The 13 Best Remote Vibrating Butt Plugs for Wireless Anal Sex

When you are ready to add vibration with anal play, you will quickly realize that there are so many options, it may seem impossible to find the right one.

We understand that trying to decide between a wide range of options can be time consuming and overwhelming. Fortunately, we have done the work and put together this list to help you make the right choice for your needs.

The 13 best remote vibrating butt plugs are:

  1. Hush by Lovense (Our top pick!)
  2. Rimming Plug by b-Vibe
  3. Ditto by We-Vibe
  4. Bruno by Lelo
  5. Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Kit by We-Vibe
  6. Triplet Anal Beads by b-Vibe
  7. Petit Sensations Plug by Rocks Off
  8. Tano by PicoBong
  9. Hugo by Lelo
  10. Club Vibe 3.OH Hero by OhMiBod
  11. Nuo by Je Joue
  12. Perfect Plug Kit by Tantus
  13. My 1st Anal Explorer Kit by Adam and Eve

There are definitely some standout products in the anal sextoy field that are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. These plugs have been proven by overwhelming customer response to provide not only a remote vibrating experience but to deliver a reliable and customizable pleasure experience over and over again.

Ready to learn the full details of these amazing pleasure toys?

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs

This comprehensive list of vibrating butt plugs encompasses the best of the best. And, rest assured, there is something for everyone! There are options that are lower priced and those that feature innovations and remote connections that have truly transformed the sextoy world today.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert looking for something new, you’re sure to find something here to enhance your experience. Now, let’s get started with our list.

1. Hush by Lovense

hush lovense butt plug

Hush is by far the best vibrating butt plug on the market today and is sold by the amazing Lovense company! If you are unfamiliar with the Lovense brand, they design sex toys that are controlled via an app and even offer long-distance control for couples that are miles apart.  The butt plug comes at around $119 and is one of the most versatile options on our list.

The Hush itself is an excellent design, making it a great choice for both beginners and moderate users alike. You can also choose between two sizes, depending on your personal preference. The Hush is made using:

  • 100% silicone.
  • Latex, rubber, and phthalates free.
  • Spirals near the neck of the toy trap lube for easier removal.
  • The neck is designed and tested to stay put during usage.
  • The base is optimized and comfortable but offers a large enough flare to stay in place.


2. Rimming Plug 2 by b-Vibe

b vibe rimming plug2

Voted GQ’s Best Sex Toy for Men in 2019, the Rimming Plug 2 is the world’s first anal sex toy designed with rotating beads within the neck to provide a range of stimulating and relaxing sensations. The unique design provides what no other plug can, and yet the experience is similar to the toy’s name, closey mimicking the sexual act of rimming.

This toy features a remote control that allows you to control it from anywhere. The sleek design and remote access also allows for discreet wear and control, even in the most public spaces. Users that are especially adventurous can hand the controls over to a trusted partner for control from up to 30 feet away.

The Rimming Plug 2 features 7 individual modes and is made of 100% body-safe materials for the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and safety. Individuals that are concerned the size may be too large can opt for the smaller Petite version.

3. Ditto by We-Vibe

ditto we vibe butt plug

We-Vibe is no stranger to providing quality adult toys with premium remote vibration capabilities. The Ditto is another example. The Ditto is a contoured butt plug that comes with over 10 different vibration modes. This plug can be controlled locally on the exterior portion of the plug or remotely when paired with the We-Connect app.

Unlike other remote vibrating plugs, the Ditto can be operated from anywhere in the world, offering intimate moments to couples and play partners – even from opposite sides of the world, if needed.

As an added bonus, when properly connected to the We-Connect app, users – or trusted partners – can create their very own vibration programs and store them in the app. This means that if you find the perfect combination of vibrations to reach that sweet spot of pleasure, you will be able to easily recreate the experience again and again.

4. Bruno by Lelo

bruno lelo butt plug

The Bruno is one adult sex toy that provides the best of both worlds. The Bruno is both a prostate massager and a perineum vibrator. Designed to be gentle and flexible enough for a novice or seasoned users, this vibrator is:

  • made of 100% certified body-safe materials.
  • completely waterproof.
  • intentionally sized to be not too big or too small.

The Bruno butt plug features 2 independent motors and offers 8 dynamic settings. You can also choose between black or purple, or simply pick up one for yourself and your partner for double the pleasure.

5. Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Kit by We-Vibe

tango pleasure we vibe plug

Ok, so the Tango Pleasure Mate is not technically just a vibrating butt plug. This kit is a versatile way to get more than one toy for a low price. The set comes with a sleek bullet vibrator that you can use two attachments with. You can slip the vibrator into the plug attachment for a handy anal vibrator.

The other attachment is a G-spot stimulator, which can be used vaginally. Of course, you should always give the vibrator a cleaning before switching between the two, but this is a great way to add even more toys to your sex life.

