The Best AI Girlfriends for Unlimited Virtual Love

AI girlfriends are exactly what you’d think they are: AI programs that allow you to talk to a computer program as you would chat to a real girlfriend (hopefully) on the internet.

This allows you to text, sext, and cyber with a program without a human involved in the system.

While this can be a relief for people who are having a hard time forming relationships with other people, it’s also been criticized as being nothing but an escapist fantasy.

The reality is something in between.

The technology of AI girlfriends lets you handle part of the process of finding somebody out there, but what leads in the technology now?

Before we get going: While this article is about “AI Girlfriends” specifically, many of the apps we’re going to discuss have boyfriend options, as well.

Your AI lover experience is not limited to one sex.

So if you’re a straight woman or a gay man looking for an interactive, gamified relationship simulator, you’re going to find what you’re looking for here.

You just may have to dig a bit. is the Internet’s Most Customizable AI Girlfriend

ai girlfriend online free is on the cutting edge of AI girlfriend technology.

With the AI you can customize not just the basic romantic inclinations of your virtual girlfriend, but give her personality traits, creating a more personal and genuine girlfriend experience – as opposed to one that’s solely interested in a sexting experience. includes a free trial for new users that gives you the chance to experience its functions for yourself, get to know the AI, as well as learn more about the basic experience before you commit to a paid plan with

The chatbot makes designing the girl of your dreams a process of point and click, which is appealing to a lot of people. is one of the leaders in the new field of AI girlfriends, and like many other AIs, it’s not quite correctly responsive to its users, but it continues to make strides in its data set and its responses, so we’ll be able to see the program grow and develop in response to the data set that it’s given.

If this sounds a little clinical, it’s because again, the technology is very new, and it often lets the mask slip and reminds the user that they’re interacting with a computer program and not a real person.

If you can take this for what it is – an impressive demonstration of a technology that’s maturing by the day – you’ll find that is the Internet’s most customizable AI girlfriend. Presents a Viable Alternative to and it’s Focused on Personality

ai girlfriend love simulator

Boasting a secure virtual environment and an array of customization options, is the first competitor to that we’re exploring.

The tool differs from in that there’s less focus on customizing your perfect interactive girlfriend, though this functionality is advertised as coming soon.

Instead, gives you the option of several interactive girlfriends to have a relationship with, with each having some specific traits and bonuses to her personality that should meet the needs of most users.’s focus on the girlfriend experience – the communicative give-and-take in the digital relationship environment – makes this a truly engaging option.’s virtual dating environment promises unparalleled novelty and options in the digital dating environment.

If this sounds exciting to you – and it should – there are a myriad of options in that will keep you interested over the long haul, without having to deal with the short-term ramifications of having a fantasy girlfriend who is built out of your specific preferences.’s freemium model also frees you up to learn more about the virtual girlfriend environment before you put down your first payment into your virtual girlfriend experience. Shows the Seamier Side of Virtual Girlfriend Ais in Multiple Ways

best ai girlfriend website

Well, now we’re getting into the less well-developed side of the virtual companion business, or what I like to call “You’re just here for the sext.”

As the name indicates, is built specifically for sexting and masturbation, as opposed to the above options which are more aimed toward creating a companionship-type environment where you have a reasonable facsimile of an interpersonal relationship.

Online reviews of are a bit on the scathing side, and the interface is medium risk, with somewhat-lacking features and a metadata experience that leaves a great deal of doubt as to whether it’s actually a legitimate online service.

While reviews of other sites in this space tend to be a bit mixed based on whether reviewers like what they’re selling,’s second hit in a Google search is for ScamDetector – not a great recommendation!

Despite this dire-seeming warning, there are some features that contains that are worth checking out.

Reviewers reveal that the site’s roleplay potential is pretty good, with AI chatbots that are focused on different aspects of the cybersex experience, which makes it a step above more-prudish general-purpose Ais like ChatGPT and Bard for that purpose.

Still, there are many better options available in the GPT chatbot space, and you’d do well to seek them out.

I can only reluctantly recommend – and suggest that if you check it out, that you do so with due caution.

Anima Offers Virtual Companionship on Your Phone

best ai girlfriend app free

Anima ( is one of the first AI chatbots to live on Android and iPhone devices.

It’s a great choice for people on the go and advertises itself as a way to practice communication skills and dating for those who might be having problems with these crucial life skills.

This is all well and good, but we’re reviewing this software for its ability to be part of your life as a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend (Anima supports both).

Of all the virtual girlfriends we’ve discussed so far, this one’s technology seems the least mature and robust.

Anima also has some problems that need addressing.

The AI is responsive but often rather dimwitted, mistaking the context of things that its user is saying to it regularly.

This can make it seem endearingly ditzy at times, but also making it a frustrating problem when you’re having a conversation with it and its communication mode goes very robotic.

The “sex drive” of the program was also turned off in recent months, so while conversations can still be flirty, the chatbot won’t cyber with you anymore like it would in the past.

Anima is a work in progress, and we expect that in the coming months its problems will be solved.

