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The 7 Best Interactive Cam Sex Toys For Models (Who LOVE $$$)

By M.Christian

From wet-behind-the-ears novices to well-seasoned professionals, anyone and everyone who puts themselves in front of a webcam understand the importance of getting and keeping an audience.

And if your show is, shall we say, an intimate one—with the goal to arouse your viewers—then what you bring to your performance can be just as critical as how sexy you act.

But which of the hundreds, or maybe even thousands, would be the best sextoy for your erotic cam show, the one that might very well propel you up that popularity ladder and bring you those big, juicy bucks?

So, using our considerable experience in all things sextech, and quite of bit of know-how when it comes to cam modeling, to we’re doing to recommend seven excellent sex toys they’ll help sexy-up your already sexy show.

Why use sex toys?

Before we get to our list, let’s begin by touching on why adding one of our recommended seven products is such a good idea.

Though there are too many to reasons mention in the space of our article, the biggest would have to be that a well-chosen sex toy acts as a kind of sexual surrogate for the audience members … well, their members: that watching a toy in use can make them feel like they’re taking part in the action. Add in the Internet-Of-Things capability of some of our devices here, and they really can. Remotely, of course.

Right behind that, there’s what we might call the allure of playing with a novel new product. That by using a cool piece of state-of-the-art sextech, you’re arousing their bodies and stimulating their erotic imaginations. More so, if you share what a toy can do, why you chose it, and especially how it feels.

#1: Lovense Lush 2

Unequivocally, the number one spot on our list goes to the Lush 2 from Lovense: a fantastically pleasurable vulva-insertable sex toy from a company known for their superb designs, high-quality manufacturing, and as a leader in smart sextech innovation.

The Lush 2 is physically notable for its antenna, which houses the unit’s on/off switch and helps to keep it flawlessly connected via Bluetooth to Lovense’s proprietary (Android or iOS) smartphone app or their Macintosh/Widows Lovense desktop version.

Putting aside for a moment how cool the Lush 2 looks, and how wonderful it feels, it’s this interconnectivity that locks it in at our #1 spot. For cam models, this means the ability to create customized playlists of toy actions, like vibrations and such, that can be played back without having to fumble with controls on the toy itself or with a smartphone/computer screen.

It also means that high-paying viewers could submit their patterns or take the helm themselves through Lovense’s shared control feature.

  • Pros:

Mechanically extremely well-made in a uniquely designed form. A vast range of possibilities for cam model shows, including the ability for viewers to send in their own vibrational patterns or take charge of its actions.

  • Cons:

Few, but could include that it is for Vulva-equipped models only—and = if you find repeated penetration play arousing, or visually better for your show, it may not be as suitable as more traditionally-shaped sextoys.


#2: Lovense Domi

Staying with Lovense, because of the copious reasons we touched on above, their Domi brings that same Bluetooth capability and interactive possibilities but in a wand-type vibrator.

Unlike similar products, however, the Domi packs in a few unique features that elevate it to our number two selection. The main reason that with the right accessories it models with or without a vulva can use it, making it ideal for couple shows, guest appearances, or liven things up by swapping an accessory out—or bringing one in.

As with the Lush 2, through Lovense’s smartphone or computer app, the Domi can be controlled live or do its various sexy things from pre-created playlists or in the hands of a selectively-chosen viewer.

  • Pros:

Excellent quality, perfectly-designed smartphone and computer integration can be used by vulva or penis-equipped performers and works on other body parts, including the anal area, nipples, etc.

  • Cons:

Without its optional accessories, the base unit not suitable for insertion play. Might be a little noisy for certain performances.


#3: Ohmibod Esca 2

From two great companies doing greater things together, comes the Esca 2 from Kiiroo and Ohmibod.

Superficially similar to the Lush 2, the Esca 2 also has a whip-like antenna, though here it does more than help it maintain a good Bluetooth connection with Kiiroo’s smartphone app.

Agreed, it’s not a huge difference, but for cam models, but it’s illuminated tip potentially might offer a unique visual flair to a show.

Otherwise, the Esca 2 is a sound if fairly unremarkable vulva-specific sextoy. It does have a few remarkable smart features, like smartphone control, VR support, game interconnectivity, and is advertised as working for cam models, but when it’s all said and done, it doesn’t compare to what Lovense offers.

  • Pros:

Well-made inside and out, light-up-antenna tip makes it visually impressive compared to other toys. Excellent and responsive smartphone controls.

  • Cons:

Lacks the software flexibility and interactivity options of similar toys, limiting its usefulness for cam shows.

#4: Lovense Hush

Back to our old and justly enduring, favorite company for our number three position, we recommend the anal-pleasure delights of the Lovense Hush.

