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Lovense Hush 1 Vs Hush 2 Comparison: Time to Upgrade?

By M.Christian

When it comes to anal sex toys, variety is the spice of life.

No Jalapeno poppers or ghost pepper wings should come anywhere close to your rear end, but as none of us inside or outside are built the same way, having a broader-than-broad-spectrum of gadgets, devices, and other sexual playthings means you’re bound to find at least a few to comfortably pleasure your ass.

Lovense isn’t merely aware of this fact but has given us a great selection of anal toys, including their legendary Hush 1 – and now it’s soon to be released direct descendent, the Hush 2.

As this is a remarkably different change in direction for this line, let’s take a look at the first and then the second… or “firsts” and “seconds” it’d be more accurate to say because they come in different sizes.


Looking at Hush 1

lovense hush remote control

Like other anal toys, the original Hush toys look like flower bulbs. If that is, you’re raising a crop of body-safe silicone blooms intended to be inserted up your or someone else’s butt.

Aside from their diameters, the Hush 1 plugs are just about identical – inside, as well as out.

Both are smooth at the top, taper towards their rear flanges, and have something like a corkscrew pattern. According to Lovense, this is to capture the copious amounts of lube you should use for anal play, making it extra comfortable to pull out.

Their differences lie in their diameters, as the small size is a mere one and a half inches in diameter and the larger is one and three-quarters.

Suppose you have any experience with anal insertion devices. In that case, you’ll know that the slightest increase or decrease can affect how they feel and how easy (or not) they are to remove after you’ve had your fun with them.

With the original Hush toys, Lovense marketed the smaller for beginners and the larger would satisfy folks with greater experience with butt sex devices.

Each is made with latex, rubber, and phthalates-free body-safe silicone – an absolute necessity for anal playthings as the tissues it’ll be vibrating against are insanely easy to damage. Thus, I said (and will keep saying) more lubrication is better than less.

Both are built with powerful motors because the ass doesn’t have many nerve endings, so it requires toys to deliver a good, thumping drive to hit its pleasure points.

Especially the prostate, which, when stimulated, can boost the power and duration of orgasms or, if you play your anal cards right, lets you experience more than one of them.

The Hush 1 toys also come equipped with brains to go with their motorized brawns and work extremely well with the Lovense Remote app.

Once connected to it, which I’ve said many times is a remarkably quick and easy process, it can be:

  • controlled remotely.
  • set to interact with other Bluetooth-enabled toys or with the action in certain adult videos or explicit games like Wild Life or Lovense’s own Mirror Life.

Introducing Hush 2

lovense hush 2 xs or l

While Hush 1s’ small and large toys are similar except for their diameters, Lovense’s newly-released Hush 2s’ don’t have much in common.

Well, except how they’re also covered in on-reactive, body-safe silicone and come with Lovense’s smart sextech electronics for seamless Lovense Remote integration.

The most apparent difference between them is that the smaller Hush 1 is noticeably slimmer and practically perfectly tube-like. In comparison, it’s bigger cousin retains something nearer to the Hush 1s’ tube shape.

Both are noticeably smoother than their ancestors, ditching anything approximately like a distinct edge for a practically seamless feel.

Back to anal sex and anal sex toys, this is an important step in the right direction. Not that the Hush 1s are bad, but since the anus is extremely fragile, every manufacturer should strive to make their products as smooth and body-safe as possible.

And not “dull” in how they feel, with the Hush 2s continuing along in the more-power-is-more-pleasure design of the Hush 1s – so not feeling what it’s dishing out won’t be a problem.

Similarities Between Hush 1 and Hush 2

Whatever the Hush model you prefer, all of these toys are built with body-safe silicone, so they are wet and/or wildly waterproof. This is another bonus for anal sex toys, as cleaning up before and after is 100% mandatory to stave off infections, as well as other potentially nasty conditions.

Each has a beefy motor, which, as I said, is ideal for sexually stimulating the anus – and the Hush 1s and the Hush 2s are also teledildonic wonders in how well they function with the Lovense Remote app.

All of them have another key design feature: a narrowed section near their bases to prevent staining the anal sphincter. From there, a flared base to get a firm grip on when it comes time to gently withdraw them.