Replika AI: Replicating More Than Just the Girlfriend Experience?

smart virtual girlfriend

Replika, by Luka, Inc. is a cool “friendly chat” option but does not offer sexting material.

Like Anima, it was decided during the development cycle to not include sexting options with Replika and it will shoot down any attempts to do so – and unlike Anima, which can allow this if you know exactly how to manipulate the AI system, Replika has canned autoresponders written to shut down attempts to manipulate the system and get hot and heavy with it.

This can be a real bummer if you were looking for an adult AI system.

A bigger bummer is the fact that Replika is a privacy hot mess.

Luka shares and sells your behavioral data to advertisers, so after just a few sessions with Replika, don’t be surprised that your ads get tailored more specifically to you than usual.

Replika is a hot mess of privacy issues and its chatbot has apparently learned enough from its users to become occasionally abusive.

Yikes doesn’t even begin to cover it with this one.

Of the most popular available AI girlfriend chatbots, Replika has taken a big dive in popularity in recent months, and it’s not even particularly difficult to see why.

If the company fixes its training issues, that will at least help, but the way they use your data is not likely to change and is a big problem. Offers Phone-Based Companionship with NSFW Options

ai girlfriend chatbot

Muah.AI calls itself an AI-powered companion RPG (role playing) tool that offers a range of exciting possibilities.

Its upside is immense, offering users the ability to handle a wide range of daily tasks, from basic companionship to reminders to get your daily tasks done.

If you have executive function issues, this can be an immense assistance with things like body doubling and feedback.

But Muah.AI is more than just a random companion app, as well. Unlike some AI girlfriend options, Muah.AI includes support for NSFW chat and erotic roleplay.

Muah.AI’s premium interactive options include NO NSFW restrictions, making it a premier choice for online sexting.

Its privacy settings are a huge improvement from the dire warnings for some Ais, and its very affordable pricing makes it an easy choice, even for limited budgets.

Plus, unlike more English-focused NSFW chatbots, Muah.AI recognizes non-English languages and can be responsive in those languages, too.

RealDoll X – Virtual RealDoll Companionship

female ai characters

If you know the history of sex dolls, you know about RealDoll.

First introduced in the 1990s, RealDoll was a sensation and caused a mild moral panic when it was first introduced because of its sexy, full-body replicas of women.

RealDoll X is pretty much exactly what you’d expect out of a chatbot from RealDoll.

It’s a virtualization of the AI system that runs their highest-tier sex dolls, and with a very affordable annual subscription, it’s not a bad choice.

RealDoll X’s software is designed around a sex doll experience, and it does show. Its options are incomplete without the doll to interface with.

RealDoll X is very focused on the NSFW experience.

Its interests are fairly limited outside of sex, but if you’re just looking for an AI to get hot and heavy with, it’s hard to miss with this one.

Virtual Mate is Groundbreaking

create perfect girlfriend ai technology

Virtual Mate advertises itself as the world’s first virtual intimacy system. It is an AI system that comes with a teledildonic VR… um… headset? To handle its interactivity portion.

The handset pairs with your commercial VR headset to give you an artificially intelligent, self-warmed automatic masturbator, paired with a digital avatar that’s based on Virtual Mate’s real-time interactive girlfriend software, Sheila.

Named for a Steven Spielberg character from the film AI: Artificial Intelligence, Sheila’s core interactivity is polished, and her animation is based on the Unreal Engine.

Virtual Mate has a second option, Lexi Luna, coming soon. And for those who recognize the name, Lexi Luna is a real live professional porn star.

Time will tell if the software becomes as robust and customizable as their competitors like DreamGF and Kupid, but they’re off to a good start.

The personable Virtual Mate AI system is a compelling alternative to AI masturbators that are based off of watching porn and pairing to the movements on-screen, so we’re excited to see where this tech takes us.

Eva.AI is Several Ideas in One

top best ai girlfriend apps

Another phone-applicable AI chatbot, has some definite advantages over the Replika model.

Eva’s conversational AI system is based on the Journey AI chatbot used by companies to improve their online customer experience.

Its design is not tailor-made to the girlfriend experience, but this might actually prove to be a benefit in the long run because without that preconception, it’s easier to customize a final outcome to your needs. has some bugs that need to be worked out before it becomes a full-fledged girlfriend AI, though.

Its responses can get confused, and while NSFW messages cost premium currency (Neurons), it can misinterpret non-sexual responses as sexual ones and deduct accordingly.

Caryn.AI: A Virtual Girlfriend Based on Influencer Caryn Marjorie

ai girlfriend chatbot virtual love

Caryn Marjorie is a 1.8-million+ follower social media influencer on Snapchat, and her app debuted to a 15,000-user waitlist.

With the heady option to talk to her at the expensive cost of $1 per minute, the service remains jammed with waiting users looking to get online with her.

The subscription service is advertised as a way for men to express emotions and cure loneliness.

It could be a while before Caryn.AI is available to the general public, so if you’re waiting for the option to chat with her directly, it may be worth the wait.

