The 13 Best Online Sex Toy Stores (Fast & Discreet)

Some people are just not comfortable shopping in-person at brick-and-mortar sex toy stores. And not everyone has the time to do so.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online stores that allow you to keep your shopping journeys private and enjoy the convenience.

But how do you find the right online store when there are so many out there to choose from?

While we aren’t privy to all of your sexual desires, we can still help.

Below, you’ll find a guide to 13 of the best online sex toy stores available, along with answers to some of your burning questions.

We took a look at their products, pricing, reviews, and more to help you find what you’re looking for even quicker.

1. Lovense: Long-Distance Loving

best places BUY SEX TOYS

Long-distance relationships can be tough. If you fit into this category, there’s good news for you.

Lovense is committed to helping long-distance couples keep the spark alive.

With Bluetooth-enabled sex toys, you can share an intimate moment with anyone – regardless of the miles that separate you.

And this equipment is available for both men and women, so no one’s left out of the fun.

Whether you’re looking for vibrators, butt plugs, or male masturbators, Lovense has you covered. These capabilities make any price you pay well spent.

They offer some pretty sweet deals on their home page, and Lovense products come with a one-year warranty on issues that impact how the toy functions.

It does not cover things like discoloration, wear and tear, or issues caused by accidents, neglect, or mishandling by the owner.

The biggest downside to this online store is its lack of customer service.

It tends to get plenty of negative reviews when it comes to how long it takes to get a response from the customer service department – especially in the event of a shipping issue.

Unfortunately, you’ll not know who will actually be delivering your order, as their shipping partner makes that decision based on your order and where it’s being shipped.

Additionally, shipping costs are calculated at checkout – there’s no set rate.


Lovense Pros:

  • Awesome tech for long-distance couples.
  • Equipment for everyone.
  • Great deals are offered to help you save money, while keeping the spark alive.


Lovense Cons:

  • Products are pretty pricey.
  • Customer service is lacking, to say the least.


2. Lovehoney: Great Fun on a Budget


Lovehoney is a great shop for all things sex-related, from preparation to the deed.

You’ll find a wide range of lingerie to help you set the mood, as well as equipment that ranges from demure to kinky.

You can find everything from bondage tools to more traditional sex toys. As a bonus, they provide information and products related to sexual health, too.

You might enjoy their information pages on sexual tips and even different positions to try.

Lovehoney is also a great place to shop if you like to keep your private life private. I still remember my first online sex toy shopping experience.

It’s not something I was ashamed of, but it can be a bit awkward at the neighborhood barbeque if everyone knows what’s coming in your packages.

And when a box came with the company’s label in what seemed like the biggest letters ever, even the delivery guy had a strange glint in his eye.

I never wanted to shop like that again.

You don’t have to worry about that, though, because Lovehoney ships in really plain packaging. The only people that will know what you’re receiving are those you choose to share it with.

Speaking of shipping, it’s free if your order is at least $49. Anything under $49 costs $9.99 to ship standard through DHL.

This takes about four to six days. You can choose two to four day shipping through DHL for $19.99 or overnight through FedEx for $29.99.

As for the items, they are backed by a 100-day Promise.

If you’re unsatisfied with your product, you get a refund. There is also a one-year warranty for product defects.


Lovehoney Pros:

  • Great product selection at great prices.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Promotes sexual health and wellbeing.
  • International coverage.
  • Very discreet.


Lovehoney Cons:

  • Website is a bit old-fashioned, making it appear as though they don’t have much to offer.


3. Adam & Eve: Trustworthy and Budget-Friendly

where buy sex toys ONLINE

Adam & Eve has been around for a few decades, so it’s no newcomer by a long shot.

And it has been bringing products for his-and-her pleasure to millions of satisfied customers.

Like Lovehoney, Adam & Eve is pretty budget-friendly and discreet, though their products do cost a bit more.

Fortunately, shipping is free for orders of $59 and up. This is standard shipping through USPS, which will take five to eight business days to reach you.

