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Lovense Camming 101: The How-To Guide for New Cam Models

Though once thought of as extremely taboo, cam models and other online sex workers are quickly growing in popularity. This is a great way to make extra money from home or a studio and can be done by almost anyone.

There are websites available that cater to each body type, and – if you feel comfortable – this is a way to love your body and make extra cash.

The biggest hurdle with cam models is that you’ll want to stand out from others, which is where the amazing Lovense toys designed for cam models come in. Adding toys to your cam shows is a great way to enhance the visual aspect of the performance. However, with Lovense toys, you can further involve your viewers to levels that other models cannot compete with.

The Lovense toys have a patented tip-based vibration system that lets your viewers truly control your sexual pleasure, and these toys come with many benefits, such as:

  • Set your tip-based vibrations as you see fit.
  • Turn on sound-based vibrations.
  • Connect multiple toys during the same show.
  • Set up personalized games for your viewers.
  • Set up special commands.
  • Toys work even when split camming.
  • You can easily give live control.
  • Have virtual sex practically anywhere.

Five Things to Consider Before Joining the Camming World

become cam model

Before you can focus on how adding toys to your cam shows can benefit you, you must first take the plunge into the cam model world.

Of course, you must feel comfortable with this community and expressing yourself sexually for others to see. However, there are some key things you should keep in mind when deciding if this is the right path for your life and financial needs.

1. Make Sure You Love This Lifestyle

As with most jobs, there are aspects of any task you take on that you may not love. However, you should never begin cam modeling simply for money and not because it is something you want to do. You should be interested in this lifestyle and feel comfortable with what it entails.

You should also note that – while some cam models do make a lot of money doing what they do – it is not a way to get rich quick. It still takes hours of dedication and hard work for you to get the money you need.

Many of the highest-income models have been doing this for some time or have put in a lot of work to get there.

2. Your Family May Find Out

A problem that many cam models run into is that they want to join the adult industry in private and hope that their family never knows about this work.

However, we live in the age of the Internet, and this is simply not always an option. While you can do your best to keep things private and may not be upfront about what you are doing exactly, there is a chance that others will find out.

You should never become a cam model if it’s something you cannot bear for your family, friends, or even an employer to find out about.

Also, if you have a significant other or spouse, this may be something you need to fully discuss and be transparent with them about. Though it may never happen that those around you find out about your cam modeling, it’s certainly a scenario you should be prepared for.

3. Protect Your Personal Information

As with everything you do on the internet, you need to put a certain level of privacy into your cam model life. Some go as far as using fake names or identities; however, every model needs to keep a basic level of safety in mind when joining this world.

There are a few ways that you can help ensure your safety and that none of your viewers learn more about you than needed. Those are:

  • Always turn off your location on your devices. You should check that each one of the tools you use (such as Skype) are not showing your location.
  • Have separate phone numbers, bank accounts, and emails for communication that’s business related.
  • Never give out your address, no matter how close you become to a client, as you still do not know truly know them.

If you are worried about your information coming out or you have had an issue with privacy in the past, there are companies available that offer services to protect you.

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4. Keep Things Fun, Yet Professional

While you should always have fun, it’s important to love being a cam model. It is also a business and is a way for you to bring in extra income or even make a living from.

This is why you should recognize that just because you join a camming site does not mean that people will begin watching you. You should put an effort into marketing yourself and will have to put work into what you are doing.

5. Do Not be Surprised by Judgement or Negative Clients

Unfortunately, the world today has opened an entirely new way for people to be judgmental behind a keyboard or smartphone.

Unfortunately, even the best cam models still get time-wasters, trolls, and overly-aggressive viewers who can leave a bad taste in your mouth. You must have thick skin and love what you do, letting these negative individuals go without taking things to heart.

Also, a huge negative that comes with joining the adult industry is that some individuals feel the need to be perverse to you at levels that may make you feel uncomfortable.

