The 15 Best Egg Vibrators Reviewed by Sex Experts

Egg vibrators are some of the most popular and versatile vibrators available. And the technology has come a very long way. Whether you are looking for an adult sex toy for self-pleasure or to add some sensual vibrations to your fun time with a partner, an egg vibrator allows you to hit all of the hot buttons with complete control. But which one to try first?

These are the 15 best egg vibrators you’ll find:

Wired Egg Vibrators:
Lovehoney Power Play Love Egg Vibrator
BASICS Love Egg Vibrator
Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrator Set
Colt Turbo Power Bullet Vibrator
Utimi Remote Control Egg Vibrator
Sexy Slave Wired Remote Bullet Vibrator
Wireless Egg Vibrators:
Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg
Lovense Lush 2 (Our top pick!)
WE-Vibe Wearable JIVE
Wireless Versi-Bullet
Luv Pop Rechargeable Remote-Control Silicone Vibe
Egg Vibrators for Men
CalExotics Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet Vibrator For Men
CalExotics Colt Twin Turbo Bullet Vibrator
Utimi Bullet Vibrator Set

These vibrators are great for men and women of all sexualities and can be found both wired and wireless; some can even be controlled from another location, which is great for long-distance lovers.

They make a great addition to any toy collection or the perfect choice for a first sex toy. If you’re ready to shop, first check out the full details of each winning vibrator on our list!

Wireless Egg Vibrators

When you want the flexibility of an egg vibrator with the smart technology and convenience of wireless operation, then look no further. These technologically advanced egg vibrators provide a range of options from short-range control using Bluetooth to long-distance play options for couples or play partners that want to connect, even when apart.

Lovense Lush 2

lovense lush2 egg vibrator

One of the biggest Bluetooth options on the market to date, the Lush 2 is an epic egg vibrator for you and your partner. Not only is it controlled via an app, but it also has multiple uses outside of the preprogrammed patterns and speeds. It can sync up to music, voice, or sound, depending on the settings you use.

These are one of the best long-distance sex toys on the market to allow your partner to control and send you over the edge from across the world. It is also great for solo play if you want it to tease you along to music or a steamy audiobook. The tip also has a power button that you can control to turn off and on while it’s inserted! Talk about control.

It is quite silent, so you adventurous guys and gals can take it out on the town. It can even be quieter than other egg vibrators and panty vibrators used for the same risky play. Your partner can control it while you’re out to test the limits of your pleasure. It’s all up to you!

The Lush 2 runs around $120 but given all the features and options you have with it; it is worth the cost. Check out more about this product here!


Lelo LYLA™ 2

lelo lyla2 egg vibration

Starting off strong, this vibrator can be pricey, but well worth the investment. At around $160, you won’t be disappointed with the performance and quality. Even the unboxing is an experience, with the toy packaged like an antique violin. The Lelo website also offers discounts and sign-up bonuses to help with the cost.

The reviews for the Lyla 2 are spectacular. No one is offended by the price but blown away by the performance and versatility. These egg vibrators are on the same level as panty vibrators when it comes to discretion in public. Essentially silent with various pulse patterns and speeds, you can drive yourself or your partner wild on date night.

It also has a long charge life. It can last up to three hours on one charge! It can last multiple days if used sparingly or give you multiple orgasms in one sitting, if you so choose. The possibilities are endless with this little toy.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

fifty shades grey egg vibrator

This egg is part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection, and personally endorsed by E.L. James and even referenced by her character, Anatasia, during sex play. This wireless toy can be accessed as far as ten meters away, meaning your partner could be pleasing you without even being in the room – either to completion or preparing you for more intense play later.

This is another pricey toy, at around $100 for the sensual item. Part of that price has to do with the 100 minutes of continuous play, which can be great for multiple orgasm sessions. Plus, the packaging and storage are higher-end like the Lyla 2. There are also rave reviews for this toy, as well.