If your order doesn’t reach $59, it will typically cost $7.99.

You can choose three- to five-day shipping through USPS for $11.99 or overnight through UPS for $23.99. These rates may vary according to your location.

They also offer many discounts that can help you get what you want at a price you can afford.

And it will come to you in that wonderfully boring packaging that can help you save face with your neighbors – and your kids.

If you discover any defects with your products, you have a 90-day warranty. You can choose to have it replaced, exchanged, or simply refunded.

Adam & Eve Pros:

  • Wide range of products.
  • Discreet delivery.
  • Many discount opportunities.


Adam & Eve Cons:

  • Lingerie is often limited when it comes to size.
  • Pricing is a bit higher than Lovehoney.


4. Ella Paradis: Paradise in the Bedroom and On the Wallet

online sex toy shops

You’ve likely heard of Ella Paradis, as it’s featured in many places – especially ladies’ magazines.

It’s a very open online store that is happy to cater to any sexual preference and orientation.

It doesn’t offer a wide range of products, as it tends to provide vibrators and more traditional items. However, the items it does sell come from some really great brands.

One awesome thing about Ella Paradis is that it’s not just out to make a buck. Every product is selected very carefully to ensure the maximum quality for customers.

Ella Paradis can definitely be cheaper on the wallet than most other online sex toy stores.

And they often have bundles that allow you to get more expensive products at a much cheaper price.

It offers free shipping on orders over just $29.99. You’ll typically receive your order in five to eight business days.

If you want your order faster, you can pay $7.99 for three to five business days or $17.99 for two to three days. And most items are eligible for a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Ella Paradis Pros:

  • Free shipping with just $29.99 order.
  • Educational materials.
  • Product bundles to help you get more bang for your buck.
  • High-quality products.


Ella Paradis Cons:

  • Not a wide selection of products available.


5. Kiiroo: In the Moment Experience


Kiiroo is another source of great products for those in a long-distance relationship.

You can sync your toys to one another, helping you enjoy more of the same pleasure.

For many, it’s similar to being in the room together – something that can definitely be beneficial when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Their items can also be handy for those who just want a pleasurable experience alone, since you can sync the toys to embedded porn videos.

There are a few common complaints about Kiiroo, though.

The products can get pretty expensive – which might not be such a big issue for most people, thanks to their abilities.

However, the actual syncing and pairing process is often an issue. As the company continues to grow, its dedication to offering great products increases.

So, while these are common issues with some toys now, this won’t always be the case.

Kiiroo gives you free shipping on orders over $100, which isn’t difficult to meet.

For orders under $100, the shipping costs are calculated according to your order and where it’s being sent.

If you receive a defective item, you have a one-year warranty. However, this only allows for a replacement of the product – not a refund.


Kiiroo Pros:

  • Toys are great for long-distance relationships.
  • Can be synced with a partner’s toy or videos.


Kiiroo Cons:

  • Products can get very expensive.
  • You might experience syncing issues.
  • Doesn’t offer a diverse line of products.


6. We-Vibe: Progressively Intimate

adult online SEX TOY STORES

We-Vibe is dedicated to consistently bringing the latest and greatest to its customers. And it is committed to versatility.

Whether you’re looking for some gentle, low-key fun or some wild times, you can find what you need at We-Vibe.

One of the most enjoyable parts of We-Vibe’s collection is the materials they are made of.

The soft, silky silicone takes you on a smooth, pleasurable ride that’s hard to forget.

Most of their toys are also very flexible, which makes your fun – well – more fun and less stilted.

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of tough textured and stiff toys, you know just how important this can be.

We-Vibe’s toys are also waterproof, so you can enjoy some water play with your lover – or alone, if you prefer.

Most are rechargeable and last up to two hours, allowing for a great amount of pleasure to rock you to sleep.

Plug it up for an hour and a half while you nap, eat, or lounge around, and you’ll be ready for another round.