6. Triplet Anal Beads by b-Vibe

triplet b vibe butt plug

Another great option from b-Vibe is the Triplet Anal Beads. Anal beads are a great way to prepare yourself for anal sex and can also be a fun way to make things more exciting.

The Triplet Anal Beads are a unique combination of vibrating butt plugs and anal beads together, resulting in a completely unique hybrid device. The Triplet features three graded bead sizes and a curved base, two motors, and an easy-to-use remote.

The perfect option for novice anal play, the Triplet Anal Beads vibrator has 6 different vibration levels and an amazing 15 separate patterns. This vibrator is made of 100% body-safe materials. However, it is not waterproof. Although the Triplet is splash-proof – making it able to be used in the shower – we suggest playing carefully to avoid dropping it in any standing water.

7. Petite Sensations Plug by Rocks-Off

petit sensations rocks off plug

We wanted to provide a budget-friendly option that does not lack power or performance. We found both in this little butt plug by Rocks-Off. This small butt plug features a removable bullet vibrator that provides 3 different speeds and 4 unique patterns.

It is great for beginners who want to try something new but do not want to spend a ton of money on something they aren’t sure they will love. The Petite Sensations Plug is slim and designed for beginners who are just starting out with butt plugs.

One secret that existing customers share is the option of trading out the bullet that comes with the Petite Sensations Plug for a more powerful or customizable experience. Shh… we will never tell!

8. Tano by PicoBong

tano picobong butt plug

Who says you can’t have it all? The Tano provides just about everything you could ask for in a vibrating butt plug. From the ergonomic design to high-quality materials, every part of this toy has been meticulously thought out to provide the widest range of stimulation options.

The Tano features an astounding 12 vibration patterns and 18 different speeds, the most of any vibrating butt plug we examined. Another bonus feature is the 100% waterproof construction, allowing users to take it – or wear it – anywhere their road may travel, even swimming, bathing, or waterplay.

This is a great way to get quality toys for a low price as the PicoBong brand is a great one! The Tano comes at around $60 and is a great choice for beginners, as well. It has a flared base, a quality handle, and a strong vibration; overall, the toy is high quality at a low price.

9. Hugo by Lelo

hugo lelo butt plug

Another great toy from Lelo is the Hugo prostate massager-style butt plug. The Hugo features two strong motors, one in the base and one in the tip. The contoured design is comfortable, smooth, and made of only the highest quality, body-safe silicone.

The Hugo is waterproof and easy to operate with the single-button remote. You also never have to worry about anyone knowing you’re using the Hugo, as both motors operate very quietly. This butt plug sells out quickly – certainly one of the most popular vibrating butt plugs on the market – so you may want to grab one while you can.

10. Club Vibe 3.OH Hero by OhMiBod

hero ohmibod butt plug

If you are well-versed in the sextoy world, you may have heard of the Club Vibe line by OhMiBod, which all feature a unique club mode. This essentially means that your toy will pick up on ambient sound and pulse to the music. The Club Vibe 3.OH Hero is an exciting butt plug that can also pulse to music around you, which is an added feature that can make your love life even more fun.

Of course, if you are not dying to feel the pulsing to your favorite songs, there are more traditional settings available. There is a wireless remote that allows you to control the settings or pass it on to a friend. The Club Vibe 3.0H Hero butt plug features three dynamic play modes:

  • Tease Mode: this mode allows a trusted partner to give little hints of the pleasures that may be in store for you later.
  • Groove Mode: this mode allows the operator to choose between 5 pre-programmed pulse settings.
  • Club Mode: this mode will allow the Hero to respond to ambient music. However, that’s not all; this sneaky little setting will also respond to someone’s voice or other sounds that are nearby.

Warning: We suggest you do not try to watch an action-packed movie in Club Mode, or you may just lose your mind!

11. Nuo by Je Joue

nuo je joue butt plug

This is an exciting app-controlled butt plug that you can find for around $100 online. Though the Nuo can be a little pricey for some, it is a great way to get an innovative butt plug that works with your smartphone.

The Nuo is controlled by the company’s app, and you can even turn over the power to someone else, if you would like.

The Nuo by Je Joue is perfectly silky-smooth and designed to give you both pleasure and comfort. If you want to add an S & M factor to your sex life, this is a great toy to start with.

12. Perfect Plug Kit by Tantus

perfect plug kit tantus

This is a cute two-piece kit that once again gives you a lot of bang for your buck! The kit includes the slim Perfect Plug and a larger, vibrating Perfect Plug Plus. This is a great way for you to relax and work your way into anal intercourse or simply work up to a larger plug without discomfort.

Also, the Perfect Plug Plus features a three-speed waterproof bullet vibrator that can be removed. This means that you can use it in other ways, if desired. Overall, you will get two butt plugs and a bullet vibrator for only $53.99!

