The 5 Best Lipstick Vibrators for On-the-Go Relaxation

By M.Christian

While there’s no denying how pleasurable the more, shall I say, beefier sex toys can be, what with their bigger motors’ ability to deliver extremely intense vibrations, sometimes smaller, lighter, and very portable options are better.

And nothing is smaller, lighter, and more portable than a lipstick vibrator.

More impressively, a good number of the current generation of them do all that and more, while still somehow managing to take full advantage of their larger brethren’s Bluetooth connectivity and smart interactivity.

To help you navigate the minuscule but powerful, tiny yet sexually-potent world of lipstick vibrators, let’s take a good, long look at the best of the best of them and why your next sex toy might very well be both amazingly small and remarkably exciting.

What are Lipstick Vibrators, and What Makes Them Interesting?

lipstick vibrators discreet sex toys

Surprisingly, micro vibrators have been around for quite a while. Personally, I remember my partner falling in lust with them back in the late 80s or early 90s.

Sure, they were pretty much just a novelty, what with their generally poor shapes and mechanical engineering, laughably short battery life, and overall weak motors, but one after another became an arousing mainstay during many of our more adventurous escapades.

Jump forward a couple of decades, and now they aren’t at all badly designed and manufactured.

They have astounding long-lasting batteries and plenty of motorized horsepower for you or anyone willing to try them for lots of intense orgasms.

Essentially, lipstick vibrators are identical to every other noticeably lengthier, wider, and heavier toy, except skillfully reduced to where it’s often hard to tell them apart from their competitors.

This is also a big part of their allure, as along with being easily concealable if they are somehow spotted, most people wouldn’t realize they aren’t so much about making someone’s smile look good but putting very, very big ones on their face!

Though by far, the biggest change in lipstick vibrators came relatively recently, spurred on by wave after wave of brilliant technological innovations which utterly transformed them from pocket novelties to full-fledged and increasingly sexually-potent playthings.

Not least of which is that several models are now equipped with state-of-the-art Bluetooth electronics, meaning they can be remotely operated, respond to music or nearby sounds, work in conjunction with interactive adult videos or games, or have dozens of user-created vibrational playlists created for them.

Which is a perfect segue into my very first lipstick vibrator, a brilliantly designed, masterfully engineered, and phenomenally pleasurable one from the industry’s leading manufacturer of smart sex toys, Lovense.

1. Lovense Exomoon

Discreet Rechargeable Lipstick Vibe

When I first laid eyes on Lovense’s Exomoon, my first thoughts were that someone, somewhere, was trying to pull a fast one.

I mean, seriously, a lipstick/bullet vibrator is one thing, but how could anyone, even Lovense, who certainly knows plenty of things about building ultra-sophisticated smart pleasure devices, do the same to such an eye-popping small sextoy?

But guess what? They not only did that but upped the ante for what lipstick vibrators can or should be at the same time.

The Exomoon stands out – even among all the other teeny sex toys on the market today.

For instance, with its cover in place, it is a mere three and a half inches long and less than an inch wide (technically, 0.87 inches, but who’s counting), with a “business” end that comes in at a little over one-and-three-quarters from base to fingernail-styled tip.

But size isn’t everything because it really does work extremely well with their Lovense Remote smartphone app. Don’t ask me how they did it.

However, they did, and that’s more than enough to make me feel that with this remarkable achievement, Lovense has well and truly earned its place as one of the world’s top smart sextoy manufacturers.

Like I said, this gives it the ability to use every and all of the app’s many features, such as

  • long-distance control, which is perfect for long-distance relationships.
  • vibrating along with your favorite tunes.
  • syncing with other Lovense toys.
  • connecting with interactive porn flicks.

And the list goes on and on.

Even without the Lovense Remote app, the Exomoon is impressive.

For instance, it already comes with three built-in power levels and four specialty-designed vibration patterns.

Just press its main button for a few seconds to turn it on.

