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Lovense Max 1 vs. Max 2: Is the New Version Really Worth Buying?

Many men find it a challenge to find quality sex toys to suit their deepest desires and pleasures, but Lovense is a brand that has stepped up and offered male consumers plenty of top-notch options. They have released a few different models of their ‘Max’ sex toy, but their newest improvement has led them to the ultimate men’s toy known as the Max 2.

The Max 2 is an upgraded version of the Max 1, offering:

  • Change to the exterior (with a vagina option)
  • Improved performance
  • Hardware-related features
  • Improved sleeve
  • 360-degree contractions
  • Redesigned vibrator
  • Easier charging process
  • Longer battery life
  • Improved sensor

If you are looking for the ultimate in sex toy products, then you have found it with Max 2. But how does the Max 2 differentiate from previous models by Lovense? Why should men choose the newer option as opposed to one of the former Lovense male sex toys? We’re going to break it down, so the decision is easy.


The History of the Lovense Max Device

history lovense max device

To fully understand why Max 2 is one of the best on the market today, you have to understand a little bit of its history. The Max device itself is a male sex toy that was first introduced in 2011.

Lovense wanted to create the best sex toy for men and a device that would connect to a female toy and interact. The first one was called simply the “Max.”

2011 – The First-Generation Max

The very first-generation Max device was inspired by smartphone technology, and the company tried to make one of the best toys on the market for men. Even this early device was able to connect to a female toy and sent signals based on user movement and interaction.

This model hit a big hurdle when the female counterpart it was meant to interact with did not make it. They only brought this counterpart to the development phase and did not release it for sale. This means that the male toy was never widely available for use.

2013 – The Second-Generation Max

The second generation was introduced by the Lovense brand via IndieGogo. They used the previous design that had never reached its full potential but integrated smartphone technology to make it an even better male sex toy.

This second generation of the toy was the first male masturbator that was able to be controlled via a smartphone app. It had an innovative air pump design that made it one of the most interesting masturbation sleeves that were released during that year.

2017 – The Improved Max

lovense max1

Since launching the sex toy, the team at Lovense has continuously been improving the device. They have made yearly upgrades, inspired by customer feedback.

Improvements included things like:

  • Hardware and software updates
  • Changes to the casing
  • Sleeve spec changes
  • Water resistance
  • Charging process changes
  • Vibration strength improvements
  • Introduction of an air vent
  • Sensor improvement
  • Packaging.

Overall, at the heart of the Lovense brand is their desire to keep their products innovative and continue to keep their customers happy. These improvements have made the Max great, but the team still felt that it could be improved further.

2019 – The Amazing Max 2

The release of Max 2 was a huge achievement for Lovense and is one of their biggest releases to date.

They took the amazing Max features and overhauled them, offering improved performance and hardware-related features inside the toy even further. They also completely changed the exterior of the device, as well.

They used constant research, feedback, and updates to create the best device possible for their many customers.

What Sets the Max 2 Apart?

sets lovense max2 apart

Max 2 is one of the best masturbators on the market today and has been highly acclaimed by the many customers who have already bought the device.

The Max 2 features the original, multiple sensation sleeves, an extended vibrator, is completely rechargeable, wireless, and body-safe. It is designed to accommodate most sizes and pleasurably stimulates you while you stroke.

Max 2 has brought along a lot of new advancements and customizations that set it apart from the original Max:

Customizing the Max 2

Unlike other options out there, Max 2 has an adjustable air vent located on the end of the tube. This is unique as it allows you to control the suction level of the device. This ensures that you get the suction level you need to reach maximum pleasure and enjoy your device.

Want a more realistic experience, especially visually? You can also customize the Max 2 further by adding a vagina sleeve if you are interested.

The Innovative Software

The software featured in Max 2 is far more advanced than any others on the market today. The team at Lovense worked diligently to create software that made the masturbator one of the most realistic available, giving you a realistic experience that mocks the real deal and brings you to the big O quicker.

The Easy Remote-Control App

lovense max2 remote control

Unlike others out there, the Lovense Max 2 is controlled by the free app. This can be installed using both Google Play and the App Store.

Using the app, you can get full local control for personal use and use with a significant other. In the app, you can choose the following:

Vibration settings

There is a wide variety of vibration settings, from a simple slow speed to get you in the mood to an earthquake speed guaranteed to make your head spin (in the best way possible, of course).

Contraction settings

There’s nothing quite like the real feeling of a female contraction; until you have met the Max 2. Different contractions settings from subtle to deep ensure you’re getting a life-like experience you won’t soon forget in a 360-degree angle.

Sync with other toys for more fun

Yes, you can literally sync with your partner’s toy and react to each other’s movements. It is an incredible innovation for sex toys and something you’re sure to enjoy, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Extra improved sensors

These sensors allow you to get experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It’s truly the closest thing you will get to the ‘real deal,’ which is why it is undeniably the most popular sex toy for men on the market.

Improved Charger and Battery

On important aspect to consider when buying a toy is the charger and battery life. You don’t want to miss out on any of the action with a toy that only lasts 20 minutes at a time, right? Well, you can feel confident you will get plenty of battery life out of your Max 2.

The new and improved Max 2 is designed with an easy-to-use charger that charges up your device at lightning speed, leaving you with longer battery life for several hours of play.

Which is Best: The Max or Max 2?

It’s no contest: with an improved look, feel, and experience, the Max 2 crushes the competition when it comes to male sex toys. With Max 2, you can close your eyes and feel like you’re really engaging in an incredibly good time with the lady of your dreams and have plenty of hours to finish.


Male sex toys may have been lacking in recent years, but Max 2 by Lovense shows us that male vibrators are taking big strides. The Max 2 is go-to advice that has been perfected over several years by Lovense to create a perfect design that offers utmost pleasure.


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