NewSensations Review: Is It Still Worth It?

In an Internet where amateur and professional erotic content can be found for free extensively across the internet – and anywhere you choose to look for it – one can really ask the question of whether any of the oldest porn sites are still relevant.

In a lot of cases, the performers on many of those sites have been inactive for years, even for more than a decade, leaving their sites in a semi-abandoned state.

But one of these sites,, the core of the NewSensations blog network, is still going strong after almost a quarter of a century.

Does it make sense to buy a full subscription to a pay site?

In an environment where free sites carry an ever-widening array of content from thousands of creators, with new content coming online every hour, it might not seem that way.

But the standards of production offered by high-quality, subscription-supported professional sites are hard to match by amateur and semi-amateur productions, and it can be to your advantage to have one or two pro-site subscriptions.

Is one of those? Are you interested in signing up for a site that might have been around since before you were even born?

If you think you might be, read on to see what has to offer you.

What Is


In the world of online erotic content, if you’ve been around as a pay site for 20+ years, releasing new content weekly on multiple sub-sites, you’re clearly doing something right. advertises just such a setup, with an enviable roster of current names and legends from all the way back to 1999 when the site originally opened (remember Web 2.0?).

Even though some of their classic clips have been republished on many sites across the Internet, the New Sensations network remains one of the prime on-ramps for online porn.

One of the biggest scares for online erotic content, then as now, has been anonymity of your financial information.

New Sensations was one of the first sites to use now-standard processors like CCBill and FXBilling to make sure that an embarrassing charge from an online porn site wasn’t going to show up on your credit card bill.

Because of this, they earned a reputation for discretion.

Likewise, having some of the then-hottest models like Asia Carrera and Jenna Jameson, they had credibility and every user’s stamp of approval – unmatched by most peers.

This gave them an instant leg up in the early years of adult content on the Internet, having exclusive contracts with top-shelf talent from the now-waning adult video market.

A site that opened a long time ago, of course, needs fresh content to stay relevant.

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It doesn’t make sense to have superstars in one era if you can’t keep that going, because the hot girls of today become the girls your dad used to look at in 10 years.

Fortunately, New Sensations has continued over time to use its leverage to stay relevant, inking deals with many of the top stars of today.

In an environment where sites like OnlyFans allow micro-targeted adult content to reach the specific people that it appeals to, sites like New Sensations also allow them to reach a general audience, creating new fans who otherwise might not have reached their work.

How Does Work?

New Sensations has been around in the porn industry for more than 20 years, and it’s had all that time to diversify its content and make sure that it has the content that the largest number of viewers want to see.

While it’s not free, like many of its more recent competitors, it makes sure that its channels more than make up for that with as wide an array of content channels as you could hope to see.

Long-time popular content types like anal, Asian, and Babysitter sit next to more recent additions like Interactive Toys in the menu.

This gives its audience a lot of variety, as well as new types of material.

Signing Up to

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Signups on the site are straightforward. If you’ve logged onto any membership website in the last ten years, you’ll already know what you need to sign up to an adult site.

You’ll enter your information – or comfortable aliases – into the system, add your credit card information, and you’re ready to finish your signup.

Obviously, some people aren’t going to be comfortable signing up for a pay porn site, because no matter how many layers of authentication you put in front of it, at some point you are using a payment method you own to pay for pornography.

For the squeamish, New Sensations includes PayPal and even gift card payments, for greater and total anonymity, respectively.

Logging in to

Again, logging into the site should be straightforward if you remember the password you set. If you don’t, there’s a standard password-reset feature.

Most people who have been on the Internet understand how to log into and out of a website.

If you’re on a public network – such as at a library – you might not want to access New Sensations, in the same way that you might not want to access any other porn website on a public network.

But it’s not a requirement. You’re your own boss.

One of the problems that does tend to rear up with New Sensations, as opposed to other, more recent websites, is that of gallery organization.

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Part of this is simply an artifact of the age of the site: older galleries are less likely to be comprehensively indexed, because – especially in the early days of the Internet – it was assumed that everyone who was searching a particular site would eventually see all of it and download their favorite content.

In the days of 640×480 monitors, making today’s 1080p and 4k images look like massive scrolling posters, that was perhaps a reasonable assumption – storage space was dear for both servers and downloaders.

Today is not where we were 20 years ago. Storage space now is almost trivial, with dozens or hundreds of gigabytes on tap in thumb drives.

Moreover, mass downloaders are also now a thing, allowing whole galleries of photos and videos to be downloaded with a single click.

The way that earlier galleries were organized, with minimal or no indexing, doesn’t help these downloaders at all.