After which, tapping it cycles through its various intensities and those vibrational patterns I just mentioned.

Its ultra-powerful battery is also good for anywhere from two and a half to three hours of continuous use while only requiring a scant one hundred and twenty-five minutes to charge fully.

Its magnetic charging connections are hidden behind a small, detachable cover that remains as securely in place as its charging cable will stay attached.

To help reinforce the illusion that this remarkable piece of sex-tech design and engineering is just another titular lipstick, it comes with a stylish carrying case.

Cleaning and maintaining the Exomoon is the same for practically every other Lovense product.

Just give it a quick wash with warm – not excessively hot – water, followed by applying a minute amount of sextoy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap.

After rinsing it off, dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth, and you are good to go.

The Exomoon comes with its handsome carrying case, magnetic charging cable, and user manual.


  • All the thrills of a high-powered miniature vibrator but with Lovense’s trademarked smart sextech.
  • A fantastic example of state-of-the-art engineering.
  • Versatile and powerful, good for orgasms and foreplay alike.
  • Great ratio of charge-to-usage time.


  • It’s not as powerful as full-size vibrators.
  • Too easy to misplace the magnetic charging detachable cover.


2. Lelo Mia 2

Bullet Vibrator Angled Tip stimulation

As small as it is erotically powerful, the next lipstick vibrator on my list comes courtesy of Lelo, who is well-known for delivering extra high-quality pleasure devices.

Lelo set their sights on making something that would not look out of place in a pocket or purse, yet still be able to drive the user crazy in all the right ways, pulling it off with grace and style.

Which they most certainly did with their Mia 2. It would not be an exaggeration to say that – in the world of diminutive vibrators – this one definitely stands out.

Looking more like a fashion accessory than a concealable sextoy, the Mia 2 comes in your choice of either pink, deep rose, or the more traditional black.

Multiple colors are not the only thing it has going for it, as its ergonomic design means it can be held for as long as necessary for its user to have an extremely good time using it.

This is practically impossible not to do, as the Mia comes with a remarkably potent motor.

Though I was not able to compare it to every lipstick vibrator available today, the ones I could measure it against, more often than not, could not match its power.

The Mia comes in an attractive box, a black pouch to store it in, a warranty card, and an instruction manual.

On average, it needs an hour to fully charge, which allows for an hour-and-a-half of usage time.

Controlling the Mia is done via its plus and minus buttons. These turn the vibrator on and can cycle through its preset patterns to lower or raise its intensity levels.

Cleaning the Mia only requires a brief rinse in warm water, a bit of sextoy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap, a final splash of water, and then a good dry with a lint-free cloth.


  • Motor power stands out from its competitors.
  • Excellent charge-to-playtime ratio.
  • Superbly designed and manufactured.
  • Small enough to be concealable.


  • It does not support Bluetooth connectivity.
  • No carrying case.
  • It needs better product information and support.

3. We-Vibe Tango X


From another well-respected member of the smart sextoy industry comes the Tango X.

Backed by We-Vibe’s recognized expertise in manufacturing top-notch pleasure products, their lipstick vibe has more than a few unique features that assures its place on this list of the best ones you can buy.

Starting with how quiet it is. Sure, the other lipstick vibrators here are not exactly loud, but the Tango X is noticeable less so.

This means it is the perfect choice for public sexcapades when you or your partner do not want those around you to know what is going on.

There is more, though. It is thoroughly and completely waterproof, so it’s just the toy to splash around with in your tub or shower.

Just keep it away from hot tubs or the ocean, as both will likely damage it. And no one wants to wreck such a pleasurable lipstick vibrator.

The Tango X is little less than four inches long and an inch wide, so it will not stand out when tucked into a pocket or hidden in a purse.

It comes in cherry red and midnight blue. It is made from ABS plastic, as well as phthalates and BPA-free body-safe silicone.

On a ninety-minute charge, it will last around two hours.

