How To Charge Your Lovense Toy The Right Way

By M.Christian

Lost in the erotic pleasures of their various vibrating, oscillating, pulsating, stroking, interactive, reactive, and so many other features, it’s easy to forget that whatever they do, practically every Lovense product depends on one extremely crucial thing.

I’m speaking, of course, about power, without which the most intelligent sextoy is nothing but an immobile collection of plastic and electronics.

But getting your Lovense plaything juiced up and ready to party isn’t just a matter of charging its battery, as not only are there a range of ways to get it done but some extremely important things each Lovense owner should do to help keep their toys happily going and going and going and going…

Beginning with USB—and why not every power supply is created equal.


The ABCs of USBs

how to charge Lovense egg

Save for their newly released Sex Machine, Lovense sextoys need to be connected to a USB power source, be it a solely dedicated type or the ones built to handle data as well as charging.

Though they don’t specifically recommend one over the other, if you want to save time—sometimes far shorter than Lovense’s own estimations—using something that’s “a power supply and nothing else” is the superior choice.

Still, you shouldn’t randomly buy one and hope it’ll do the trick as it could result in, and I’m not exaggerating, somewhat dire circumstances for you and your toy.

Over the last few years, USB power supplies have undergone somewhat of a revolution, giving us several different kinds to choose from: each more or less suited for whatever you’re planning to do with them.

Because I’d have to do at least a series of articles trying to explain them all. When it comes to Lovense sextoys, my advice is rather than dithering over their various voltages, pick a well-made, well-reviewed, high-quality one.

That said, when they’re in the 27 to 45 or 45 to 100-watt range, designed for tablets, smartphones, and laptops, they’ll usually charge your toys quicker.

The why behind well-made, well-reviewed, high-quality power supply is purchasing what otherwise could land you with a shoddy, potentially dangerous one that, at best, will barely do the job, or worse, might fry your precious Lovense toy.

So whether it’s a spare, manufacturer-recommended smartphone power supply or the top user-recommended one on Amazon, resist the urge to go cheap and always pick a high-end power supply instead—you and your Lovense toy will thank me for it.

Plug-in charging

how long lovense charge last

That out of the way, when talking about USB power and Lovense products, the first connects to the second in one of two ways.

While a few of their models still use it—though their updated models are replacing it for magnetically-attached cables—there’s something to be said for a good, old-fashioned plug.

Despite magnetic systems coming a long, long, long way from when they were more an annoyance than an improvement, you never have to worry about a plug getting accidentally disconnected; once it’s satisfyingly clicked into place, it sure ain’t going anywhere.

The downside to this design is it can, on occasion, expose a toy’s inner workings to water as well as (ahem) sexual fluids, potentially reducing its pleasure-inducing lifespan. Even so, that’s not particularly likely, and I’m only mentioning it as merely a very worst-case scenario.

Lovense currently sells seven new toys built for plug-in charging, and, as I mentioned, a few of their older models still use it, like their:

  • Domi 1 and 2 wand massager
  • Lush 1 and 2 G-spot vibrators
  • Hush teledildonic butt plug
  • First Edge prostate stimulator
  • Original Osci oscillating toy

Magnetic charging

lovense charging issues

Nowadays, when talking about charging, it’s all about magnets. Thankfully, those initial bugs have largely been worked out, so attaching and having them stay attached is far less of a bother.

You don’t have to be careful if the right amount of force is applied in the right way, the strongest magnet will come loose—or maybe I should have used wrong instead of right as when this occurs with a sextoy, there’ll be no joy in Mudville for you.

As I said, this is mostly a thing of the past. But putting your Lovense toy somewhere safe, away from anything that might dislodge its magnetic cable, is always a good idea.

I’ve found putting mine on my nightstand’s lower shelf, with the cable coming in from the back, does wonders for preventing any accidental disconnects—even when my cat decides to play with it as well as everything else in my apartment.

The commonly cited benefit for building toys with magnetic cables is that they can nicely seal off a toy’s delicate mechanisms from the cold, cruel, and especially moist outside world.