This toy is easy to clean, charge, and play with solo or with your partner. Not to mention fun to roleplay, given what book collection it is from. Who wouldn’t want Christian Grey barking orders and having utter control of your body?

We-Vibe Wearable JIVE

we vibe egg vibrator

Another fantastic wireless egg vibe, the Jive can also be used via Bluetooth or long distance using the We-Connect app. It can stimulate you both externally and internally, depending on your preference and plans for the night. You can incorporate your partner or enjoy a bit of me-time fun.

At around $125, it falls in the range of the other wireless egg prices and has good reviews to back it up, as well. It is equally as discreet to wear in public as it is at home. Quiet, you will be undetected by those around you – a little secret between you and your partner when you play.

Enjoy it for that boring errand run or drab dinner party you and your partner are forced to go to. It’ll make it more exciting and even bearable to be there! Not to mention the fun you two will be having without anyone knowing.

Wireless Versi-Bullet

wireless versi bullet egg vibrator

Not every egg vibrator is just an egg, this Versi-Bullet features a bullet with an egg-shaped attachment, giving a bit of flexibility to your playtime. At only $35, this egg vibrator is one of the most affordable wireless options for this type of sex toy. Although you are limited to just 5 feet of control distance.

While it isn’t as versatile as Bluetooth control, it can get the job done within close proximity with a partner. This can be more of a date-night-out kind of fun thing for you and your partner. Or just a way to spruce up the night at home. Given that it is cheaper than the above wireless options, it may be a great beginner toy.

The Versi-Bullet can be a fun toy to test the waters with your partner before spending the big bucks on a Bluetooth-enabled toy. It can also be a fun little toy to bring on a trip to see the in-laws, where you two can be naughty without anyone being the wiser. You two don’t even have to be in the same room! Give this one a try and have fun!

Luv Pop Rechargeable Remote-Control Silicone Vibe

luv pop egg vibrator

This is another inexpensive option that you can try out to assess if you’d use it either solely or with your partner. It comes with ridges and grooves for added stimulation when inserted or used topically. You can also use it anally, so long as you clean it afterward. It can be recharged for convenience and lasts up to two hours.

Reviews have written that it is the perfect starter device for a trial run with your first device like this. You won’t spend too much money on it, since it’s around $45, and it does a decent job. Plus, it’s small and easy to hide, as well as easy to use. If you find that you enjoy it, you can move to a more expensive device.

This is a more intense plaything you can test the waters with, as well. Given its shape, it can be a bit firmer and feel different than the smoother egg toys out there. You should try the Luv Pop silicone vibe before going to a more expensive one that’s shaped like this.


Wired Egg Vibrators

While wired egg vibrators sound archaic compared to all the wireless options out there, wires have their benefits, too. These are the best vibrators for anal and vaginal insertion since the wire makes for easy removal.

Wired egg vibrators tend to be more affordable, as well. These can be the best trial egg vibrators to see if you or your partner like it.

Lovehoney Power Play 7-Function Love Egg Vibrator

lovehoney power egg vibrator

This wired egg vibrator is a great introductory toy at only $20. You can use it to stimulate your clitoris before inserting it to feel the seven types of patterns within. You or your partner can also hold onto the remote and change settings as you like. This egg vibrator is most commonly recommended for first-time vibrator users.

When discretion is important, this vibrator saves the day – so quiet that you can take it anywhere or use it in combination with other toys easily. It is small enough to be put into a hollow dildo or another large toy to give it more power in the bedroom.

You can also use it externally on your man, too, stimulating his testicles or penis with a simple touch and vibration before or even during sex.

Toys that are multi-use are always appreciated amongst couples. While your partner might get off just knowing that you are, it doesn’t hurt to include them in on the stimulation, as well. They may want to incorporate it into routine naughty play! Interested?

BASICS Love Egg Vibrator 1.2 oz

basic love egg vibrator

Here is another adorable egg vibrator that’s perfect for beginners. It runs around $8, which is the perfect trial price. Its small size makes it perfect for first-timers hesitant to try using larger eggs for fear of discomfort or pain. You should always use lube when inserting an egg. However, this one will fit comfortably and can be fun to use on yourself or with a partner.