It ships with the aforementioned storage pouch, magnetic charging cable, lube sample, quick start guide, and user manual.

Before and after using the Tango X, give it a quick warm water rinse, followed by a small amount of either antibacterial soap or sextoy cleaning solution.

Once this is rinsed off, give it a good dry with a lint-free cloth and store it where it will not get too hot or cold.


  • The manufacturer is well known for designing and manufacturing high-grade vibrators and other pleasure devices.
  • Great size for a variety of different sexual activities.
  • Easily concealable in a pocket or purse.


  • It does not have Bluetooth, so it is not suitable for long-distance play.
  • Lacks a certain sense of style.
  • It barely vaguely resembles a lipstick, so not quite as discreet as others on this list.

4. Iroha Lipstick Vibe

Bullet Vagina Stimulator MASSAGER

Our number four choice for the best lipstick vibrator is a simple, yet exciting and surprisingly well-designed example of good things that come in small packages: the Lipstick Vibe from Iroha.

Pretty much immediately, you will notice there is a huge difference between it and any of the other lipstick vibrators on your list – it is not USB chargeable!

Instead, it uses a good, old-fashioned AAA battery.

Why you may ask, is such a (and let us be honest here) more than slightly antiquated design with ultra-sophisticated toys such as those from Lovense and We-Vibe on this list?

The answer is that, though they are great and all, they suffer from the same inherent problem as all the rest. I am talking about power.

As in, you have to make sure they have been plugged in long enough to last the distance.

If not, you will have that always unpleasant moment when you are about ready to orgasm, only to have your favorite lipstick vibrator knock out on you.

But not with the Iroha Lipstick Vibe. If you make sure to keep a couple of spare AAA batteries on hand, it will keep its good vibrations, and yourself, coming and coming.

Iroha Lipstick Vibes are available in coral and gray, lilac and black, and light pink and white. All of them are about five and three-quarter inches long and a little over an inch thick.

Each is constructed out of body-safe silicone and PVC plastic.

While they are waterproof, do not immerse them any deeper than twenty inches. But the same is true for most of the other sex toys on this list.

Because it uses AAA batteries, it will go for as much as a staggeringly impressive five hours, if not longer.

Something that few pleasure devices – however expertly they are designed and made – can ever hope to match!

Maintaining an Iroha lipstick vibe is simple.

Cleaning only requires a quick splash in warm water, the application of antibacterial soap or a sextoy cleaner, a good rinse, and drying off with a lint-free cloth.

Each comes in a quite-pretty box and includes a test battery. But I heartily suggest replacing it with a far more dependable one as soon as possible.


  • An affordable yet powerful option for those into lipstick vibrators.
  • Astoundingly-long five-hour battery life.
  • It looks amazingly like real lipstick.


  • Perhaps not as intense as the other toys on this list.
  • It does not come with a lot of extras.
  • While well-made, it falls a bit short when compared with higher-quality lipstick vibrators.

5. Dame Kip

best discreet lipstick VIBRATOR

For my fifth and final lipstick vibrator, I went with one that, while clearly not looking anything like a cosmetic applicator, is such an enjoyable toy with such an uncommon design that I had to list it.

From the pleasure experts at Dame, their Kip is not a general, all-over, non-specific sort of vibrator but rather has been engineered from the ground up for pinpoint accuracy.

While this may not sound at first to be anything special, trust me when I say there is no other small sex toy on the market capable of hitting precisely where and how you want its vibrations to go.

From clit-exciting to nipple-thrilling, if you want it aroused, then the Kip is where it is at.

So though it cannot pass as lipstick, it’s worth picking up as it’s the very definition of small, but packs an enjoyable sexual punch nonetheless.

From tip to base, the Kip is three and three-quarter inches long and measures one and a half inches wide.

Made of medical-grade silicone, it’s thoroughly waterproof for shower or bath-time fun. It is available in lemon or lavender.

The Kip requires a two-hour charge for an hour-and-a-half runtime.