You should always feel comfortable with what you are doing and never feel pressured by viewers.

Invest in Quality Equipment to Improve Your Shows

quality equipment imporve shows

Once you have decided to start in the camming world or you have been doing shows, and they are not reaching the views that you wanted, you need to ensure that you are using the highest quality equipment.

You should have the best tools in place to provide quality entertainment. Some things you want to guarantee that you have are:

  • A good webcam: it’s always a good idea to wait until you can invest in a higher-quality device before you begin camming.
  • A decent, working laptop to connect to.
  • An additional mic, if needed.
  • High-speed Internet that guarantees your shows run smoothly.
  • Proper lighting (does not have to be professional but you should at least have lamps or quality lighting).
  • Cute clothing or costumes that enhance your shows.
  • A clean, fitting background that is not overly distracting for viewers.

How Can Adding Toys to Your Shows Increase Views?

lovense sextoy cam model

Just like you want to invest in quality equipment, you also want to invest in quality extras to increase your show quality and views.

Viewers have seen it all when it comes to cam girls, and using toys is one of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to increase your interactions. Of course, you always want to use toys that are of high quality and unique.

Another important thing to remember is that lower-priced toys can also be of lower quality. Some cheap toys can contain toxic chemicals or may be made from less-than-ideal materials. You should stick to higher-end toys that are made from high quality materials.

A note to the wise: Higher-end does not always mean higher-priced.

What Sets Lovense Toys Apart from Others on the Market?

Now that we have discussed the camming world a little more deeply, it is time to focus on the amazing Lovense toys!

Though there are other companies that offer high tech toys, Lovense is the only company that offers toys with features specifically made for sex cam performers. They have openly accepted the usage of their toys in shows and are very supportive of these individuals.

The Lovense toys are compatible with most of the highly popular chatrooms, which we will break down more later on. However, these powerful toys work with the interface of the website that you are using and are easy to add to your shows. They are designed to interact with your viewers’ offering of tips, and the toys will act accordingly to the amount paid.

Since these toys are designed to work for cam models, as well as everyday couples or even solo play, they are ready to go upon purchase. You never need to worry about these toys not working for you, and they are very easy to understand.

Which Lovense Toys Work Best?

Any and all Lovense toys can be linked to your cam shows and can be controlled by your viewers. However, some of their toys do work better than others and are designed for this use.


Here, we are not going to discuss the Lush in depth, except to mention that it belongs to the Hall of Fame of Camming Toys.

I’m sure you’ve already seen it everywhere. This is a unique little pink wearable vibe that goes beyond the power offered from other similar devices. This is a great way to let your viewers control your pleasure anywhere and can be a very stimulating visual.


Perhaps, the second best toy for cam girl usage is their Nora, which is a traditional vibrator with a twist.

The Nora was born after 10 years of vibrator development and perfecting of the device. The device is designed to not only live up to but surpass your needs and expectations.

The team at Lovense worked with their customers, listening to what they wanted to see in the vibrator, and put this information into the Nora.

As for the Nora itself, it is a Bluetooth-enabled rabbit vibrator that’s designed to pleasure your G-spot. It has a rotating head, optimized shaft, a vibrating arm, and stimulates all the right places during thrusting. Overall, not only is this a great way to interact with your viewers, but it’s also extremely pleasurable.


Other Great Toy Options for Your Shows

Lovense doesn’t just cater to women, but they also offer several toys for men, should you do couples shows or are a man interested in camming. Some other amazing toys that they offer that would make a great addition to any show are:

1. Hush

A powerful vibrating butt plug that comes in two sizes. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose a small or medium-sized toy that can be controlled by your viewers.

This is definitely a great way to spice up your shows and keep things interesting.

2. Domi

A commonly used toy type amongst cam models are wands, which are often highly powerful and very effective. The Domi stands out from others as it’s small in size but large in power. This is a great way to make your show fun and enjoy yourself.