13. My 1st Anal Explorer Kit by Adam and Eve

1st anal explorer adam eve

Another great kit that gives you a lot of toy options for a lower price. As you can tell by the name, this kit is designed to help you get started when it comes to doing anal and it’s a great way to prepare yourself without any unwanted pains. This is a duo of battery-powered, waterproof anal vibrators that you will simply love.

The kit comes with a slim option to get things started and a thicker option that you can work your way up to. These feature a handheld remote that helps you or your partner control the fun. You can find this kit on the Adam and Even website for around $30.

Benefits of a Vibrating Butt Plug

benefits vibrating butt plug

Though they can be extremely pleasurable, the true reason for using butt plugs is to prepare yourself for anal intercourse. Even if you do not want to have anal sex, you can always enjoy these toys, but this is the main reason why they were invented. Using this style of toy regularly can help relax your body for future sexual encounters, also known as anal training.

If you have tried this style of penetration in the past and it was a painful experience, or you felt like it could be better, adding butt plugs to your routine can be very helpful. As you know, anal sex requires more preparation – and a lot more lube – than vaginal intercourse and can be difficult without proper care.

As with most vibrating adult sex toys, vibrating butt plugs make a great addition to vaginal penetration or can be used in same-sex relationships by one or both partners to add more pleasure.

Adding a vibrating butt plug into your sex life can make things a lot spicier and keep things very interesting. This enhancing sensation is a great option for couples of all types.

Some of the many ways to use your vibrating butt plugs are:

  • Leave it in for double penetration during masturbation or vaginal intercourse.
  • Use for mutual masturbation with your significant other.
  • Use during oral sex.
  • Spice up a night out without your lover by leaving it in while you are away.

Using Your Butt Plug Properly

using butt plug properly

Now that you have a better idea of what makes a great butt plug and a few ideas on what you may want to purchase, it is time to learn more about using them properly.

You will want to use your butt plug properly to ensure that you do not hurt yourself and can reach ultimate pleasure levels. If you’ve used butt plugs in the past but didn’t love the experience, grab one from the list above and follow these simple steps – which are almost sure to give you better results.

Try to Use the Bathroom First

If you need to use the restroom, you should try to before starting any anal play. Though this is pretty self-explanatory, keeping things as hygienic as possible is always a great idea. Also, it can help you avoid any awkward, messy situations and keep things enjoyable.

Start Small

Many of the plugs listed here come in multiple sizes or even contain multiple plugs in each kit, which is great for beginners. You always want to start small and work your way up to a larger plug. This is simply to keep yourself comfortable and keep the experience fun.

The Softer, the Better

Opt for options that are made from silicone or vinyl as they are soft yet firm, which allows for a comfortable but easy insertion. There are some non-vibrating plugs made of metal or glass that may be great, as well, though keep in mind that these materials are non-flexible.

Take Your Time

You never want to go too big too fast, which is why you should always ease your way into using butt plugs. This is not something you want to try for the first time on a day when you have little time, as you should always take your time when it comes to anal play. You may also want to try this on your own when starting out to get the feel of things before handing over control to another.

Find a Good Lube

This is perhaps the most critical tip when it comes to butt plugs and can make or break you in this world! If you do not use lube during more traditional intercourse, you should change this before trying anal penetration of any type. Adding lube to your toy before use is key to comfort and this is something you will want to carry on for anal penetration should you decide to try it.

Keep Things Clean

You always want to thoroughly wash your hands before and after anal play – and especially before you switch to any other areas of the body. You do not want to spread bacteria into your vagina or onto your significant other. Keeping your hands washed properly is key.

Clean Toys After Each Use

Going hand-in-hand with the previous tip, you should also always wash your toys after each use. You will want to wash it pretty quickly after each use with at least a good soap and hot water. Allowing it to air-dry is always a good choice. Even with proper use and care, you should never share a butt plug with others!

Overall, taking things slow and keeping things sanitary is key to having fun with butt plugs.

The Most Powerful Plug on the Market

Though many of the other options on our list are great and have a strong vibration, the Hush is one of the most powerful out there. The Lovense app offers you full control of the device and allows you to customize your vibration levels for comfort and pleasure. You will be able to choose between light or strong vibrations, along with these other benefits:

  • Close-range control.
  • Long-distance control.
  • Unlimited vibration patterns.
  • Ability to sync to music.
  • Sound-activated vibrations.

Best Remote Vibrating Butt Plugs: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to the area of vibrating butt plugs or are just looking to add to your collection, the plugs on this list all offer a wide range of pleasurable possibilities. Whichever plug you choose, remember: taking things slow is key to having fun with butt plugs.

Once you figure out what you like (and how you like it!), you’ll probably enjoy having more than one around, as they all have different strengths and exhilarating benefits!

Additionally, you should find one that offers several vibration patterns and strengths so that you always feel comfortable using your new toys. With proper use and care, you can continue to use these toys and truly spice up your sexual pleasure in several new and exciting ways.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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