The 6 Best Glans Massagers for Increased Stamina & Pleasure

The world of male sex toys is rapidly growing and evolving.

Whether men are searching for a toy they can use to increase pleasure or improve performance, to enjoy solo or play with as a couple, or simply to experiment with and try something new, they have plenty of options on the market these days.

Men also have the opportunity to find devices that stimulate different erogenous zones, such as their glans.

The glans can be an excellent area for arousal, given its receptive nature.

Yet, the toy must be the right size, speed, and vibration; otherwise, sensitivity can quickly become discomfort.

In our short guide, you will learn about the six best glans massagers.

As each of these devices has different features and results, it is important to understand how they can affect your orgasms and your sex life.

We have tested each product in critical categories, namely:

  • vibration (patterns, strengths, speeds).
  • size.
  • material.
  • and noise.

In this way, you can find out which glans massager provides the perfect climax and ultimate satisfaction.

Naturally, it can also be helpful to understand how each glans massager compares to other massagers so you can choose the very best product.

We rank each glans massager according to what needs they satisfy.

We have also included a helpful FAQ to ensure you know everything you need to know about glans massagers.

Ready to find out how glans massagers can provide you with sexual bliss? Read more below!

Lovense Gush: Best Customized Experience


The majority of glans massagers and male sex toys accommodate a specific size of the penis and oblige a certain kind of session.

However, they rarely give me a unique, personalized experience.

Fortunately, this is not the case with the Lovense Gush. It has enviable features that make it a worthy investment.

If you fall outside of the norm for penis sizes, Gush keeps you in mind with its design. This massager is completely adjustable to length and girth.

Likewise, they include a band that allows you to tighten and zone into pleasure on your glans.

Performance-wise, Gush allows you to choose from a large array of options:

  • First, you can go hands-free and feel slow-building vibrations or improve your masturbation session with hands-on stroking and added vibration.
  • Second, you can connect the device to your smartphone to choose vibration patterns and speed. You can even program your own patterns so that you can simply relax and bask in pleasure.
  • Third, you can enjoy the Gush solo, short-range duo, or long-distance duo. Your partner can control the device even if they live a world away.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the hands-free option up-close and personal with your partner.

One of the Gush’s best features is that it is so flexible and accommodating. Courtesy of its silicone and ABS material, you can use it in water or with lube.

Furthermore, since it is small and has a fairly quiet noise level, you can take it almost anywhere undetected.


  • Accommodates a wide range of needs and preferences.
  • Travels well.
  • Emits a low noise level.
  • Connects to smart devices.
  • Offers varying vibration modes.
  • Works for 115-minute sessions.


  • Pinches the skin if you are not careful.
  • Power weakens over time.


Pulse Solo Interactive: Best Interactive Massager for Solo and Duo Play

best prostate massager

If you are looking for a glans massager that you can enjoy by yourself or with your long-distance partner, Pulse Solo Interactive is the perfect companion.

Solo, you can connect your device to different platforms to view thousands of videos.

The movements of the actors will coordinate with the pulsing patterns on your device. In this way, you can truly bring your favorite videos to life.

If you are missing your partner while they are away, you may also like to connect to a live video call.

Pair your device with its match, no matter where they are in the world, and feel each movement in real time.

Courtesy of a mobile app or Bluetooth connection, duo play has never been more fun.

Pulse Solo Interactive offers premium features elevating your sex life. In terms of its vibration, you can experience 6 different patterns and up to 4,450 RRM of speed.

Naturally, since you can feel a partner’s movement, you can take it as slowly as you like.

Notably, you can not only use this device as a hands-free device but also as a hands-on masturbator.

As each man has a different preference for fit, it is important to consider the size of this advanced toy.

Although it looks quite large from the packaging, it is actually only 2.63 inches x 2.8 inches x 4.17 inches.

Minimum, your penis should be at least 3 ¼ inches in length completely flaccid. Although there is no minimum for girth, there is a maximum; you cannot be larger than 8 inches.

As long as you fit into these dimension criteria, the Pulse should be perfect for you.

Performance-wise, the Pulse is incredibly powerful. However, keep in mind that its working time is only an hour.

If you love short and sweet sessions, this is an excellent piece.

Along the same lines, while you can enjoy the Pulse anywhere, be aware that power and noise go hand in hand. It is not a discreet, quiet toy.

