videos you’ve downloaded to your computer. If this sounds like fun, then check out my review here.

Another sign we’re in the astonishing futurescape of 2020 is the well-deserved growing popularity of virtual reality, which Lovense’s smart toys also support. Though for an ultra-realistic 3D experience, you’ll need a rig like a VIVE Cosmos or Oculus Rift, in addition to a computer with enough power to run it. If that’s outside your price range, there’s always the smartphone route, which requires only a new-ish model to do the job.

While many sites work with Lovense Remote, others take a different route. For example, VirtualRealPorn’s family of sites uses FeelConnect, while others may use their own app or have a browser-based set-up.

This means that depending on the adult site you’re browsing, take some time to check out their support pages to get an idea of what’s involved in making their interactive videos do their interactive thing with your interactive Lovense toy.

And so onto my favorite of these sites, and what works—or in some cases not so much—when it comes to enjoying these exciting new sextech delights.



Since I’ve already name-dropped them, let’s get into some virtual reality. Whether you have one of those pricey rigs or can only afford to strap your smartphone to your face, VirtualRealPorn’s got you covered.

With star performers, and an impressive array of sexual activities that include kinky stuff, here’s everything you might want in a porn site.

The design and layout are top-notch, as well, with each video coming with a user-friendly breakdown of their available virtual reality formats.

Regarding interactivity, they use FeelConnect (for Android and iOS), which though not Lovense’s software, does an excellent job of connecting their toys to VirtualRealPorn’s videos—which is explained very nicely on their support page.

  • Pros: Good though perhaps not an excellent selection of videos, but each with a comprehensive list of available platforms for viewing. A must-visit site for virtual reality content, more so when combined with an interactive toy.
  • Cons: Lack of orientation inclusivity is disappointing, though we’ll get into why this isn’t a serious strike against them in a moment. The only negative is that while much of the content can be viewed without a VR set-up, it’s not what the site’s all about—and so not recommended for those uninterested in this tech.




When discussing sextech interactivity, I’d be negligent if I didn’t list at least one or two of the highest-rated camgirl sites offering users an opportunity to join in on the action.

Of these, CamSoda gets a hearty mention here as they host an impressive number of performers employing Lovense sex toys in their shows.

About this, keep in mind a performer using a toy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to join in the fun remotely. My best advice if that’s what you’re looking for is to be respectful when asking to sync up and support their decision if they prefer not to. Here and everywhere, rudeness will get you 100% nada.

Also, remember that if a performer offers interactivity, it won’t be a freebie as typically only top-tipping users get to join in on the fun. But even then, no matter how much you shell out, it’s still up to the person putting on the show—which goes right back to not being an asshole.

  • Pros: When available and mutually agreed upon, interactivity with a cam performer can be a supercharged erotic experience. After all, this isn’t some static, pre-recorded video but a real person in real-time teledildonic-sharing sexual pleasure with you.
  • Cons: And since this isn’t, at all, like connecting your Lovense plaything to a porn movie, you can’t sit down and expect to immediately get your mutual rocks off with a camgirl. For the easily frustrated or embarrassed, this probably isn’t the best avenue to investigate.



Remember how I mentioned in my cons for VirtualRealPorn they, in my humble opinion, lacked diversity? Well, while that’s technically true, the people behind that site can’t really be accused of insensitivity to other orientations and sexual interests as VirtualRealPorn is part of a network of sites offering a wide world of sexual content—with each receiving the stamp of Lovense-compatibility.

To give you an idea of their lovely diversity with these other sites, this entry’s namesake, VirtualRealPassion, is all about women’s sexuality—perfectly demonstrated by video after video of hunky guys doing their hunky thing, but shot from a female perspective.

However, their inclusivity doesn’t stop there, as they also have sites like VirtualRealGay, where hunky guys are there for hunky guys, and, which gets them a big hug for the support, VirtualRealTrans.

  • Pros: All of these sites, and the company that created and maintains them, is like a Lovense-fan’s wish come true with content for all kinds of sexual interests—and a large percentage of that is also interactable.
  • Cons: As noted previously, if VR—or if this kind of sexual activity—isn’t your cup of tea, then you may not have a great time here.



As with CamSoda, here’s a live-streaming site with an eye-popping amount of performers using interactive Lovense toys in their shows.

