The 15 Best Remote-Controlled Vibrating Panties (for Her)

Looking to spruce up your lovelife with a partner or yourself?

Vibrating panties can be a fun way to dive into the plethora of sex toys on the market today. Not only can it be sexy to use discreetly in public, but it can also be used in the comfort of your own home. You have options to buy ones that have a vibrator inside it or get a vibrator to attach to your panties.

What are the Best Vibrating Panties on the Market Today?

That depends on what kind of vibrating panties you prefer. There are some made for discrete use anywhere, and others made less discreetly that you can use at home. You can also purchase the vibrator on its own and attach it to a pair of panties you already own.

These panties, and vibrators that can go into panties, are options in the industry right now. Many can be ranked for overall performance, as well as affordability and discretion. Some can even be remote controlled by you, an audiobook, or a partner. It comes down to whether you’re a vibrator connoisseur, or you just want to test out the waters. You decide!

External and Internal Stimulation, Oh My!

Our first group of vibrating panties is those that can be inserted to provide internal stimulation, along with externally pleasuring you. These are the hardcore vibrators that those who are faint of heart should not try in public. External stimulation can be orgasmic all on its own, so dive into these if you want more thrill.

1. Lovense Lush 2 (Our top pick!)

lovense lush2 vibrating panties

We’ll start strong with the Lush 2 from Lovense, which is an insertable vibrator that you can “wear” with any panty you like. You insert the larger side to stimulate the G-spot, and the smaller side can work as an external stimulant at the same time. It also works as the antennae for Bluetooth control by your partner.

Reviews praise this product for being powerful, pleasurable, and because it can be used literally anywhere. Webcam celebrities have reviewed it as one of their favorites to use privately, as well with clients who get access to the device via an app. They are in control of the device’s movements and can watch as the celebrity feels the pleasures.

Given that it’s insertable, it’s also extremely discreet when used out in public. There won’t even be a bulge from the vibrator to see, so you can wear a flowy dress, leggings, or whatever you want  without the worry of being found out. It runs around $99, but reviewers rave that this device is worth every penny.


2. Luxurious Silicone Panty Pal Vibrator

luxurious silicone panty pal

The next product follows a similar ideology to the Lush 2, in that it provides clitoral and internal stimulation simultaneously. Described as a small device, it delivers a punch of power when in use. It is the perfect size to just reach your G-spot and send you reeling while on your commute to work or running errands.

Reviewers describe the device as durable, so it won’t stop working after a few months. It can be recharged and used throughout the day for multiple uses.

It’s said to stand up to the most sexually-charged individuals, and last even longer. It is a bit pricey, but for durability and clients who know they want a good device, this is worth it.

3. Gigaluv Deep Secret Remote Control Panty Vibe Blue

gigaluv deep secret

This last product is also insertable and delivers clitoral stimulation that your partner can control with a remote up to thirty feet away. Not only does it feel great when in use, but it’s super-cute! It doesn’t look like a typical vibrator, so you could even play it off as a pretty accessory if someone was snooping around your room.

Running around $69 (hehe), it is one of the more-affordable options if you want both external and internal stimulation. Similar to the other two products, this is one you can test-drive out in public with no one but you or your partner knowing what’s going on. The extra stimulation can also be a great source of foreplay before things get hot at home.

Best-Rated Traditional Vibrating Panties

Let’s go back to the basics! Here are the best of the best vibrating panties out there. This list was made regardless of price. We are strictly looking at overall performance and ratings for the products below. You’ll be surprised what some of them can do! Take a look, and maybe even invest in one yourself!

4. Love Honey’s Desire Rechargeable Panty Vibrator

love honey desire vibrating panties

This panty vibrator comes with an actually-cute pair of panties that the vibrator fits into for use. Not only that, it’s remote controlled by a small device.

So you or your partner can change the settings to drive you wild! It lasts for around 2 hours before it needs to be charged. Your partner can also control the frequency and power from up to 26 feet away!

This is the perfect panty vibrator to take on a steamy date night or errand run that you want to make a little more fun.

Eight speeds and twelve patterns await you and your partner to explore and enjoy. It’s a small vibrator, so it won’t be visible under your clothes. The perfect turn-on for those who like a little scandalous foreplay. Plus, it’s always quiet!