It comes equipped with five distinct power levels and five separate, pre-installed vibration levels.

Along with the Kip, you will get its magnetic charging cable, user manual, and storage bag.

Keeping a Kip clean is not difficult. Start with lukewarm water, then apply sex toy cleaning solution or mild antibacterial soap, followed by a rinse with more body-temperature water.

Finish up by drying it with a lint-free cloth.


  • Perfectly shaped for exciting small erogenous zones.
  • Finely engineered and manufactured.
  • Suitable for anyone and everyone’s pleasure.
  • Very comfortable to use.


  • It cannot pass as lipstick.
  • Some may not find its design appealing.
  • It does not offer Bluetooth connectivity.

How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick Vibrator

female lipstick vibrator

Of all the criteria to consider when choosing one lipstick over another, I feel the most important deciding factors are what for and how you want to use it.

By this, I mean if you find most sex toys to be less-than-thrilling regarding the vibrations they can deliver, you should naturally seek out models known less for their small size and more for their overall horsepower.

Conversely, suppose you usually do not have difficulty orgasming from a vibrator.

In that case, you will probably want to know how powerful it can be.

Perhaps even replacing it with something that’s more or less concealable, or has a notably-longer battery life.

But more than all this, steer clear of any pleasure devices – let alone lipstick vibrators – that place affordability over comfort and safety.

Unfortunately, as lipstick vibrators are frequently viewed as a novelty, there are way too many you should stay away from.

I want to especially call out any of them with a too-low-to-be-relived price tag.

Not that you should always equate cost with quality, because – as we are all likely well-aware by now – the former rarely has anything to do with the latter.

The good news is that all of the lipstick vibrators on this list did not scrimp when it comes to what they are made of, how they are put together, or the thought that went into how they might be used.

But if you would prefer a toy I have not listed, please do be sure to thoroughly research whoever made it to determine whether or not they are as dedicated to their customers’ pleasure and safety as all of the companies here are.

Best Lipstick Vibrators: The Verdict

Unlike many of the other best toy lists I have written, there seemed to be far more good points and worthwhile elements to consider before choosing which of these lipstick vibrators you should definitely get your hands on.

In a surprising twist, a close runner-up was not any of the more advanced, technologically sophisticated models but the remarkably simple, while pleasurable-to-use, Iroha Lipstick Vibe.

My thinking was that of all these toys, its use of AAA batteries and not USB charging systems gave it a huge advantage regarding how many hours it will keep vibrating.

Then there was how well and how excitedly Kip delivers its vibes.

However, I did have to take off a couple of points for not looking as much like lipstick as its other contenders.

But after collating all of their pros, cons, and a plethora of other factors to weigh, the gold star simply had to go to Lovense’s Exomoon.

More than anything because it can do everything every other lipstick vibrator here can do but with the immense difference that it does all that and is still as sextech-smart as every other Lovense Bluetooth-enabled product.

Which, if you take some time to think about it, is pretty gosh darn impressive.

As I said before, it is one thing to build an extraordinary minute vibrator, let alone one with a variety of power levels and vibration patterns, but then to also equip it with brilliantly-designed electronics is flat-out astounding.

Agreed, it may not be as easy on the wallet as others on my list, but again, it’s important not to sacrifice how well-made a vibrator is for how little you need to spend on it. Considering what the Exomoon is capable of and how hard Lovense worked to earn its reputation as a sex-tech pioneer, their Exomoon is more than worth it.

Besides, its sextech smarts also mean it is not a mere one-trick pony; I mean a vibrator.

From long-distance play sessions to making your own vibration playlists, having your Exomoon lipstick toy accompany your top ten tunes or respond to nearby noises will keep you and those you play with wonderfully, excitedly, arousingly happy for days, months, or perhaps even years.

Because, like lipstick itself, Lovense’s Exomoon will put an extra bright, extra-satisfied smile on your face!


Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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