The easy-to-use remote allows for changes in speed with just a turn of the dial. Which is perfect, when the last thing you want to do is kill the mood, trying to understand how the remote works. This checks another box for the beginner users out there!

This is a product that won’t break the bank and will give you a fun trial run of what egg vibrators are all about. You can try it out and determine if you’d like to invest in pricier toys for more bedtime fun solo or with your partner.

Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet 10-Function Love Egg and Bullet Vibrator Set

lovehoney bedtime egg vibrator

When you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with this set, perfect for couples! If you and your partner both want to enjoy the fun without sacrificing time, use this little number. It has an egg and bullet vibrator that you two can share or interchange (depending on where it goes in – don’t be mixing too many fluids unless you wash them!). They both have several settings, too.

You have the option of seven patterns, and three speeds to interchange as you and your partner go to town on each other. It’s also great solo play if you want multiple stimulations for an even harder climax. Feel free to use it for your own play or during sex if you want to get off on both vibrators and your partner. It’s bound to bring a good time!

This item is crazily affordable, considering all the options and uses it has in store! It runs around $23, which isn’t much when your pleasure is on the line. Love Honey is proving to have many affordable options for first-time sex toy users. You can explore their website and find other great gems there, too.

Colt Turbo Power Bullet Vibrator

colt turbo egg vibrator

Most egg vibrators are fairly standard, but not this one from Colt. This egg vibrator has ridges, allowing just enough texture play to spice things up. The ridges allow for easy hold when used internally or provide some extra friction if used externally.

Many customers admit that this egg vibrator quickly becomes a favorite toy, and no other egg can stand up next to this little bullet. Due to the ridges and powerful motor, this egg vibrator is best suited to experienced users and will surely be a staple piece for avid toy collectors.

This turbo-powered piece of machinery is $27, which isn’t bad for a higher quality toy to up the ante in the bedroom. Enjoy the shape and feel, both inside and out, while you experiment and explore your body.

Utimi Remote Control Egg Vibrator G-Spot Stimulation with 10-Frequency Vibrations

utimi remote control egg vibrator

Some egg vibrators work great but may not be good to use on the go or while traveling. This vibrator from Utimi packs a lot of power in a tiny and ultra-discreet package. Shaped like a heart to help disguise the true function, this “egg” vibrator provides plenty of customizable vibrations for both men and women.

The small size of this vibrator makes it perfect for travel – throw it in any bag or purse to have some stimulation whenever the mood strikes. Fully rechargeable via USB, you can charge this vibrator anywhere a USB port is available. So, you don’t have to go without when you’re on the road! For $16, it’s not a bad purchase for travel or home use.

Made of skin-safe silicone, this vibrator is soft and smooth, providing a sensual experience, both on your skin or in the water. This is perfect for those who like a gentler touch, and don’t need all that power to get off. It can also make for a soothing night when you want to slowly reach climax rather than quickly.

Sexy Slave Wired Remote Control 12-Frequency Bullet Vibrators – Waterproof Vibrating Love Egg (Pack of 2, Black and Purple)

sexy-slave wired remote control

A great 2-for-1 deal that you can get for yourself and your partner! Not only that, these are approved for anal play, as well. Many of the products listed before stress that they are only for vaginal insertion. You probably could get away with using the others for anal play so long as you cleaned it afterward, but this product is specially designed for it.

So, if your man is open to playing with it, go for it! Or, use both for yourself for double-insertion play and stimulation. It’s easy-to-use remote can work for both of you during the throws of ecstasy. Plus, its small size is perfect for couples interested in anal but without any experience in it. Not to mention, it has an $11 price tag!

If your man is not totally confident about what kind of play he prefers, you can always take it slow and gradually introduce it during sex! He may not like the idea on paper, but in the throes of passion, he might think differently. Of course, you always want his consent first, so don’t try to push or force anything if your partner is not up for it.