5. OHMIBOD Club Vibe 2.oh

ohmibod club vibe2

Here is another discreet panty vibrator that has an interesting kink. It vibrates to the beat of music or your partner’s voice. This exciting piece of machinery can be used when you’re out at the clubs or getting frisky to the sound of your partner’s voice. Talking during sex has never been more appreciated!

You use the remote that comes with the product to get it to respond to sound. There is a microphone on the end of it that you turn on and then – literally! – just relax to the beat of the drum.

The remote works with the vibrator up to 20 feet away! Your partner could be in the next room or across the grocery store whispering into the remote to drive you wild!

With a 4-hour operating window and five pleasure settings you can use instead of sound, this little beauty can ramp up your sex life. For $88, it’s a little more than the previous one, but with a longer battery life and additional fun features.

6. Hustler’s Vibrating Panties

hustler vibrating panties

This option is slightly cheaper than the other two, at around $44 online. It comes with panties and a bullet vibrator. A great option this panty has are its pockets. One small and one big, so you can interchange the vibrator if you don’t like the one it comes with or have a favorite vibrator you’d like to use instead!

The pockets are hidden within the panty itself, so you have optimal discretion. These are great if you happen to feel extra ballsy, and want to wear a short dress out on the town.

If it happens to flip up while you’re out, others won’t have a clue! But you or your partner will know, which can make the experience all the more thrilling.

Some of the reviews for this product also mention that the panty itself has good stretch. Some complaints about vibrating panties have been that they can run a little small, leaving some clientele out of the equation.

Not with these panties! You can order based on your own size and not feel left out. That goes for more petite women who need smaller sizes, too!

Cheaper Options to Get Your Feet Wet

After looking at the prices above, are you having second thoughts? Maybe you wanted to check out this article to find a product that is both good and affordable?

You don’t have to invest in an expensive product if you’d rather test vibrating panties to see if you’d like it. Or, maybe it’s an impulse-buy for yourself or your partner, but you don’t want to go overboard.

Here are some cheaper options that may not have as many bells and whistles as the others, but can get the job done. These may not work as well as the more expensive options but are great options as testers or introductions to the concept of vibrating panties.

Check out the list below and see if these tickle your fancy…

7. Vogue’s Burlesque 10-Mode Vibrating Panties With Remote

vogue burlesque 10mode

Now, these panties are a fun starter panty to try. At around $36 on Amazon, it’s a steal for what options it has to offer! It has ten modes of pulsing vibrations that can help excite you or even bring you to climax. It has a remote control that can be used by a partner up to 20 feet away. This sounds a lot like the more expensive options above, but it won’t break the bank!

The actual vibrator inside the panty is a small box that is also removable. You can use it with the panties provided, or slip it into another pair of your choosing. Reviews have stated that it can be a little bulky, so this isn’t one you want to wear under a dress or with exposed leggings since it can stick out a little.

Its overall performance is ranked highly though, which is promising for a device that you don’t need to put a lot of money down for.

8. My Secret Screaming O Remote Control Panty Vibe Black O/S

my secret screaming black

These panties are actually thongs with a vibrator inside! A sexier option compared to the more discrete panties on this list – as well as a preference-change for those who prefer thongs to other underwear types. It comes in different colors, depending on your taste and the overall discreetness desired.

This product is also cheaper, running at about $25 on Amazon – and it’s adjustable! Since it’s a thong, you can tie it at one end to make sure it fits comfortably.

Its small bullet vibrator is also discret, so no worries on being able to hear or see it under clothes! It can be remotely controlled up to 50 feet away, with up to ten different patterns to choose from.

The remote control is one of the most hidden-in-plain-sight controls as well. The control is a finger ring that you or your partner can wear and control basically in front of everyone. So, it serves two functions by pleasuring you and making you or your partner look fashion-forward.

Both the remote and the vibrator run on batteries, and there were some complaints about the batteries that it comes with not being very good. Just be sure to have extras on hand so you and your partner can enjoy the full extent of this product.