And the chargers are typically magnetic, so no worrying about frayed cords over time.

All of this greatness does come at a price. However, they also run a lot of great sales, like buy one get one half off.

If you shop at the right time, you can get some great products at a reasonable price.

We-Vibe offers free shipping through FedEx on orders of $30 and up. This will typically get you your order within three to five business days.

For anything under $30 or if you want to speed the shipping up to two to three days, costs will be calculated at checkout.

Your order also comes with a warranty. Many products cover defects for up to two years, while other products have shorter periods.


We-Vibe Pros:

  • Toys with soft, silky texture.
  • Rechargeable with long battery life.
  • Waterproof toys.
  • Versatile products.
  • Dedicated to new technology.


We-Vibe Cons:

  • Prices are a bit high.
  • Many older toys don’t come with the same abilities.


7. Babeland: Treasure Trove for Adventure

best vibrators dildos MALE TOYS

Babeland is smaller than Lovehoney and Adam & Eve, so they don’t sell anywhere near the same wide range of products.

Instead, they offer products that are not so much for the faint of heart.

Babeland does offer traditional items, of course, but it’s a great place for those with an adventurous spirit.

You can find everything from strap-ons, anal toys, and harnesses to sex games, dice, and massage oil.

Fortunately, they also understand the need for discretion, so your toys will be sent in plain packaging.

Though you can find some affordable items in Babeland, don’t be surprised to learn that things on your wishlist cost a pretty penny.

And – depending on how adventurous you are – you could easily spend your whole check stocking your bedroom with exciting items.

If you’re going to shop there, set a budget and commit to it before you even visit the website.

Fortunately, they do offer free shipping on orders of $69 and up, which will be shipped through either USPS or DHL.

Otherwise, shipping is $6, or $12 if you choose the five-day shipping period.

You can also choose faster shipping through UPS and FedEx.

Three-day shipping will usually run around $18 and one day will typically be around $30. However, rates can vary according to your location.

Babeland also offers a 30-day warranty, which covers breakages and malfunctions. You can choose store credit or to exchange the item.


Babeland Pros:

  • User-friendly website.
  • Many adventurous products to discover.
  • Great customer service.
  • Discreet shipping.
  • Competitive pricing.


Babeland Cons:

  • Selection not as wide as other online stores.
  • Can be tempting to spend too much money.


8. SheVibe: Unique Product Line

sextoy stores MEN WOMEN COUPLES

Most online sex toy stores you shop at offer products from their own line and from popular, well-known brands.

This is good, of course, as it provides what is considered to be trustworthy options.

The problem is that limiting the options to only well-known companies can deprive you of some great fun.

There are many independent toy creators and smaller lines that have some unique toys, but they can’t get their name out there.

SheVibe helps in this area as they offer products from both well-known brands and much smaller, independent creators.

This provides a unique shopping experience that just might help you find the perfect toy for you.

The SheVibe website itself is pretty fun. It’s comic-book themed. So it can take the shame out of toy shopping and replace it with a much more enjoyable mindset.

And they offer a wide range of products, including traditional toys as well as sex furniture, electrostimulation, BDSM, and even options for those with mobility issues.

Another great thing about SheVibe is its rewards program. When you join, you get 50 Power Ups.

Then, you earn another 10 for each dollar you spend and another 150 on your birthday. When you reach 1,000 Power Ups, you get $10 off on your order.

Your items arrive in a discreet package with a person’s name on it – SheVibe is nowhere on the package. And shipping is only $7.50 or free if you spend at least $68.

This will typically get your order to you through USPS in three to six business days.

You can choose to pay $12 for two to five business days – also through USPS. Products are covered under a warranty for one year, but only if they malfunction or are defective.


SheVibe Pros:

  • Unique and wide range of products, with a wide range of prices.
  • Quick, discreet shipping.
  • Great rewards program.
  • Fun website to browse.