Additionally, many users will notice over time that, as the galleries get older, more images and videos will be displayed in SD – again, an artifact of their age, especially nearer to the year 2000, when 640×480 and 800×600 were common screen resolutions, and windows were often sized smaller than that.’s User Interface

The site’s user interface is an easy-to-use modern standard.

Navigation links are at the top of each page for updates, DVDs, Models, Categories, and Networks.

network sites favorite porn stars

Each navigation drop-down has multiple options underneath, with plenty of categories and subcategories to zero in on the content that you want to find.

If you have a specific model or category in mind, you can skip over the category search and use the search bar.

Sites On the New Sensations Network

One of New Sensations’ top draws is its network of sites catering to specific tastes within its umbrella of coverage.

With a wide variety of popular content types advertised, New Sensations is easily one of the most comprehensive paid-porn websites out there.

With stars dating back to the early days of the Internet, all the way up to OnlyFans players who have just broken through in the last year, there’s a lot of content on the site to be viewed, both moving and photographic.

All of the content available can be downloaded and saved, giving users plenty of ways to enjoy the site.

New Sensations hosts several network sites in addition to its main site. Most of these are, of course, curated collections of content also searchable on the main site, but a more focused experience is never bad.

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It can help people look for specific things they want when sites are organized by taste, or by model in the case of particularly prolific adult models like Ashlynn Brooks and Shane Diesel.

Parody Pass advertises itself as the home of porn parodies of popular television series like Star Trek, Anchorman, and the X-Files, and with high-quality sets and motivated casts, these productions can sometimes even rival their official counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Site Really Comprehensive?

While a paid site with professional models can’t match the sheer plethora of content of a free, community-supported site, the smaller absolute amount of content on New Sensations creates a chance to really get to know some of the content well. The average update speed is fantastic,  too, updating no less than three times a week, with thousands of videos and photos of over 2,600 models.

The site’s average length for videos is also an impressive 30 minutes, giving it some of the best and longest stories, rivaling DVDs in length and complexity.

If you’re looking for all the content you can download, New Sensations will not let you down.

What Are the Categories Like?

New Sensations porn stars

New Sensations primarily caters to a more-traditional porn customer.

Its videos tend to focus on an audience of between age 18 and 30, mostly white performers, topping out at curvy.

So, if you’re interested in some of the less traditional categories, like transgender or BBW, you may need to look elsewhere.

But for most customers, New Sensations is going to fit their needs. WLW customers also may or may not find their needs filled by this site.

There’s a variety of ways that New Sensations can meet your needs, and creativity will find the content that you like the most.


  • Easily the widest variety of content available on a pay site.
  • Stars who have been out of the business for a while still have clips available, many still in HD.
  • More than 1,500 full-length DVDs and over 6,500 exclusive video clips, averaging a half-hour in length, some of the longest and most comprehensive videos on the internet.
  • Many specific-interest websites on the network.
  • Top-quality, exclusive, HD porn films.
  • Flexible pricing, LOTS of discounts available – up to 85% in some cases.

hardcore porn site New Sensations


  • Many of the oldest clips, featuring stars who have been retired from the business for years at the time of writing, are questionably “exclusive,” – some of them come from DVDs that these stars had released prior to coming onto the website. However, this is an artifact of the age of the site.
  • The oldest clips are exclusively in SD. This is, however, because HD hadn’t been invented at the time they were released, so the site can’t really be blamed for not catering to a format that hadn’t been invented yet.
  • Site does not necessarily cater to all customers. If your tastes in porn match up with the mainstream consumer, you’ll find a lot of pleasing content. If not, you may have more difficulty getting enough orgasms for the dollar out of your membership.
  • Older scenes tend to use screen captures rather than photography to get individual images, with the result that they can have a lot of artifacting, motion smear, and other problems resulting from screen capping motion into still photography. Review: The Verdict

Almost every “con” listed above is qualified by the site’s age.

This site is one of the most well-established, well-known, and well-run porn sites on the Internet and if your tastes are even remotely mainstream, you should find plenty of content on the site to cater to your tastes.

Porn parodies to hardcore, most things can be found here.

After more than 20 years, New Sensations knows what it is and the market it caters to.

If you’re in that market, their well-established site, variety of categories, and number of exclusive performers will make you a happy viewer.

You can be sure that your New Sensations dollar will go further in getting you the best porn available on the internet than on almost any other site.

Unless you’re a very discerning OnlyFans customer with a carefully-curated list of favorites, the sheer variety available on New Sensations, combined with the consistent high production values, will make it a consistent favorite.

Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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