If erotic play with that part of your body is your thing, then there isn’t a better toy than this one. Getting the ball rolling on our enthusiastic raving has all the software and interactivity pluses as the Lush 2 and the Domi—or any other product from the people at Lovense—in a perfectly designed shape.

On that, it ticks every box for anal pleasure: a flange and spiral patterned neck for easy extraction, and a bulb that’s neither too small nor too large—making it ideal for beginners or those with previous anal sex experience.

  • Pros:

Excellent manufacturing quality, full-range of control and interactivity as with other Lovense toys, making it just the thing for cam shows featuring anal sex activity.

  • Cons:

Not ideal for penis-equipped performers who enjoy prostate play.


#5: Ohmibod Fuse

Returning to Ohmibod/Kiiroo—and to toys designed for those with vulvas—we next come to the Fuse: a pleasant device that can simultaneously stimulate the interior of the vagina and the outside, clitoral area.

As with their Esca 2, the Fuse is well-made, so no worries about embarrassing breakage. It also offers the same amount of Bluetooth control, adult media connectivity, virtual reality support, and cam model entertainment possibilities.

It’s an ultra-fine choice for those with vulva’s who like their clits or outside stimulation, as the Fuse’s has vibration motors built into the body and that extension. Like the Lush 2 and the Esca 2, it’s shape is engineered for g-spot excitation.

  • Pros:

Quality construction, superb for vaginal-insertion and clitoral stimulation shows, has the same degree of connectivity and interactivity options as the Esca 2.

  • Cons:

Extension, while good for clit-play can sometimes get in the way if the user enjoys repeated penetration during sex.

#6: Lovense Nora

And here comes Lovense again with another fine product. This time they’ve brought us the Nora—a toy that takes vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation toys to a whole new level.

As with the Ohmibod Fuse, the Nora is a rabbit-type toy for inside and outside stimulation. Unlike the Fuse, however, the Nora brings all those lusciously arousing smart tech possibilities, especially for cam models looking to steam up their shows.

Speaking of, it’s worth mentioning another big selling point to this and other Lovense toys. While they talk exceptionally well to their iOS or Android app, or the desktop incarnation, they also work well together.

So if you’re doing a multi-person scene with two or more devices, what one Lovense product does will affect another. A perfect illustration is if someone plays with a Nora, their insertions and retractions would be transmitted to another toy, like the penis-focused Max 2, which would contract and vibrate accordingly.

This is cool beans for cam models. If a viewer has another Lovense toy, then, for the right price, you might offer them control of your own: turning your performance from a solo one to a shared teledildonic experience.

  • Pros:

Excellently built, with all the fantastic smart sextech options as with Lovense’s range of products. An excellent choice for cam models into clitoral and/or penetration shows.

  • Cons:

If repeated penetrations are your thing, perhaps a toy without the extra extension would be more to your liking.


#7: We-Vibe Sync

For our final recommendation, we have the Sync from We-Vibe.

This vulva and clit designed device has a lot going for it, mainly its shape—which is unique and effective—and that it comes with something no other toy on our list does.

For cam models, its potentiality show-stopping is in the Sync’s overall design. While other vagina-and-clit versions kind of took the classic dildo design and added an extra-extension, the Sync takes the approach of giving each pleasure point the same amount of attention.

This distinctive U-shape also means that it’s no slouch in the vibration department on the clit, making it an excellent choice for cam models who like theirs more intensely stimulated.

Though it has a good deal of smartphone control, through Bluetooth and We-Vibe’s Android or iOS app, it additionally comes packaged with that added extra we mentioned in the form of a little, stand-alone Bluetooth remote.

Agreed, it can’t deliver the same degree of fine motor adjusting—or support pre-created playlists—but if you find dealing with a slippery interface screen breaks the mood of your performances, the Sync and its remote might be worth picking up.

  • Pros:

Well-made and designed, its distinctive design delivers nearly identical levels of stimulation to the interior and the exterior of the vulva. Separate Bluetooth control allows ease-of-use.

  • Cons:

Interactivity that while good, is not so much when measured against toys of its type.

The verdict

Just as your body is your own, the ultimate call on what sex toy is best for your cam show rests with you: weighed by what you like to do, what you feel comfortable using, and—bottom line—what you think will be best for your performances.

Though as we are living in the age of the internet, after all, it’s hard to ignore the potential draw of using smart sextech toys, where viewers might be enticed into paying more for the possibility of actually interacting with you.

This makes selecting a sexual accessory kind of challenging—and yet not: in that it’s obvious a toy from a manufacturer known for its excellence in toy interactivity is the way to go. With the only real problem, then being which Lovense product to buy?


Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop


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    • The software of We-Vibe’s toys is really not as good for camming as the one from Lovense. I would just go with the Lush 3 instead.

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