SheVibe Cons:

  • Not all toys – like those from smaller creators – have many reviews to go by.




LELO is a Swedish company that provides vibrators, BDSM equipment, and body massagers, including nipple toys.

Fans of LELO products tend to appreciate the silky, smooth silicone they use for their products.

In fact, this feeling has most customers purchasing their products over and over again – even though they come with a rather large price tag.

You can even buy them in 24K gold! While I’m not sure who needs that much luxury, it’s there for the taking if that’s your thing.

Like any other toy line, though, it’s important that you always read the individual product reviews before making a purchase.

Not all toys are created equal – even when they’re made by the same exact company.

While some of LELO’s line is said to be super impressive, other options might not be worth the cost.

One great thing about the company, in general, is its understanding and educational stance on the power that pleasure can play on mental health conditions.

You can read posts on their site about topics such as fighting depression and how a healthy sex life can make an impact.

The information can be empowering to those suffering through such a dark time.

There have also been many customers complaining about how long it takes to get their order. It’s important to know, though, that this seems to be more on the side of the shipping company than on LELO – and on the type of shipping you choose.

Standard shipping is free and will get your order to you in 10 to 14 days.

For $4.99, you can get your order in five to seven days. And for $9.99, UPS, DHL, or FedEx can get your order to you in two to three days.

Their customer service team has responded well, as far as I can tell, and has even reshipped packages.

Still, most people don’t want to wait for their fun to arrive, so it’s important to determine how patient you can be while waiting for your package to arrive.

If you find that your order is defective, you are covered by a one-year warranty.


Lelo Pros:

  • Customer service department is dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • Silky, smooth, enjoyable silicone toys.
  • Educational information.
  • Several fun product options for your pleasure.


Lelo Cons:

  • Shipping seems to be really slow and unreliable.
  • Prices can be a bit too high for some budgets.


10. The Stockroom: Bring Fantasy and Role Play to Life

adult shops sex PRODUCTS

For those looking for an online store that will help them remake scenes from their favorite steamy – or downright kinky – movies, The Stockroom is for you.

You can typically find whatever you need, regardless of your fantasy.

Looking for some BDSM tools? Electro-sex resources? Medieval devices?

The Stockroom has it all – not to mention some pretty hot outfits to complete the fantasy.

You do get free shipping with an order of at least $119, and that won’t be difficult to meet. Your order will be shipped via FedEx or USPS and will arrive within 10 days.

If you do not reach the $119 minimum, your shipping costs will be calculated according to the weight of your order.

Items are covered by a warranty, though the length of that warranty depends on the product.


The Stockroom Pros:

  • Very diverse range of products.
  • Props, tools, and clothing to bring your favorite steamy – or raunchy – scenes to life.
  • Free shipping when you meet minimum order.
  • More fetish items than most other online stores.


The Stockroom Cons:

  • High prices on most items.
  • Not for everyone – caters to couples with a highly-adventurous spirit.


11. Betty’s Toy Box: Diversity At Its Finest

top quality adult TOYS

If you’re looking for a diverse product line – or you’re unsure of what you want to buy in the first place – Betty’s Toy Box might be the best option for you.

It has everything from discreet lipstick vibrators to strap-ons and more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran at sex toy shopping or brand-new, there is something for you.

You can enjoy free shipping with an order of at least $59. Under that amount, you’ll typically pay $12.95.

This is standard shipping through USPS or UPS and will usually arrive within five to ten days.

Betty’s Toy Box offers a 15-day warranty that covers manufacturing defects. You’ll want to test your new product as soon as it arrives so you don’t miss this window.


Betty’s Toy Box Pros:

  • Diverse product line with equally diverse prices.
  • Dedication to safe fun.
  • Discreet shipping.
  • Great customer service.


Betty’s Toy Box Cons:

  • Can be difficult to navigate the website if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for.


12. LoveLife Toys: All-Around Pleasure


LoveLife Toys is a great place for those looking for a variety of sex toys for their next bedroom boogie.