Otherwise, there are other chatbot AIs available that can replicate her functions without a waitlist and an expensive $1 per minute charge, reminiscent of phone sex lines back in the 90s. is a Highly-Customizable Experience

best ai girlfriend allow nsfw is a different approach to AI character interaction.

While some free chat options are highly censored or constricted, the AI chatbot in lets you play out your erotic fantasy dreams in multiple genre-based and tropic options, from shameless roommates to horror, fantasy, RPG, and dominant options.

With a huge variety of choices in a wide range of scenarios, this chatbot is a great choice for users who are interested in maximizing their roleplay potential and moving outside of the basic, real-world assumptions of the standard chatbot. is Your Intimate AI Girlfriend on iOS and Android

AI Girlfriend apps Virtual Companion

Intimate AI Girlfriend (, like other AI chatbot options, is an attempt to bring a new dimension to the computerized girlfriend experience.

Intimate’s AI Girlfriend app enhances this experience by creating AI-generated selfies for you from your virtual companion.

AI Girlfriend offers emotional intelligence and adaptive learning and promises unforgettable conversations.

It also gives you the choice to have voice calls, but I think this is where the system does fall down – the voice calls are harder to suspend disbelief of and can easily be immersion-breakers.

Stick to texts and selfies from this system if you want the best outcomes.

RomanticAI Offers a Library or Create Your Own

AI Girlfriend experiences immersive chat

The RomanticAI model is based on customization or character choice, which gives you a pick of whether you want your AI girlfriend to be a complete learning experience or customizable.

RomanticAI is a new option and has fewer online ratings than other choices you can look for.

However, its features look pretty amazing for such a system, and the guardrails on RomanticAI look a bit more robust than those on some other AI systems.

The system is prevented from becoming abusive or doing other things to damage its user’s mental health.

This is a thoroughly good thing, considering some other systems have been cited for dangers to mental health such as abuse or gaslighting. Offers Unfiltered NSFW Chat

best free ai girlfriend generator

The NSFW unfiltered CrushOn.AI is a popular, high-quality choice that’s rated 4.5 on Google Play (4.0 on iOS).

Unlike many other AIs, it also has a Tiktok channel, which lets you see sample outputs (not taken from any user, past or present, according to the company).’s user-centric design puts you in the driver’s seat.

The app has monthly plans starting free with very limited (50 messages/month) capacity and ramps up to the unlimited deluxe subscription that has strong memory and custom chat servers.

All levels give you the ability to create custom characters, and access characters built by the community.

If you’re interested in character creation in AI as much as you are hot and heavy sexting, may be your best choice.

If not, it might be worth checking out some of the other choices in this article.

Slutbot Gives You Sexting Tips

ai girlfriend app chatgpt

Remarkably honest about its designers’ intentions, Slutbot gives you the chance to practice dirty talk through JuiceboxIt, a popular sex coaching iOS app.

If you struggle at finding sexy things to say while sexting with your significant other, Slutbot will help by giving you a chance for coaching and feedback.

The price of the system is pretty heady compared to other virtual girlfriends, but it also comes with a lot more support, coming from one of the most popular sex coaching apps in the App Store.

This isn’t specifically an AI girlfriend but can offer that functionality, if you want it to.

Buyer’s Guide

Ethical Considerations

Slutbot is one of the better choices here just because of its therapeutic intentions. It’s the least likely to do something that might trigger mental health problems.

Many of these apps give you options in character creation, with DreamGF and CrushOn having the deepest choices and the most customizability.

For those who have questions about privacy issues, Slutbot, CrushOn and DreamGF have some of the most robust options for keeping your sex chats private.

Sex-positive options like Slutbot are probably your best call in this space.

best ai girlfriend platform

These are going to be built with more robust interaction choices and with some level of ethical commitment in place on the part of their designers.

Other options that are great choices for users with ethical concerns in mind include Intimate GirlfriendAI and RomanticAI – the latter is an especially good choice if you’re interested in building a profile of people you want to date, and not just use a text bot AI for amateur bespoke porn.

Alarmingly, there are other AI girlfriend options on the market that have serious indications of being designed not for companionship or practice, but to mine data for advertisers and other actors who are not aligned with the user’s best interests.

Thorough research is absolutely necessary to take on the space of virtual girlfriends.

Replika, for example, is an absolute danger because of its data mining features.

Not only are there significant ethical lapses involved in its design, but because of how much data it passes on, it could easily be used to track or otherwise harm the user.

Of the AIs listed here, Replika is absolutely a danger and should be avoided.

Sex Toy-Tied AI Girlfriends

Virtual Mate and RealDoll X occupy a unique place in these reviews. They are AIs that are intimately linked to physical products:

  • Virtual Mate’s male masturbator (making it one of the few men-only systems in this review).
  • RealDoll’s famous sex dolls, which have been legendary for more than a quarter of a century for their quality and fidelity.

With the X-generation RealDolls, RealDoll X are finally catching up to the promise the designers started with – the most realistic sex doll experience available.

Virtual Mate is inextricable from its associated devices and – while RealDoll X is available as a standalone app – it’s limited without the dolls it’s intended to interface with.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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