9. ADAM & EVE’s Wearable Panty Vibrator

adam eve vibrating panties

Among the cheapest of the options listed, this Adam & Eve wearable panty vibrator runs around $20. It’s the perfect option for those who just want a wild night, but don’t want to spend a pretty penny on it. Or, for the experimenters out there just wanting to know what all the hub-bub is about.

Given that it’s a cheaper option, you’re skimping out on some of the bells and whistles. This vibrator is battery-operated, and only offers three settings that only deal with speed. Again, it’s more of a trial run product to see if you’d like it, or for those once-in-a-while escapades into the naughty realm.

One exciting benefit to the vibrator itself is that it’s removable and waterproof! Which means you can have fun with it in the bathtub or shower, either solo or with your partner. Being able to take the fun elsewhere can also excite and increase the overall value of the product.

Vibrators You Can Attach to Your Own Panties

So, we’ve touched on vibrating panties, now let’s chat about vibrators you can use with the panties you already own. Essentially, you’re making your own vibrating panties! These are vibrators that may have magnet backs that you can attach together or even some that can slip right into the panty!

These products also range in price depending on settings, features, and levels of control. Let’s check out the best of the best first.

10. Vibease’s Remote Smart Massager

vibease remote smart massager

Starting off strong, this vibrator can slip into any pair of panties you want to wear with them. Its shape caters to you, so it will fit perfectly and stimulate you in all the right places.

It is also Bluetooth-enabled, so your partner could essentially control it from anywhere. They download an app to control the speed and strength of each vibration.

This adds a level of discreetness to its use, as well. Your partner could look like they’re just checking their phone when in reality they are checking you out. If you don’t want a curious onlooker to see the app open, your partner can also control it in their pocket. You both don’t need to worry about losing a pesky remote since your phone is the remote.

The last feature worth mentioning – and one of the coolest – is that the vibrator syncs up to Audiobooks. So, when you’re listening to the latest romance novel, you can further immerse yourself into the steamy scenes.

When someone talks about touching or pleasuring you, your vibrator will respond and change the pattern depending on what was said. Pretty nifty, right?

11. We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator

we vibe moxie

Similar to the vibrator above, the We-Vibe Moxie can be remote- or Bluetooth-controlled via an app. This can spruce up any long distance relationship when you’re just dying to feel your partner’s touch.

This can simulate that feeling, while giving all the control over to your partner via an app that makes you feel like they’re in the room with you.

It has powerful magnets that attach to either side of any panty you own. The shape is also optimal so that it doesn’t slip out or show a lump outside of your clothes.

That makes it a perfectly-discreet toy that only you or your partner know about when you’re out on the town. It has over ten patterns and strength levels to allow variety every time you use it.

This vibrator is also waterproof, so it doesn’t have to stay in your panties. Feel free to use it in the shower, tub, or when you are doing the deed for some extra stimulation. You’ll never be more excited to get in that early morning shower!

A bit pricey, this vibrator runs around $130. So, this is definitely your commitment vibrator, rather than your trial one.

A note to the reader: this toy is currently on back order due to its popularity.

12. Fifty Shades of Grey Freed My Body Blooms Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator

fifty shades grey freed

Are you a Fifty Shades of Grey fan? Do you enjoy the idea of being in control or your partner in control of your pleasure?

Then this is the vibrator for you!

It has twelve speeds and eight settings to change the vibrations and strength that you or your partner can control and change. It can be used for foreplay or to bring you to completion.

Another fun fact is that the Fifty Shades of Grey author, E.L. James, endorsed the product, hence the name.

Given the sensual experience her novels can take you through, you can bet this product will deliver the same experience. Heck, you can even read her books while using this vibrator for a fully immersed experience.

It can be controlled from twenty-seven feet away via remote, something your partner can enjoy. A positive point in its favor, this vibrator has controls on the machine itself.

So, you can be in control without worrying about having your phone or remote around. It is expensive at around $120, so another vibrator that you would invest in, rather than just try out.

Trial and Error Panty Vibrators

So, maybe these previous products sounded well and good, but you don’t have the money to afford one of them. It could be because you just want to try it out, or aren’t sure what kind of features you want, and don’t want to make an expensive mistake by buying the wrong vibrator.

Check out some of the cheaper options below!

13. Sweet Vibrations’ Tulips

sweet vibrations tulips

The Tulip is a panty vibrator that focuses all its energy on your clitoris. If you’re seeking a clit orgasm, you’ve found your panty vibrator.