3. Edge

This amazing toy is designed for men and is used to stimulate the prostate. It has a strong vibration and features a completely adjustable prostate arm. The Edge will fit your body, and even beginners will feel comfortable.

Keep in mind, these are only a few of the toys that are offered from Lovense. You can browse the easy-to-use shop on their website to find more options that work for your needs.

Lovense Devices are Bluetooth Controlled

Unlike other toys on the market today, those offered from Lovense are uniquely Bluetooth controlled. The toys can be used for solo play and have controls on the actual device. However, to get complete access to what your toy can do, you should download the Lovense Remote app for your device.

These work wonderfully for cam shows and we’ll talk about how you can use them during your shows next. You should always try them out on your own first.

You can download the Lovense app on your smartphone, tablet, PCs, Macs, and more. Through the app, you can control the toys, set your vibration levels, and even program certain patterns that you find are orgasmically effective.

A unique feature that many couples and even long-distance relationships love is that your partner can control your device from practically anywhere. Something even more exciting is that you can even offer these capabilities to your top clients.

How to Add Lovense Toys to Your Show?

cam model show

Adding Lovense toys to your show is super-simple, and you can begin benefiting fast after your purchase. You will simply need to go to the Lovense website and download the software to one or more of your devices.

The website has an easy-to-download Lovense Cam Bundle that has everything you need to use your toys to the fullest extent. The Lovense bundle comes with access to:

The team at Lovense wanted to make this process as simple as possible, which is why they offer several videos on the website. If you’d like to learn more about downloading this cam bundle, you can watch the easy-to-follow download video here.

What is Lovense Connect?

This is the easily-downloaded application available from Lovense that allows you to connect a toy to your device. You can use this to establish a connection between any of the toys available and the Lovense extension. This makes connecting your device to the system super simple.

The Lovense Browser

The Lovense browser helps you connect your toy to a variety of cam sites. This is optimized for broadcasting and includes a built-in extension.

Download the Lovense Extension

You can side-load the extension to use it in Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can connect your toy directly to your phone using the app previously mentioned – which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store – or connect them directly to your Mac.

Also, these devices can be connected to any PC using the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adaptor, which only costs around $5.

Use the Best Cam Site for Your Needs

cam websites with lovense

A big part of starting your cam model career is choosing a quality site that you can use for your broadcasting. There are endless sites out there, but they are not all created equally, and you should do a lot of comparing before settling on which would work best for your needs.

Some things you will want to consider before settling on a certain cam website:

  • Do they accept only women or also couple and men camming?
  • Are they a new company or well-established?
  • How much of a cut do they take from your tips?
  • Look over any fine print on agreements.
  • What plugins are offered or allowed?
  • When do they pay out for shows?

Which Cam Sites Work with Lovense?

At this point, you are probably intrigued by Lovense and what they have to offer. Luckily, the toys work with almost any of the top cam websites. Just some of the many cam sites that the Lovense toys are compatible with are:

  • LiveJasmin.
  • CamSoda.
  • BongaCams.
  • Chaturbate.
  • MyFreeCams.
  • EuroLive.
  • MyFetish Live.
  • Many more!

Setting Up Your Toy for Ultimate Success

install lovense extension

Once you have the software downloaded on your device, it’s time to start connecting your toys and adding them to your shows. You can connect multiple toys and have them all react to tips that you specify. You can even set up different toys to react at different levels or even allow one level to control all toys present.

You’ll want to start with your Basic levels and establish a basic tip system for your toys. The Basic levels are an essential part of the patented tip-based software created by Lovense.

Essentially, you’ll be able to set up the number of tokens your fans will need to tip to make your toys vibrate, the amount donated will increase intensity and vibration times.

How to Set up Basic Tip Levels for Your Toys

Once you have your toys in place and are ready to begin using them in your shows, follow these exact steps to setting up your tip levels.

What makes Lovense toys unique is the ability of your viewers to control your pleasure. Ensuring that you make this process simple, exciting, and effective can help increase your views and viewer interaction levels.