Right now, a large and growing percentage of ​​Lovense’s new products use a magnetic charging system, such as their:

  • Max 1 and 2 sleeve masturbators
  • Nora rabbit vibrator
  • Lush 3 G-spot toy
  • Edge 2 prostate massager
  • Osci 2 oscillating G-spot toy
  • Ferri panty vibrator
  • Diamo Bluetooth cock ring,
  • Dolce for blended orgasms
  • Gush glans massager
  • Hush 1 and 2 teledildonic butt plugs
  • Calor heating masturbator

how to know lovense charging

It’s also worth mentioning their Hyphy high-frequency vibrator, since its magnetic cable can be attached to either the toy or its case.

Lastly, there’s their hot-off-the-shelf, batteryless, “plug it into the wall, and you’re good to go” Sex Machine. But, who knows, maybe Lovense will someday release an upgraded, portable version so we’ll be able to take its arousing thrusting power to places where its cord might otherwise be unable to reach.

Caring for your Lovense toy’s battery

As with everything battery-powered, you have to charge your brand new Lovense toy before you can enjoy it.

As Lovense suggests, immediately after getting it, you should plug your toy in and not do anything with it until it’s been completely charged.

Yeah, this probably isn’t going to be easy, extra-so if you’re eagerly awaiting some high tech, well-built sexual fun times with it but waiting is well worth it.

reasons lovense toy doesnt charge

And as with your smartphone, laptops, and so forth, you should also practice battery healthcare, beginning with keeping your Lovense toy where it won’t get too hot, too cold, and nowhere near from direct sunlight, which besides negatively impacting its ability to hold a charge can damage body-safe silicone.

Fortunately, with the advent of lithium-ion, completely exhausting your Lovense toy before charging it is no longer recommended to preserve your battery’s usable life.

Instead, avoid draining it completely before plugging it back in, power it down, or put it in standby mode if that feature is available.

Not only that, but high-quality electronics like those from Lovense have gotten extremely good at managing their power usage, so it’s highly unlikely any of their toys are going to unexpectedly and irreversibly conk out on you.

If they do, don’t forget every Lovense product comes with a one-year warranty, so if, for whatever reason, your battery does fail, you can contact them about getting a replacement.


For the sake of argument, let’s say your toy lets you down. If it does, do not, under any circumstances, attempt to repair it yourself as that probably does not work and, making a bad situation worse, will immediately void its warranty.

lovense charging cable

What you can do is fully, and I mean fully charge it: like leaving it alone for at least as long as Lovense recommends, if not longer.

And make sure it’s turned off as well because if it is having a tough time getting and staying charged, trying to do so while powered won’t help.

Also, keep in mind that while technology continues to advance, it’s an unavoidable fact that batteries can and will become less and less efficient over time.

How much time you have before your toy’s strong, healthy battery becomes a weak, feeble imitation of its former self is anyone’s guess.

If you practice good battery hygiene such as not draining it completely, turning it off when you’re finished, making sure its power cable is firmly attached and won’t experience any intermittent disconnections, and storing it someplace where it won’t get too hot or cold, and safe from dust, dirt or moisture, you and your Lovense toy should be fine.

The verdict

If there’s a moral to this story, I’d say it’s to treat your vibrating, oscillating, pulsating, stroking, interactive, or reactive sextoy with respect.

After all, Lovense obviously put considerable thought into its design and manufacturing, which is probably why you bought it in the first place and why it’s given you so much sexual pleasure—so the least you can do is treat it right.

In all fairness, devices like state-of-the-art sextoys are frequently built to be as trouble-free and easy to operate as possible.

This is exactly why we buy them in the first place: the allure of imagining hours upon hours of arousing play without ever needing to think of fantasy-breaking things like adjusting their functions, dealing with Bluetooth headaches, clunky software interfaces, and, yes, making sure they’re charged up.

But suppose you respect what went into them and yourself for maintaining something that gives you so much pleasure.

In that case, your Lovense toy will remain your smart as smart can be, flexible in all the right ways, and a thoroughly and gloriously inexhaustible sexual playmate for as long as you want.

And maybe, if you take extra-good care of it, perhaps it will last even longer.


Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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