The 8 Best VR Masturbators for AI-Powered Sex

We’ve got more options than ever when it comes to picking a sex toy that can enhance our pleasure.

And things have only gotten more interesting with the introduction of VR masturbators.

Whenever I’m on the road for work, I take a VR masturbator with me.

It’s great for some solo fun and to pair up with my partner, so we’re never too far apart.

Whether you’ve never tried a VR masturbator or you’re a pro looking for something new, these are the 8 best VR masturbators you can find today.

1. Lovense Max 2 – Best Overall VR Masturbator

best vr sex toys MEN

I’ve got to say, I’ve tested out pretty much every VR masturbator on the market and nothing even gets close to the Lovense Max 2.

It has the perfect blend of features, whether you’re looking to relieve some tension on your own or if you want to have some long-distance fun with a partner.

Let’s start with the VR features.

This masturbator syncs with the Lovense Nora which means you and your partner can feel so much closer even when work, school, or life take you a little too far apart.

The Lovense Max 2 also has built-in controls for 3DXChat and Mirror Life.

That’s ideal for when you’re enjoying some digital entertainment, and you don’t want to be messing around with the Lovense app on your phone.

The controls give you everything from vaginal contractions, to control over the vibrator. All of this is 360 degrees which means no awkward “dead spots” in this masturbator.

Lovense toys all use the Lovense Remote app to stay connected to VR adult media. You’ll have access to everything, from syncing your toys with your partner’s to in-app video chat.

The Lovense Remote app works with Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, and Mac devices.

The only real downsides are case-dependent. The VR games could use a little polish. Also, if you have a gift for girth, this masturbator might be too tight of a fit for you.


  • Ideal features for solo fun.
  • Works in tandem with the Lovense Nora.
  • Can be controlled long-distance by a partner with the Lovense app.
  • VR gaming controls are built right into the Max 2.
  • Interchangeable sleeves give you more options for your pleasure.
  • 3DXChat VR game.


  • Mirror Life VR has limited scenarios (but this could improve with time).
  • Not as discreet as other Fleshlight-style toys.
  • The one-size-fits-all approach might not work for everyone.

2. Lovense Calor – Turn Up the Heat

vr sex toys blowjob machines

The Lovense Calor proves that good things often come in small packages. Well, maybe not that small.

What I love most about the Lovense Calor is the design. Lovense really nailed it with this one.

It’s easy to use, packed with great features, and is simple to clean.

If you’ve ever struggled to keep a masturbator clean – and we’ve all been there – the Lovense Calor has you covered.

This is a masturbator designed for someone on the go.

The waterproof design is perfect for use in the shower, the small form factor makes for easy travel, and the tough materials can withstand frequent trips.

The Lovense Calor comes ready to work with the Lovense Remote app.

This unlocks long-distance fun with your partner, up to 10 customizable vibration profiles, and gives you some cool features like syncing your pleasure to the beat of your favorite tunes.

No review of the Lovense Calor can be complete without mentioning the heating feature.

If you’ve been wishing you could turn up the heat, literally, then this is the right masturbator for you.

You’ll only get the usual downsides with the Lovense Calor. The insertable length tops out at 6 inches which might leave some readers – quite literally – hanging out in the cold.

The squeezable portion of this toy is only a little strip on the side which, if you ask me, should have run the full length of the sleeve.


  • Super easy to clean.
  • Heating feature is a lot of fun.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • Enjoy long-distance fun with the Lovense Remote app.
  • Automatic vibration control lets you focus on fun, rather than buttons.
  • Syncing to music and sound-activation create new potentials for pleasure.


  • Insertable length is only about 6 inches.
  • Squeezable zone doesn’t run the full length of the toy.

3. Kiiroo Keon – When Pleasure Means Power

vr sex toys immersive masturbation

The Kiiroo Keon is so much more than just another Bluetooth-enabled sleeve. It’s a powerhouse of technology that takes pleasure to new heights.

Say goodbye to boring vibrating sleeves and hello to something completely different.

What sets the Kiiroo Keon apart from other VR-ready sex toys is that this one is totally hands free.

While the “hands-free” part takes some figuring out without the accessory straps or pillow mount, it is more than worth it.

You can pair the Kiiroo Keon with adult video content from companies like Naughty America.

It’s also ready to pair with plenty of VR sex games. This gives you a pretty-much endless source of material to enjoy with your Kiiroo Keon.