But what gets Flirt4Free a mention here is how uniquely and effectively they handle the information on which camgirls are up for shared, teledildonic fun.

It’s as easy as clicking here and then—prepared to be awed—after selecting which performer interests you, you’ll immediately see their toy of choice and how audience members Lovense-interact with them.

  • Pros: I can’t rave enough about Flirt4Free’s interface: one that takes a lot of the guesswork—and annoyance—out of finding the right girl for a chance at shared interactive-pleasures.
  • Cons: As with any camgirl site, don’t think you’ll be able to jump into the good stuff immediately. There’s also the issue that your choice of performers is limited by who’s online at the time—though this is the same for any cam site and not just here.



Closing our list of Lovense-interactive adult entertainment is a further bow to the VirtualRealPorn network of sites. However, this time the VR videos come with a hot wasabi kick as each originates from the Land Of The Rising Sun.

This alone makes VirtualRealJapan a praiseworthy entry as, unlike other sites—let alone VR and interactable ones—that advertise themselves as the perfect place for explicit Japanese content but then pack in videos from everywhere else. Here, their exclusivity is in big, bold letters: 100% MADE IN JAPAN.

And like any VirtualRealPorn site, their compatible videos get a thumbs up from Lovense themselves—so you know here’s a place that’s going to be as steamy as it is well put-together for Max 2 or Nora interactivity.

  • Pros: Like with VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealPassion—not to mention the rest of their family of similarly enjoyable sites like VirtualRealGay and VirtualRealTrans—VirtualRealJapan’s backed by Lovense itself.
  • Cons: Also, like their similar sites—each reflecting a unique sexual interest—if Japan-flavored porn isn’t your preferred sexual thing, then VirtualRealJapan probably won’t get your motor running.


How to Pick the Perfect Lovense-Compatible Interactive Porn Site

The elephant in the room when it comes to adult content designed to deliver all those good vibrations—or oscillations, depending on whether or not you’re using a Nora or a Max 2—Lovense isn’t as supported as their competition.

Because of this, finding a site that works for you and your interactive needs can be challenging, with the added annoyance that when they are supported, the content seems like a last-minute afterthought as opposed to the site’s primary focus.

Don’t despair, though, as in my research for this article, I came across a pretty impressive list of sites saying that Lovense-interactivity is on their to-do lists. When this might happen is anyone’s guess, but it’s reassuring to think at least some of them are working on it.

Beyond all this, when visiting pages like the ones I’ve listed, it’s best to begin with those recommended by Lovense on their site, versus finding this or that hot video only to get cold-showered when all you can do is only watch what’s going on and not feel it as well.

Best Lovense-Compatible Interactive Porn Sites: The Verdict

Lovense Media Player

And here’s where I pull a bit of a fast one on you by giving a thumbs up to the site I think edged out my competition for the Best Lovense-compatible Interactive Porn Site, but then hang my actual gold medal on what you could consider to be an unexpected entrant.

With all that I’ve discussed in my previous section above, of the sites I’ve listed here, despite its exclusive VR content and other issues, we’re giving the silver to VirtualRealPorn—and its associated sites, of course.

Not only are they a site that Lovense suggests, but I’ve found their interactivity to be pleasurable and pretty painless to set up.

For my perhaps-surprise overall winner, look no further than Lovense’s own Media Player, as since finding suitable videos, and setting up your Max 2 or Nora to interact with what you do find isn’t as easy as it should be, then why not take a different approach instead?

With their Media Player, whatever you can download to your PC (sorry again, Apple people) can be turned into your own interactive experience.

Not only that, but it’ll be built by you and for you using the player’s extremely intuitive controls. As I touched on in my review, if setting up a pattern sounds less than appealing, you can sample other users’ work through the player’s community feature.

Medals handed out, winner’s celebrated, and runners-up thanked for participating, I’d like to conclude with a rousing call to action: not directed towards Lovense, who continues to produce amazing sextech stuff, but to politely remind non-Lovense supported adult content providers that us Max 2 and Nora owners shouldn’t be ignored.

And considering how many are already paying attention, with them publicly saying for them it’s more a matter of time and less a lack of market for the delay, we shortly might be seeing a whole new wave of supported porn sites.

So keep asking—respectfully, of course—and though we’re already living in a pretty cool, sextech-wise future, stay positive that wilder, cooler, and more arousing stuff is more than likely already on the way.

Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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