How to Insert and Use the Lovense Lush 3 (User Guide)

By M.Christian

If you happen to have a vagina and get off on G-spot play or are fond of someone with the first and who also enjoys the second, nothing’s better for both than Lovense’s Lush 3 remote control vibrator.

Designed for ease of use and pleasantly effective G-spot stimulation, this recently updated addition to the Lush line is also fully compatible with the Lovense Remote app.

This allows for close control, as in the same room or long distance – and I’m talking anywhere in the world – as well as the ability to put together your own vibration playlists and set the Lush 3 to respond to ambient sounds or do the same to music.

But before you can have fun with it, you’ll have to learn all about putting the Lush 3 where it’ll do the most good, operating it with or without the Lovense Remote app, ways to clean up afterward, and finally, how to store it when you’re done.


Let’s Talk Lubrication

lovense lush how it works

Since it’s typically located quite a bit “up there” inside a person’s vagina, positioning a Lush 3 – or any other G-spot toy – to where it’ll be able to stimulate that arousing sweet spot often requires a fair amount of trial and error.

To make this easier, remember that sexual arousal doesn’t automatically make vaginas lubricate. Very much like how a penis-equipped person’s erections may seem to have a mind of their own, so too, vaginal moistness can increase or decrease depending on diet, medications, dehydration, age, or any number of medical conditions.

That and how much and how often varies widely from person to person.

What I’m getting at is when it’s time to insert your Lush 3, please don’t shy away from using a little or a lot of toy-appropriate lubrication. And if you’re confused by what is or isn’t good for your vagina along with your Lush 3, rest easy, as Lovense sells their own water-based version.

There’s no such thing as too much lubrication, natural or otherwise. To keep you as slippery and comfortable as possible, purchase more than a few bottles of them when you order your Lush 3.

But not having enough is a sure-fire way to have an uncomfortable or, dare I say it, a painful time. So lube, lube, and lube some more, and when in doubt, add some more!

Taking it Slow and Steady

Lush 3 charged and ready, lube at hand, your next step is to play around with positions until you find whichever one feels comfortable for you.

first time using lovense lush

As no two human bodies are built the same way, I can’t recommend this or that position to start with. I can suggest you avoid getting hung up on what you might think is a right or wrong one.

So if you discover squatting, standing, having your backside propped up with pillows, in the tub or shower, or whatever position works, then congratulations. You and your Lush 3 are ready to have loads of G-spot fun together.

If you find yourself struggling, avoid getting frustrated. Rather, take a break.

Then when you’re ready to try again, do so with a goal to not solve all of your insertions or have difficulties, but to slowly minimize them – and from there, discover the perfect position to use your Lush 3.

Operating the Lush 3

Though its antenna is equipped with a single button that can be used to turn it on or off, as well as cycle through its three power levels and four built-in vibration patterns, I feel the Lush 3 is one of those toys that’s more easily controlled with the Lovense Remote app.

Not that you can’t use that single button, and more power to you if that’s your preference, but when it’s Bluetooth-linked to the app, you’re able to do the same – and a whole lot more – without needing to reach down and physically touch your Lush 3.

versatile updated egg vibrator

The Lush 3’s hands-free operation is especially ideal if you have mobility difficulties, joint pain, or in any way find it uncomfortable or awkward to physically control it.

Plus, complements of the Lovense Remote app’s ability to have your Lush 3 respond to music or nearby sounds, you don’t even need to touch your phone to have a good time.

And with its new version, (which I can’t stop praising), linking your Lush 3 to the app has never been easier. To begin, download and install the app on either your Apple or Android smartphone, PC, or Macintosh desktop computer.

Then fully charge your Lush 3, which Lovense says should take 85 minutes. When that’s done, power it on and have the app locate it.

When you’re successful – and one more time, I doubt you’ll have problems doing so – you can control your Lush 3’s power levels, create your very own patterns to be played back whenever you wish, or have it vibrate to songs or sounds.

Not to mention how the app can be used to operate two Lovense toys at a time or network them together so when your toy does something, its opposite number or numbers, vibrate in concert with it – whether you happen to be close by each other or thousands of miles separate you.

Charging the Lovense Lush 3

best remote control vibrator

Circling back to charging for a moment, to preserve the life of your Lush 3’s battery, avoid completely draining it before connecting its magnetic cable to a high-quality, very reliable USB power source.

Emphasis on high quality. Sure, you might save a dollar or two but opting for anything less than a well-made one could mean a longer charging time or none at all.

And when the cable is plugged into power and attached to your Lush 3, do it some place where they won’t get accidentally disconnected. Not that failing to do so will damage it, but what’s the point in having such a finely-made and exceptionally pleasurable toy if its battery isn’t fully charged?

My solution is to either put it on a shelf somewhere, like under a bedside table or, better yet, in one of those under-bed storage bins. Though with the latter, make sure the magnetic cable won’t get dislodged when pulling it in or out.

Cleaning and Storing the Lovense Lush 3

Before using it and when you’re done playing with it, take the time to thoroughly wash and dry your Lush 3.

There really isn’t any good excuse not to, particularly as it’s hardly difficult, prevents you from contracting all sorts of icky diseases and infections, and prolongs the lifespan of your Lush 3.

SEX TOY worth playing with

About the second, maintaining vaginal health can be challenging at the best of times, what with its flora potentially affected by everything from your choice of underwear to what you ate recently, so why make it harder by using a less-than-clean sextoy?

Again, doing so ain’t exactly tough, aided by the Lush 3’s shower or bath waterproofness. Merely stick it under a warm tap, use either a gentle antibacterial soap or an approved sextoy cleaner, rinse, and you’re done.

If my discussion of vaginal health has you feeling anxious – to where you might be thinking more is better than less when it comes to washing your Lush 3 – please resist the urge to microwave, boil, or use alcohol or hand sanitizer because any of them will probably ruin your toy.

Finally, give it a good wipe with a lint-free cloth and stick it in the storage bag Lovense so thoughtfully provided for your use. While it’ll likely be safe and sound, snug as a vibrator in a rug, to make it more so, I advise going an extra mile by also sticking it in Lush 3’s extremely well-made box.

Insert and Use the Lovense Lush 3: The Verdict

Whether you’re a G-spot sextoy devotee or green-as-grass but interested in experiencing what the Lovense sex toys are like, please take your time.

Sure, I’m referring to not leaping before looking – as no one wants to spend good money on something only to have it fail to live up to their expectations – but to experience more of what occurs after getting a toy like the Lush 3.

I don’t want you or anyone else letting their unbridled enthusiasm get the better of them, resulting in a less-than-fantastic first time.

Rather, get to know your Lush 3. Caress its silicone outer covering, check out how it feels with or without lube, sample its various power levels and built-in vibration patterns, and connect it to the Lovense Remote app to see what it and your Lush 3 can do together.

When you’re ready, lube it and yourself up before slowly inserting it. As you do, pay attention to any unexpected aches or pains, as well as whatever angle, distance, or position gets your heart pumping.

With or without toys, sex is an ongoing process – a non-stop journey of personal discovery –learning what feels great, what doesn’t, and always being up for some good, old-fashioned experimentation.

Do so, and you and your Lush 3 will be making exciting, arousing, and oh-so-pleasurable music together – and that might even possibly steer you towards entirely new sexual discoveries to enjoy.



Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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