While the Kiiroo Keon marks a huge departure from your standard VR masturbators, it still has all of the usual features like programmable modes and an app that works long-distance with your partner – or partners.

The Kiiroo Keon uses the FeelConnect app. This app is available on Android and Apple devices.

FeelConnect is able to sync your VR masturbator to video contact being played on any device.

FeelConnect also syncs with your partner’s toys, as long as they also use the FeelConnect app.

The Kiiroo Keon is definitely a piece of specialized equipment. You won’t be throwing this one in the overnight bag on your next work trip.

Think of the Keon as the muscle car of sex toys, rather than your daily driver.


  • An exciting selection of Feelstar sleeves.
  • You can pair Kiiroo sex toys with adult videos and interactive games.
  • Pairs with other Kiiroo products and the app for long-distance pleasure.
  • Totally hands-free (if you want).


  • Bulky, which makes it not so good for travel.
  • The 230 strokes-per-minute feature is also distractingly loud.
  • Lots of parts to keep clean.

4. Kiiroo Onyx+ – Ready for the Road

interactive sex vr headset

The Kiiroo Onyx+ has a reputation as a “blowjob machine” and in this travel-ready package you’re going to be able to take that pleasure with you wherever you go.

I’m going to start with one of the most impressive features first.

If you’ve been shopping around for a VR masturbator for any length of time, you’ve seen plenty of complaints about sleeves just not fitting.

Whether you’re looking for a tighter squeeze or you need to make room for some bigger equipment, the Kiiroo Onyx+ features interchangeable sleeves in two different sizes.

Finally, we’ve got options to accommodate guys of every size!

The Kiiroo Onyx+ has all of Kiiroo’s VR features, including syncing with their other sex toys, working long-distance with the Kiiroo app, and working with your favorite adult VR games and sexy VR-ready videos.

What really makes the Kiiroo Onyx+ work are the ten internal rings. You can program contraction patterns and sync the experience with your partner.

I won’t say it feels like the real thing, but I will say it takes solo fun to a whole new level.

As far as drawbacks, the lack of water resistance is a huge buzz kill. I also wish the battery life went a little past the one-hour mark.

If you aren’t bothered by those negatives, this might be the perfect travel VR masturbator.


  • The perfect choice for travel.
  • Pairs with your partner’s Kiiroo toys, sexy VR games, and adult videos.
  • Works with the FeelConnect App.
  • Swappable sleeve options.
  • Ten internal rings offer unbelievable contractions.
  • Touch controls.


  • No water resistance.
  • Only 1 hour of battery life per charge.

5. Lovense Gush – Hands-free Pleasure

metaverse vr sex TOYS

What’s not to love about the Lovense Gush? It’s portable, waterproof, and – forgive the pun – handy!

Lovense has a reputation for quality and the Lovense Gush is no exception, with a lot in its favor.

These toys are built to last and can stand up to regular use.

It’s also so easy to clean. I’ve never had a masturbator that was as easy to maintain as the Lovense Gush. Being fully waterproof definitely helps in this regard.

You also get access to the Lovense Remote app, which unlocks endless potential for pairing this with your partner’s Lovense toys, their Lovense app, or even your favorite adult media.

The best thing about the Lovense Gush is the design.

It can fit people of all shapes and sizes without any compromise to pleasure and quality. No more awkward fits in one-size-fits-all sleeves!

This sex toy also has a simple design. If you’re looking for something that’s going to feel amazing without needing an owner’s manual, this is the toy for you.

It’s also great for using with a partner when distance isn’t a problem.

The Lovense Gush gives you – and your partner – some wild potential for using this masturbator in-person.

On the downside, the Lovense Gush won’t be replacing your full-length sleeve any time soon.

It also won’t be able to cover your full length, which can be a deal-breaker for some.


  • IPX7 waterproof design.
  • Ultra-compact for travel.
  • Compatible with the Lovense App.
  • First sex toy on this list to truly accommodate every size and shape.
  • No-frills design lets you focus on pleasure – not button management.


  • Compact design means you have to pick where your pleasure is located.
  • You might want to get a full-length sleeve to round-out your fun.

6. The Handy – For At-Home Fun

vr porn sex toys

The Handy is the first sex toy on this list to put power first. It’s got way more than just battery-operated pleasure going for it.

It’s designed to offer maximum stimulation, giving you time to really enjoy yourself.

The body of The Handy features the motor and a few button-operated controls.

It’s a bit awkward to hold in place, but if you can manage this toy, it will be more than capable of delivering some serious strokes.

