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Wild Life Review: The 1st Adult RPG Game Compatible with Lovense Toys?

By M.Christian

One of the biggest challenges adult entertainment games face is quality: not necessarily in how they play or how more or less explicit they are, but when compared with other, less sexual titles, they tend to look … well, not that great.

Until now, that is, as Candy Valley Network, in partnership with Nutaku—who are well known for their extensive library of erotic games—is about to release an immersive science fiction-themed combination of exploration and dating sim called Wild Life.

But aside from its impressive graphics and engaging mechanics, which put it right up there with the biggest of big AAA games, Wild Life is set to do what no other adult entertainment title has so far barely even attempted: to fully integrate Lovense’s smart sextech devices allowing players to experience whatever their characters are getting up to physically.


wild life game

Wild Life looks great

I’m not pulling your leg or any other body part when I say that Wild Life is graphically awe-inspiring. From the lush, leafy greens of the alien planet, you find yourself on to the way the furry-inspired aliens move and react; I cannot think of any game that gets anywhere near to how gorgeous it looks.

And it might get better, as Wild Life is still somewhat of a work in progress. But if you have a PC with enough muscle to run it, you can sample its current build compliments of the free-to-play demo.

After installing it, the game begins by offering you the choice of either Max, the male, and Maya, a female-appearing avatar. Immediately after, you’re dropped into the action as a newbie mercenary who unexpectedly crashes onto the jungle world of Kerpal.

But you’re not alone, as the local fauna aren’t too happy to see you. Fortunately, you have the tools to deal with them in the shape of a blaster rifle and high-tech sword. Then after you settle in and start your journey to solve the riddle of this hostile world, you’ll be able to acquire things like bows and arrows along with the ability to don wings to soar far above anything that may want to eat you.

When you do have to deal with the beasties that growl in Kerpal’s night, Wild Life plays very much like a real-time Role Playing Game (RPG), with health bars hovering over whatever you’re fighting so you can see the damage you’re dishing out.

Loving the alien—and humans, too

Though combat only a tiny percentage of what Wild Life has going for it as at its heart, it operates much more like a dating sim. A dating sim, that is, with having fully rendered sex with human and anthropomorphic animal aliens, that is.

Playing similarly to those types of games, Wild Life players will have to choose the correct responses or do the right kind of mini-quests in order to get into the pants of whatever human or alien you’re flirting with.

And this may not be relatively so easy, as in the game’s promotional materials, the developers have made it clear that along with smooching, massaging, caressing, and full-on explicit sexual activities followed by tender aftercare, there’s always the risk of rejection.

The perils of Kerpal don’t end there as they also hint that some of the characters you encounter, close or otherwise, may have a hidden agenda or two, with the world itself hiding a dark and terrifying secret.

wild life nutaku

Wild Life feels great

Look at the game’s Nutaku page, and it’s right there out in the open: not hidden in its fine print, not glossed over, not obscured by any hemming and hawing about maybe supporting sextech integration.

Nope, it’s there in big, bold letters: here, they say, is a game built with full support for many of Lovense’s superbly made sextech products. They even include a quick start guide on connecting Wild Life with something like their just released high frequency, dual-action Hyphy vibrator, the sleeve-type Max 2 for all you penis-equipped persons—or practically everything else Lovense makes.

And as they’re shining stars when it comes to getting the hardware side of sextech to work with its software side, compliments of their groundbreaking Lovense Remote App, getting your preferred plaything to buzz, rotate, oscillate in sympatico with whatever sexual activities you put Maya or Max should be insanely easy.

wild life lovense

That’s not all

On its game side, Wild Life also impresses by offering a separate combat tutorial so players can polish their blasting or slashing skills away from the primary campaign.

If battle beasts aren’t your cup of tea, you can duke it out with plenty of other threats. And if traipsing through the foliage fails to rock your word, there are lots of alien ruins and desert wastes waiting for you to explore. Plus, if you want to walk on the wild side, you can go native by ditching your sci-fi gear in favor of a good old-fashioned stick and stone ones.