It’s one of the few that focuses on the whole pearl, rather than just the tip. It’s “lips” caress the sides of your clitoris while the top vibrates against the tip. This will give you the full experience for a good price.

It fits into your panty, and the fabric separates the vibrator and your skin. Don’t think that means that the vibrations are lessened, though.

Reviewers sing their praises to how utterly shattering this device can be. Plus, it has the added bonus of being small and undetectable under clothing. Let the pleasure ride commence!

With ten vibrating patterns and five intensity levels, this vibrator boasts that your G-spot will be a thing of the past as your source of intense pleasure. It’s only $45, which is pretty cheap for all the features and quality you’ll receive.

14. Adorime’s Panty Vibrator

adorime panty vibrator

This is another cheaper vibrator that is worth the cost, and won’t break the bank. At around $23, it’s a great vibrator to get your toes curling – or your lady parts wet. It provides multiple stimulation points to give you intense sensations, promoting your or your partner’s enjoyment. It’s a long device that gives clit, labia, and anal stimulation variably or simultaneously.

The device is both discreet and quiet, so even someone sitting next to you won’t know if you’re using it – which is a big plus if you’re interested in trying it out in public.

Many cheaper devices tend to be loud, so they can be heard by others close to you. This device will give you discretion, as well as a more-expensive vibrator.

Many reviewers also praise how well this device works – and how quickly it charges for multiple uses. It’s made of body-safe silicone and is waterproof, so it can be used anywhere. It’s also remote controlled, giving your partner the control they might be seeking in your naughty play.

Give this one a try and have fun!

15. Jimmy Jane Intro 1 Mini Vibe

jimmy jane intro1

This is another inexpensive option that you can put into any pair of panties you own. Running around $29, it’s a great tester-device to play around with – literally!

It runs on batteries and is about finger-sized. It’s supposed to give you the sensation of someone touching and teasing your clitoris under your clothes.

Reviews have written that it’s the perfect introductory device to see if something like this would be for you. You won’t spend too much money on it, and it does a decent job. Plus, it’s small and easy to hide, as well as use. If you find that you enjoy it, you can move to a more expensive device.

How to Choose the Right Vibrating Panties

choose right vibrating paties

There are a few different things to consider when opting for vibrating panties.


Price is always going to be something to consider when choosing the vibrating panties that are right for you. Some of these are on the cheaper side but still able to get the job done, while others are intense and top-notch for a few more bucks.

What You Need

When it comes to vibrating panties, you have the option of buying the complete set or opting for an insert into your favorite panties. Consider what is right for you. Maybe you’re in need of a new pair of sexy undies, and the bullet is a plus? Consider the duo and call it a night.


Some of these toys can be controlled using remotes and apps, which can be incredibly handy for some kinky fun in public. Whatever your needs may be, if you want those extra features, it’s important to do your research on product features before making a purchase.

Size and Intensity

Whether you’re buying the vibrating panty set or purchasing an insert, one thing to consider is the size and intensity of the vibrator. Every vibrator is going to have their own range of intensity or vibrations and differ in size, so make sure you find something that suits all of your specific needs.

Best Remote-Controlled Vibrating Panties: In Summary

We’ve covered multiple products to highlight the best vibrating panties in the business right now. It’s been divided into vibrators with panties included, vibrators you can use with your own panties, and vibrators you can insert for added pleasure. Price, quality, and overall experience have been the deciding factor for including these products.

What vibrating panty you choose depends on your preferences, as well as your partner’s – if they’re involved in your decision. Some products allow for access from all over the world via Bluetooth like the Lush 2. This is optimal for long distance relationships to allow your partner to pleasure you from afar.

There are also cheaper options available for those who just want to try it out and see if it’s worth it to invest in something more expensive. Some devices can be pretty pricey, so it can be more of a gamble to invest in them. Try one of the cheaper options first to make sure you like the feel and concept of use before using more money.

All in all, this article covered a wide range of products for your convenience. Hopefully, it was informative and enjoyable to read. This may help you invest or even dabble with the idea of using a vibrating panty in the near future.

Go out and have fun!

Written by William LeClair

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