The motor offers lighting-fast strokes, while the interchangeable sleeves give you more options for pleasure.

The Handy also features everything you need to set up VR controls to pair with your favorite adult media.

You can also surrender control to your partner – whether they are in the room with you or half a world away – thanks to the online control system.

There are a few downsides when it comes to The Handy’s general design. This sex toy is pretty bulky and needs to stay plugged into an electrical outlet.

If you’re looking for portable pleasure, you should try one of the other VR masturbators on this list.

The Handy uses its own web-based app for control.

It works through Handy’s website, and you’ll need to share your Handy Share Key with your partner to give them control over this VR sex toy.

The Handy web app works well, but is missing some of the ease-of-use features available in the Lovense or FeelConnect apps.

The interface is also a little bit clunky.

You’ll find yourself accidentally pressing the wrong buttons more than a few times, which gets more than a little distracting in the heat of the moment.


  • The Handy really delivers on the VR promise.
  • The plugged-in power connection lets The Handy deliver more power than some other masturbators.
  • Multiple different sleeve options to keep things fresh.


  • Not very portable.
  • The interface could use some work.
  • Uses its own web app, which is a bit limiting.

7. Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive – Feel Sexy While Having Fun

best male sex toys VR

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive is a hands-free masturbator that manages to combine style with pleasure. If you want to look as good as you feel, this is the toy for you.

First, let’s talk about the interactive features that come with the Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive.

This sex toy comes with its own app that can be paired with your partner’s devices – no matter how far away they are.

If you are looking for some solo fun, you can easily pair the Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive with 2D- and 3D-interactive adult media.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive is great for people who are looking to experiment with VR sex games, as well as VR adult movies.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive comes with a wide selection of vibration patterns, so you can go as hard, or as laid-back, as you please.

Your Hot Octopuss Pulse uses the FeelConnect app and works with other devices that can sync up with this app.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive is also completely waterproof.

It’s nearly pocket-sized, which makes it great for throwing in your carry-on bag before heading out on a trip.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive has a few flaws that are worth highlighting.

The battery life is only 45 minutes, which is definitely going to limit its use – especially with a partner.

Similar products also typically feature a band that helps hold things in place when going hands-free, but the Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive doesn’t.


  • Waterproof.
  • Works with Kiiroo toys.
  • Great fit for all sizes.
  • Ideal for a no-frills travel toy.


  • Battery life is only 45 minutes.
  • Fewer features than similar products on our list.
  • Could use a band for a tighter, hands-free fit.

8. Svakom Alex Neo – Best for VR Games and 3D Adult Videos

best interactive vr sex TOYS

The Alex Neo by Svakom strikes a balance between some of the larger, more power-driven masturbators on this list and the portable pleasure devices we’ve covered.

The Alex Neo is a personal masturbator that really delivers on the promise of VR erotic gaming and 3D adult videos.

It does a great job of syncing up with this media and making sure you have a mind-blowing orgasm.

The Alex Neo also comes ready to work, right out of the box.

The pre-programmed immersive scenarios – including beach, classroom, and airplane – give you a taste of VR pleasure, without having to set up anything.

You’ll also be able to use the Alex Neo with VR media, or a partner, through the FeelConnect app.

Speaking of set up, the Alex Neo does a great job of being easy to work with when it comes to long-distance fun with a partner.

The app has intuitive touch controls, so you or your partner can quickly select from several vibration and stroking patterns.

The only downside with the Alex Neo is that it is a little bit noisy.

This can be distracting when you’re trying to listen to that adult video, or you’re trying to enjoy some time with your partner.

Some guys have also complained that the Alex Neo is actually a little bit too large to offer the tight-fitting pleasure they are looking for.


  • Comes with 5 pre-programmed immersive scenarios.
  • One of the best for VR adult videos.
  • Design is easy to use and maintain.


  • It does get a bit noisy – hard to be discreet.
  • Could be too large for some.

Tips for Buying the Right VR Masturbator

virtual reality compatible SEX TOYS

Now that we’ve covered the best VR sex toys for guys, we need to figure out how you pick the right one. Things can get a little complicated.

There are more options out there than ever before, so you need to think about your needs, your wants, and what gets you off so you pick the right VR masturbator for you.

Pick Between Travel or At-Home Pleasure (or Get One of Each!)

Not every VR masturbator is meant to be something you can take with you when you’re traveling on the road.

Some of these sex toys are designed to be left at home because they’re a little too bulky for travel.