Don’t Forget About the Men!

Egg Vibrators are not just for the women or female bodies among us. Men can enjoy the focused vibrations and amazing control that can be found with an egg vibrator. While any of the above egg vibrators can surely be used by both men and women, these are specifically designed for men.

CalExotics Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet Vibrator For Men – Waterproof Sex Toys for Couples – Wired Adult Male Vibe Egg Prostate Massager – Black

colt turbo egg men vibrator

This vibrator is geared towards stimulating the prostate before or during sex. Many men may desire this kind of stimulation to make their experience that much more fun and exciting. It’s a fun toy paired with another that you can use to pleasure yourself while he’s getting aroused or getting off.

Unlike other vibrators that have several settings, this one offers plenty of power and pleasure with just two speeds – making this a perfect option if you, or your partner, like to keep things simple.

It can be inserted anally, and it is recommended to cover it in lube before insertion for optimal comfort. This egg vibrator also works great for external stimulation alone or during intercourse, depending on your personal desires and experience.

Egg vibrators don’t have to just be for women, let the men have their pleasures, too! At around $13, it’s definitely a fun little toy to have on hand when you want to spice things up in the bedroom. You can also show this kind of world to your man, yet still take things slow with him if he is hesitant.

CalExotics Colt 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullet Vibrator – Sex Toys for Couples – Wired Adult Vibe Eggs Massager – Black

calexotic colt7 egg vibrator

Another egg vibrator geared toward male pleasure can be used solo or with a partner for even more fun. Since there are two bullets to choose from, you can enjoy one while your partner enjoys the other. Or, if you are adventurous enough, use them both on yourself. Both can safely be used either externally or internally, based on preference and comfort.

One of the biggest complaints of egg vibrators is their tendency to give out. With this one, that is not the case. Customers repeatedly share that this is one of the most durable egg vibrators on the market, standing up to regular use and just keeps on going.

The convenience of using standard batteries allows this egg vibrator to be used throughout the day and even multiple uses. It has seven vibration patterns to change up the routine and make each experience feel new and exciting. You can be in control or set the remote and enjoy a hands-free experience.

At just $21, this is one egg vibrator that should be on everyone’s wish list, either for yourself or someone with whom you want to share. Toys geared towards couples can be one of the best ways to make sure you both end up happy, or you feel bad taking all the pleasure for yourself and not including your partner.

Utimi Bullet Vibrator Set Wireless Remote Vibrator Anal Plug Sleeve Love Egg Sleeve Detachable Bullet Sex Toy for Men and Women

utimi bullet vibrator egg

This egg comes in various sizes for you or your man’s preferred size and comfort level. All are penis-shaped for intensity, as well as pleasure provided from the grooves and ridges the shape provides. You can have fun with it; your man can have fun with it; everyone is happy! You can even use one while your man pleasures you and vice versa.

Customers cannot help but rave about the amazing power these egg vibrators provide, making this one more of an advanced or well-practiced egg vibrator designed for more experienced users. While this option is currently sold out on Amazon, you can always add yourself to the wish list in the hopes of getting your hands on this little gem.

Again, always be sure to use water-based lube before insertion for your comfort.

Taking Care of Your Egg Vibrator

All of these high-tech adult toys will come with directions for care. Some are fully-submersible in water, but others are not. Check your manufacturer’s directions for what kind of lube to use, how to clean the unit, and how best to store it. Follow the directions and you’ll get the longest life out of your toy.

Best Egg Vibrators: Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the perfect egg vibrator to fit your individual needs, you are sure to find one among the vibrators listed above. No matter which egg vibrator you chose, all of these are made of quality materials and backed by companies dedicated to providing the best products and impeccable customer service.

We hope that you have found this article useful in your search for the best egg vibrator for you or another lucky someone in your life. Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions, and we wish you all the best in your future stimulating adventures. As always play safe, have fun, and enjoy!


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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