Additionally, this device is excellent in terms of durability, as it is made from silicone and ABS. It is strong and waterproof.

You can even take it with you into the shower or bath to spice up your session.


  • Connects to the popular platforms and online videos.
  • Allows interactive activity between long-distance couples via synced toys.
  • Provides varying vibration modes.
  • Accommodates erectile dysfunction.


  • Creates a noticeable amount of noise.
  • Works for a small amount of time.
  • Fits only average sizes.

Arcwave Ion: Quietest Glans Massage Experience for Discreet Sessions

penis massager

Some sex toys can be loud, which can be distracting and even nerve-wracking in certain situations.

So, I appreciate the craftsmanship of the Arcwave Ion. You never have to worry about that experience ever again with the Arcwave Ion.

It is the quietest glans massager on the market, and that’s why I chose it as one of the top six glans massagers.

One of the main reasons for its incredible silence is the way the device vibrates. State-of-the-art ion technology allows you to feel contactless pulsations.

Ion airwaves also allow for specifically targeted pleasure at the frenulum, which leads to intense satisfaction.

With the Arcwave Ion, you choose up to eight vibration patterns and speeds.

Arcwave specifically designed this device to target the nerve endings just below your glans, on the underside of your penis.

In this way, you can discover mind-blowing gratification like you never have before.

Since this sex toy has silicone, you can take it into the shower or bath for a different sexual experience.

Courtesy of the flexible material, it can also fit average penis sizes. The minimum girth size is 1.3 inches and it can fit any length.

Unfortunately, the Arcwave Ion only lasts approximately 65 minutes for a session.

However, since the pulsations can be so strong, it is highly unlikely you will need to go longer than this.

In short, if you are looking for a sex toy that satisfies you in a short amount of time, this may be a perfect choice.


  • Has a silent mode allowing for quiet activation.
  • Maintains a sophisticated design.
  • Encourages pleasure in a unique way.
  • Stimulates the frenulum.
  • Encourages easy-cleaning.


  • Stimulating the frenulum may be uncomfortable for some.
  • Sends weaker pulsations when on silent mode.
  • Fits only average sizes.

Fun Factory Manta: Most Versatile Glans Massager for Different Experiences

glans stimulator

If you desire a glans massager that can switch from a solo ride to a duo play and allow for a wide range of use, Fun Factory Manta is an excellent choice.

I have used it on vibrate and stroke modes for more pleasurable masturbation.

You can also vibrate your penis during penetrative sex, please your female or male partner, or add extra sensations during oral sex.

It’s so versatile, it could get you into the right kind of trouble!

Manta has a unique wing-like shape, letting you place your penis shaft or head directly in the center. You can choose from six different levels of vibration and six different patterns.

Since it is unlike most glans massagers, where you place your penis in a shaft-like device, you have more flexibility with how you use this toy.

The toy is silicone and ABS, making it waterproof and body-safe.

Since you can easily use it in a wet situation, you can truly spice up your sex life or engage in a relaxing solo situation.

Likewise, the flexible wings accommodate any penis size. If you are smaller than 1.3 inches in girth, you can simply add pressure to the wings with your fingers.

Although Fun Factory does not advertise silence as a feature of the Manta, it surely is quieter than most glans massagers or vibrators while maintaining its powerful nature.

The vibration sounds definitely will not overpower and distract you from achieving orgasm.


  • Accommodates masturbation, sex, and oral sex.
  • Pleasures females and males.
  • Fits all sizes.
  • Lasts 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • Holds lube within its ridges for comfortable stroking.


  • Requires hands-on play.
  • Takes time to learn which settings, methods, and positions work best for your body.

Arcwave Voy: Superior Adjustable Pressure for a Personalized Masturbation Experience

best oral sex toys

Masturbation can be underwhelming when you rely on just your hands and imagination. Rather than settle, feel ecstatic pleasure with the Arcwave Voy.

With this compact, easy-to-use sex, you can simply slip it on, adjust it to a preferable pressure, and enjoy it.

If you are a man who benefits from tightness or pressure around any part of the penis, including the head of the penis, I recommend Voy.

You can choose from a wide entrance or a small entrance, determining how snug the end of your penis feels within the toy.

Next, you can slide the ring easily to tighten the canal around your penis, targeting sensitive areas like the glans as you stroke.

Unfortunately, Voy does not have any self-vibrating or hands-off features. You will need to manually stroke to achieve climax.