You should consider whether or not you are getting a VR masturbator that you plan to use on the road or one that’s going to be spending most of its time living in a drawer in your bedroom.

Alternatively, you can always get one of each and do a little bedroom experimentation to find out what’s right for you.

Think About the Type of Pleasure You Want

Sleeves and strokers are some of the most common choices for guys. These are natural picks and a great choice for almost everybody.

They offer a familiar kind of stimulation, while still being able to give you some pretty wild options.

There are also glans massagers that are designed to wrap around the tip and deliver a much more focused sensation. You’ll often find these in hands-free models.

You can find VR masturbators that combine these two features.

Starting off with your basic Fleshlight-type sleeve is a great place to begin, but don’t be afraid to experiment with some of the more exotic options out there.

Talk With Your Partner About Apps and Brands

If you’re hoping to use your VR masturbator with your partner, you should have a chat with them before picking one of the sex toys on our list.

One of the biggest deciding factors is whether or not your partner already has a particular brand of sex toy.


If your partner already has some Lovense sex toys, then you might want to stick with that brand.

The biggest thing to consider is the app that your VR sex toys use. Lovense devices only work with other Lovense products through their own app.

The FeelConnect app covers plenty of other brands and there are even toys like The Handy that use proprietary web apps.

Consider Your Fit

Just like when you’re picking up condoms, fit is incredibly important. Some of these sex toys just don’t accommodate guys with extra length or girth.

We’ve done our best to flag up the sex toys that have a reputation for being a little too tight for the well-endowed.

Glans massagers are typically a great choice if you’re worried about fit. They tend to be very universal, no matter what you’re packing.

Sex toys with interchangeable sleeves are also a great choice because you can pick a sleeve that has the right fit for you.

Definitely take your time experimenting with different fits to find the one that’s right for you.

You’ll be able to find everything from extremely tight sleeves all the way over to more relaxed and easy-going VR masturbators.

What Kind of Adult VR Media are You Into?

Right off the bat, if you’re looking to enjoy an immersive experience while watching VR adult videos, you’re going to want to pick one of the strokers or sleeves on this list.

These really do make it feel like you’re right there enjoying the action for yourself.

On the other hand, the smaller VR masturbators that are easier to handle might be a better choice if you’re looking to enjoy VR sex chats.

These are more flexible and can be a bit more responsive to those social interactions.

If you’re looking to enjoy VR media with your partner, then you’ll have fun no matter what you pick.

All of the VR masturbators on our list are designed to work long-distance or in person when you’ve got some special company.

Frequently Asked Questions About VR Masturbator

VR masturbators are still pretty new on the market and this means you probably have plenty of questions about this new kind of sex toy.

Before you jump in and make your first purchase, take a look at these common questions, so you can get informed before you buy.

What is a VR Sex Toy?

A VR sex toy is capable of connecting to digital erotic media to deliver an immersive and enhanced experience.

VR sex toys link up with erotic VR games, adult videos, and other sex toys to deliver a unique, connected experience.

The goal of VR sex toys is to make you feel like you’re really experiencing the action.

Which VR Sex Toy is the Best?

The best VR sex toy is going to be the one that meets your needs. There are VR sex toys built for travel and others that are meant to be your go-to choice while home.

There are also different styles of sex toys for men, such as glans vibrators, strokers, and masturbators.

Where Can I Find VR Sex Toy Content?

porn accessories vr porn experience

There’s more VR sex toy media out there than ever before.

You can find VR sex games through many online adult toy shops or pre-packaged with a VR-ready masturbator.

Plenty of adult video production companies are jumping on the VR wagon and creating their own VR videos that you can find on your favorite adult video website.

Are There VR Adult Movies?

There are VR adult movies designed to work with VR sex toys and masturbators for guys.

Basic VR adult movies use a VR headset to deliver a 360-degree POV experience.

More advanced VR adult movies deliver the same visuals, while being able to sync your VR masturbator to the on-screen action!

Are VR Sex Toys Safe?

VR sex toys are safe, as long as you take the proper precautions.

Always clean your VR masturbator before and after each use and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe and reliable use.

Online VR content can be safe – as long as you practice good digital safety, like never giving away personal or revealing information.

What Does “Body Safe” Mean for Sex Toys?

Body Safe is a term you will see all over the adult toy industry.

Body Safe lets you know that these toys were made using materials that are less likely to cause allergic reactions or long-term harm. Silicone is a popular Body Safe material in sex toys.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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