Every Hush is equipped with a magnetic charging system and comes with a suitable cable.

And due to their body-safe silicone camaraderie, the Hush line is waterproof for bath or shower splashy fun and are incredibly easy to clean: requiring only a minuscule squirt of either a certified anal sextoy cleaner or gentle antibacterial soap, warm (never too hot) water, and drying with a lint-free cloth to get the job done.

lovense hush 2 review

How Hush 1s and Hush 2s Differ

Separating the two Hush models is how the first two are nearly the same toy, except for a tiny increase in their diameter.

However, the Hush 2’s have little in common except for a very approximate shape, like their flanges and that all-important taper in front of it.

With the Hush 2 toys, the XS one is narrow and thin, ideal for anal sex newbies. While its bigger brother, with its bulbous design, is perfect for more experienced users.

Size-wise, the Hush 1’s are 4.8 inches long, with an insertable length of 3.8. Their handles are 3.2 inches across, and the tapered section is 0.8. Where they differ is the small one is an inch and a half in diameter, and the large is one and three-quarters.

The Hush 2’s begin with the XS’s 4.72 inches in length, 3.86 of which goes into the user. Its handle is 2.64 inches, the tapered part is .47, and that same insertable length is only an inch in diameter.

The large Hush 2 is 5.91 inches long, two and a quarter in width, and has an insertable length of 5.16. Its taper is shy of an inch, and the handle is 3.15 inches.

Of special note is their charge-to-playtime ratios. For instance, each Hush 1 takes 70 minutes to charge, giving you three to almost four hours of playtime.

The Hush 2s, starting with the small size, clocks in at 40 minutes of charge for only two hours of playtime – probably because Lovense couldn’t give it a bigger battery.

Meanwhile, the large needs two and a half hours of charge to last for a whopping eleven hours of use.

No matter the Hush, all of them are amazingly smart: with a few astonishingly fast clicks you’re able to connect up with the Lovense Remote app – available for Android or iPhone, PC or Apple computers. The Remote app is used for extra-fine controlling, long-distance sextoy loving, interactive adult entertainments, vibrating along with your favorite songs, making your own (and then sharing it if you want to) your own customized vibrations.

Pros of Hush 1 Over Hush 2

When push comes to shove… which is a very odd thing to say when discussing anal sex toys, I’d say – if you’ve spent a fair amount of the time with your ass and the pleasures playing with it brings – but aren’t quite ready for the large Hush 2’s big time, then either of the original Hush 1’s would make you smile.

What’s also nice about the Hush 1 toys is that you can gradually graduate from one another without risking the pain and discomfort, which can accompany upgrading too fast to a too-big toy.

Pros of Hush 2 Over Hush 1

On the other side of the anal fence… If you’re not at all used to these toys or this sort of play, I heartily suggest going with the smaller Hush 1.

Not only is it under four inches long, but as it’s a scant one in diameter, it won’t strain your delicate insides. Its lack of a bulbous part also means removing it when you’re done will be as easy as one-two-three, and it’s out!

Then there’s the bigger Hush 2, which might as well come stamped with a warning “Things are larger than they appear” as it’s wide, long, and oh-so-filling. So if you’ve clocked in more than a few hours with toys like it and are ready to graduate to the next level, it’ll get you there.

lovense hush 2 xs or l

Lovense Hush 1 Vs Hush 2 Comparison: The Verdict

With four to choose from, trying to say which is the “best” is not going to be easy.

So, guess what, I’m going to fall back to the tried and true caveat of “it depends.” In this case, how familiar you are with anal sex and anal sex toys? If you’re somewhat new to it, you can’t go wrong with the Hush 2’s smaller size.

If you like what you feel, I suggest moving up to Hush 1’s smaller version and from there to the large Hush 1 before finally graduating to the Hush 2’s big boy.

Be it small, smaller, big, or delightfully HUGE, with any of the Hush anal toys, you’ll be able to explore the exciting world of smart sextech with the ​​Lovense Remote and all its exciting possibilities.

That, and as we’re talking Lovense here, whatever size you choose, you’ll get one of the finest sex toys in the world.


Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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