However, it does offer a pleasurable twist on a basic masturbation session for those who do not need all the bells and whistles.

Since the Voy is silicone and has a harder outer case, it is less flexible than other masturbators. While it can fit any length, it can only fit a girth of below 5.5 inches.

Yet, since it adjusts to be tighter, you will likely fit if you have a smaller-than-average penis width.

Additionally, since there are no electronic processes for this sex toy, you do not need to worry about charge time, run time, or noise levels.

I like that I can take the compact device anywhere or leave it on my nightstand.

Since the caps on the masturbation toy make it look like a camera lens, it has a great disguise built in, even if you don’t have a model for inspiration!


  • Adjusts tightness and pressure.
  • Allows you to choose entry point for customized head or base stimulation.
  • It’s discreet.


  • Requires hands-on play.
  • Has no vibration settings.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II: The Most Powerful Glans Massager

Delayed Ejaculation Penis Vibrator

Cobre Libre II claims to do a great number of things, yet it definitely stands out in terms of penis head stimulation and glans massage.

With two vibrating motors, you will experience mind-blowing sensations that ripple throughout your entire body.

You can use it for hands-free self-pleasure, female mounting during sex for shared vibrations, and extra stimulation for when a male partner thrusts from behind.

If you are ready for a long, intense session, enjoy the Cobra Libre II for over two hours on just one charge.

Despite the fact that it has more than one powerful motor, you will also delight in a fairly quiet noise level on lower power modes.

Since this is the case, you can enjoy a whole night of discreet pleasure.

This sensational toy includes eleven different modes, and I never get bored. There are two modes to start off with, letting you adjust to the sensations.

After you are well-acquainted with the device, take control with three modes that gradually increase in strength, three modes that have consistent patterns of increasing and decreasing strength, and three modes that have random selections of increasing and decreasing strength.

Unfortunately, the Cobre Libre II may not fit everyone. Although the inner casing is soft silicone, the outer casing is a harder ABS.

If you have a slim penis, this is the toy for you. Yet, if you are on the girthier side, you may need to search elsewhere for an accommodating fit.


  • Allows for hands-free play.
  • Designed specifically for glans massage.
  • Use for masturbation or sex.
  • Can be used for female mounting during sex for shared vibrations.
  • Use for long periods of time.
  • Has more patterns, strengths, and speeds than most male sex toys.


  • Fits only slim penises.
  • Is fairly noisy on higher settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glans Massager?

A glans massager is a special sex toy that men can use to stimulate the sensitive head of the penis.

Since there are many nerve endings here, focusing on this region can increase pleasure, intensify orgasms, and improve sexual experiences.

Glans massagers let men target the glans during masturbation, sex, anal sex, or oral sex.

Is a Glans Massager Right for Me?

If you want to stimulate the sensitive tip of the penis, a glans massager can provide incredible stimulation.

This product lights up the many nerve endings to increase pleasure and improve sexual experiences.

Glans massagers also enhance masturbation when you have to go it alone. If this is what you’re looking for, a glans massager could be a great investment.

How Do You Choose a Glans Massager?

automatic penis stroker

When you are choosing a glans massager, it is important to focus on a few important factors:

  • Vibration Patterns: The majority of glans massagers are electronic, sending vibrations or pulsations to the shaft of the penis or specifically to the head. If you are not sure which patterns, strengths, or speeds you enjoy, it is best to choose a device with multiple options.
  • Size: Most glans massagers accommodate any length of the penis, as they typically have openings at either end of the toy. However, they may not work for every girth. If you are below or above average in this category, be sure to keep an eye on those specifications.
  • Material: Manufacturers should use body-safe silicone as their main material. They may also use ABS plastic for an outer casing, which is also body-safe. Keep watch for any other material and make sure it is proper for your use. For instance, you may wish to have a waterproof material if you plan to use it in the bath, or you may want hypoallergenic materials if you have known allergies.
  • Noise: Noise levels are an important factor for some, as noisy levels can be distracting when you are reaching climax. You may also wish to have a quieter device when you want to be discreet during masturbation or sex.
  • Special Features: There are many glans massagers that have special features that help you enjoy masturbation or sex and improve your orgasms. You may enjoy glans massagers that allow you to share with your partner, accomplish different sexual activities, or activate certain sensitive zones on your penis besides your glans.

Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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