And if you like your lovers to be a bit on the shaggy side, Wild Life will have you howling at the moon with all sorts of furry-inspired sexual and romantic encounters. Of which, Nutaku advertises the demo has five different female characters to “engage” with during 20 unique sexual animations.

All this and Wild Life sounds good, too, with many fully voiced characters—which, as any player will tell you, in combination with the skillful use of ambient sounds, can do wonders for enhancing a game’s overall immersiveness.

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What it takes to run Wild Life

According to Steam, to take full advantage of the game’s luxurious graphics, you’ll need at least a PC with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor, 16 gigs of RAM, and 25 gigs of hard drive space, as well as a GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card.

Currently, the demo is available there and on Nutaku. You can also help develop the game and take advantage of early access perks by becoming a Wild Life Patreon supporter.

Perks like for a dollar a month being able to check out their promotional materials and share your thoughts on the game’s Discord, for ten bucks all that and getting in on pre-release builds, and for 25 a real look behind the curtain by being a beta-tester along with voting for what you do or don’t want in the final release.

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Using Lovense sextoys with Wild Life

If you don’t have Internet access, to set up Wild Life with a Lovense product, you’ll first have to have a Bluetooth-enabled PC. If for some reason, yours isn’t, you can always pick up a suitable dongle from Lovense.

If you can surf the net and have an up-to-date smartphone, you can use it to create a wireless bridge between it, your sextoy, and your computer. For this, you begin by installing the Lovense Remote App, which is available for Android or iPhone, and from there, connect it to your toy.

No matter if you do or don’t have a PC hooked up to the net, the rest is the same: go into “settings” on either the computer or smartphone version of the Remote App and from there choose “game mode.”

Finally, fire up the Wild Life demo, then its “settings,” “game,” and lastly, “Lovense Toys Configure,” and you should be done.

wild life


  • Excellent graphics
  • Fully voiced
  • Combat and dating sim game mechanics
  • Fully-rendered alien world to explore
  • Many sexual activities to enjoy


  • Only a demo is presently available
  • Limited number and types of interactions
  • PC exclusive

wild life adult game

The verdict

Impressive as the Wild Life demo is, don’t forget it’s exactly that: a sampling of what the final game could be like.

I’m bringing this up because when fooling around with this quickie introduction, some of you might come away from it feeling, “that’s it?”

And, truthfully, that is it since it’s merely a proof of concept. So, yes, your choices are extremely limited in what and who you can do, but that doesn’t mean when the game is officially released, you won’t have lots of other things and people, to explore.

It’s also important to mention once an open world like Wild Life is out, the developers can play around with as much as they want, possibly including things like expanding on the number of characters and what you can sexually get up to with them, adding in new regions to explore, novel gameplay mechanics to introduce, or perhaps release their own style of DLC.

For those unfamiliar with gamer terminology, stands for Downloadable Content, which can be anything from sprawling side quests, full-blown optional missions, or buckets of extra characters, animations, or cosmetics.

Then there’s what the devs may do with Wild Life’s sextech integration. After all, if they can get a Lovense toy to do its vibrational thing during an erotic encounter, why not do the same when our character defeats a boss or levels up to motivate the game’s players further?

But despite its current early state, Wild Life is absolutely worth trying for its astounding graphics, satisfying gameplay, with Kerpal begging to be explored, mysteries pleading to be uncovered .. and then there’s the sex.

Fully rendered, gloriously detailed, and wildly imaginative, I doubt you’ll be able to find an erotic game that gets anywhere near to looking this steamy and lusciously sensual.

I’d dare to say Wild Life is the future of adult entertainment as a from-the-ground-up integration of interactive erotic gameplay and state-of-the-art sexual technology. As I said, not an afterthought or after-the-fact add-on but built right into Wild Life’s digital heart and soul.

If you like games, enjoy sextoys, and can’t wait to see the potential of them working fantastically well together, you’ve got to download and try Wild Life.

And as you wander through its jungle, fend off alien monsters, and attempt to seduce a sensually furry alien or two, remind yourself that this is just the beginning—while imagining what Wild Life could be like in the years ahead.


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