You can start with their kegel equipment to keep everything in tip-top shape down there.

There are also some sexy wearables, books, and fun games to help you set the mood.

If you prefer loving and toys on the more traditional side, they have plenty of low-key vibrators, dildos, and rings for you.

And if you want to get a bit kinkier, they have a line of “rear gear,” bondage, and more. They provide manually-operated toys, as well as battery-operated and chargeable options.

Additionally, you’ll find massage tools, lubricants, and much more.

If it’s time to restock your toy box or you’re getting ready for a night of passion, LoveLife Toys is a great source.

Not only can you find these items fairly priced, but you’ll also find that they offer deals, discounts, and promotions on a regular basis.

However, since they have such a wide range of items, you’ll probably be tempted to drop a nice dime on your cart.

The good news, though, is that you can choose free shipping with your order through the post office.

However, it can take anywhere from seven to 25 days to receive your item – depending on where you are located.

You can also pay for standard rate shipping, which will take anywhere from five to 10 business days through your mail carrier.

There is also expedited shipping, which will typically take three to five business days.

The cost of standard and expedited shipping is calculated according to the weight and size of your order.

And your shipment is very discreet. It comes in a box that is shipped by a person, so it looks like a friend sent you something instead of a steamy online sex toy store.

Also, most items are covered for a year if they are defective or malfunction.


LoveLife Toys Pros:

  • Very discreet packaging.
  • Wide range of available products.
  • Something for everyone.
  • Fair pricing on most items.
  • Constant deals and discounts.


LoveLife Toys Cons:

  • Might be tempted to spend a lot of money.


13. B-Vibe: Backdoor Paradise

sex shops queer inclusive toys

For those who are into anal play, B-Vibe is the place to shop. And you don’t have to be experienced in this area, either.

Even if you’re just faintly interested in it, you can get what you need.

You’ll find everything from the slimmest butt plugs to the kinkiest of toys. B-Vibe has you covered with remote toys.

From anal training gadgets to rimming equipment and prostate tools, you can find what you need.

And if you’re really new to the anal experience – or just want to learn some fresh tricks – you can take advantage of B-Vibe’s Anal Academy.

You might want to put that Incognito Tab to work, though, so it doesn’t pop up on your frequently visited pages.

If you find yourself often buying new products because your most recent ones just aren’t lasting, you’ll be happy to know that B-Vibe products have a reputation for hanging around for a while.

So you’ll be saving money in the long run by not constantly shopping. And there’s a one-year warranty to cover defects.

Another advantage of note is the case that many of their products come in. It’s a discreet case that looks like it could literally be used for anything.

So when you decide to take it on your next trip, you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’re packing.

The biggest downside to shopping at B-Vibe is the price tag you’ll find on the products.

However, according to their loyal customers, the price is worth the investment. And with free ground shipping, you’re still coming out on top.

B-Vibe Pros:

  • Discreet carrying case.
  • Anal fun for all levels of experience and comfort.
  • Training gadgets and info.
  • Long-lasting product line.


B-Vibe Cons:

  • Pricey products.
  • Specialize in anal, so you won’t find all of the toys you’re looking for.


Whether you’re brand new to buying sex toys online or have some experience, it’s not uncommon to have questions.

Below are some common questions and their answers to help guide you.

Is it safe to shop at online sex toy stores?

Shopping at online sex toy stores is as safe as shopping at other types of online stores. It’s always important to be diligent, though.

When you get to the checkout page, make sure the lock icon is in the web address bar.

How old do you have to be to shop at an online sex toy store?

Typically, these online stores require that you be 18 to purchase items.

Are the toys sold by online sex toy stores new or used?

The online stores mentioned above have strict policies about used items.

They only take back toys that are defective – items they won’t be putting back on their shelves.

Therefore, you can trust that the toys you receive are new – unless an online store specifically states that they sell used items.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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