Enter the set-up area for your Basic levels. From there you will follow these steps:

  1. Click the + in order to add the camming site that you prefer to use. You can choose your favorite cam site from the list of sites that are compatible with the tip-based software, like those mentioned above.
  2. Choose an option to configure your settings, and you can always configure these settings manually by clicking the “I’ll configure everything myself” button. You can also click “copy settings from another site” – available if you have already configured your settings in the past.
  3. Through the Basic levels section, you can set up to 15 levels. You will simply click the “add level” button to add another level or click the X icon to delete a level.
  4. Choose which of your Lovense toys you want to vibrate for each level. You can attach one toy for a certain level or all toys for each level. As you grow your Lovense supply, you can add toys to each level and make them more unique.
  5. Choose the number of tokens your guests will need to tip to make your toys vibrate at each level. This should increase with each level, and higher tips should equate to more vibrations or more toys.
  6. You should also choose the reaction time for each level of tipping. This reaction time represents the number of seconds your toys will vibrate once the tip is placed. As mentioned, you should increase reaction times for better tips; essentially you want to encourage your viewers to make larger tips for better results.
  7. Choose the vibration intensity that you want for each level. You can choose from four different vibration intensities: low, medium, high, and ultra-high. You should consider your comfort level, and many also increase vibration intensity with tip levels.
  8. Once you have your levels in place, ensure that you save the settings before moving forward. There is a save button to the right side of the Basic levels page, and this will save the settings for the cam website you’re using.
  9. To ensure that your levels are working properly, you’ll want to send a test tip and see how it works. Make sure that the tip amount you send is included within the tip amount ranges that you have set.
  10. At this point, your toys should be ready to go, and you can start your show using Lovense.

Additional Benefits to Working with Lovense

lovense toys orgasm control

You are probably already sold on the amazing Lovense toys and using them for your cam shows. However, in addition to the quality interactions possible with your viewers, there are other benefits to using Lovense toys. Some of the many benefits of working with Lovense are:

You can Set up Auto Notifications

You can easily set up personalized automatic replies and toy response notifications. When your viewers tip at certain levels, they can receive an automatic response from you. This increases the level of personalization but makes things way easier on you.

Play Fun Games with Viewers

Lovense has exclusive games that can be played between you and your viewers. Your customers can experience a new way to enjoy your live streams by playing these games. This is truly something that will set you apart from other cam models.

Give High Tippers Special Controls

If you have specific viewers that are usually high tippers or are especially dedicated to your shows, you can give them special controls that keep them coming back. You can easily set a time limit and create a link that you can send to the viewer. Your client will see a control panel and can begin controlling your toys exclusively.

Make More Money on Your Shows

Once you have added the Lovense toys to your shows and have begun seeing positive benefits, you may want to join the Lovense Affiliate Program.

This is the perfect way to increase your income using the toys that you are sure to love. Signing up for this Affiliate Program is completely free, and you’ll receive a unique affiliate link.

You can immediately then refer people to the Lovense website through a banner or link on your website or social media page.

Since each affiliate receives a unique link, it allows the company to keep track of your specific referrals and give you a commission for your sales. You can easily track your stats, commissions, payment history, and traffic log via your affiliate dashboard.

The Lovense company makes it easy for you to promote their toys as they offer plenty of marketing materials for you to utilize. You can always plug these toys during your shows – while using the toys – which can lead to even better sales.

You will receive 30% commission for a sale that you bring to the site.

How to Get Your Lovense Toys for FREE

Of course, as with any high-quality sex toy, you can expect that Lovense toys come at a decently high price. These toys are well worth the investment, but it may not be possible for you to purchase several of them at this time. This is where the Lovense Wishlist comes in!

You can easily create a wishlist of all the toys you hope to get from Lovense and share this list with your viewers. Lovense allows these toys to be gifted and sent to you – directly from your viewers.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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