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Lovense Kraken Review: The Perfect Egg Masturbator?

For a company famous for its internet-enabled and powered up toys, the idea of offering a toy that’s powered by your hand alone seems like an almost bizarre throwback, yet Lovense pulls off this retro flashback with style with the Lovense Kraken, their take on the classic egg masturbator.

Small enough to fit into a discreet, egg-shaped package that can slide in your pocket to go, the Kraken is so lightweight that you might not even remember it’s there (men with ADHD, maybe write yourself a note).

Of course, we were going to review this one – Lovense has a reputation of consistent quality of toys for users of all genders, but adding an unpowered toy is a bold move.


What is the Kraken and What Does it Do?

stretchy male masturbation sleeve nautical

The Lovense Kraken is what’s called an egg masturbator.

These little guys were first introduced in Japanese adult stores in the 1990s as a more-structured and potentially reusable version of the pocket pussy.

They have a textured inside and a subtle texture on the outside giving them the look of an elongated egg – thus the name.

Most egg masturbators are of the “Tenga cup” variety, which are supposed to be used once and thrown away.

This creates a great deal of plastic waste, which most people obviously want to minimize these days, especially at the price of the imported toys.

Unfortunately, Kraken does not differ on this part of the problem. It is – like the Tenga Cup and other alternatives or competitors – a single-use or one-and-done toy.

The Lovense Kraken does come in a choice of a single item or a pack of a half-dozen, and if you’re using it in a one-day masturbation session and don’t mind too much, you can obviously extend its utility over multiple orgasms in a single session.

But once you’re done with this one, throw it away. Bacterial growth in a sex toy is a serious problem and you don’t want to explain to your urologist how you gave yourself some nasty STD.

Either deal with the problems of single-use plastics, or else find a toy that’s more reusable than a single-use masturbator egg.

Let’s just understand that this class of toy has that particular problem.

lovense Kraken Egg Sensation

Coming in the discreet plastic shell, you receive one of six textured Kraken eggs.

You will also receive a detailed user’s manual, for those who might be unsure as to how to put this on and use it, and a single-use envelope of lube.

The Kraken toy is a nautical-themed delight that you can count on for a quick masturbation session, and because there are both no power and no electronics, you can also count on it being totally discreet.

You’ll be able to leave it in your pocket (assuming you have big enough pockets to hold something like this) and use it when you want.

Now unfortunately, my test penis went away quite some time ago, so I can’t comment on how this toy feels as a toy, but as far as looks and feel goes, I can give a detailed overview on everything else that this little baby is capable of.

How Does the Lovense Kraken Work?

The Kraken is made of a single piece of Lovense’s patented TPE polymer, giving it a stretchy feel that is different from other egg masturbators.

It’s ultra-soft with several different textural options inside (as of this writing, six) and it doesn’t have one single powered or vibrating option available.

Lovense Kraken is 100% muscle-powered, for an experience unlike anything else in their app-driven toy lineup.

lovense Kraken Disposable stroker Masturbator

The Kraken’s nonslip surface has an intriguing, hand-friendly texture of its own, giving you an inviting tease.

The aquatic-themed hand texture has imitation suckers on the octopus arms, giving you a hint as to the experience that lies inside.

The exterior texture is both friendly and purposeful, inviting a slight twisting motion with the toy (which you would probably be using anyway), making an immediate, impactful presence for the user.

If Lovense meets Lovecraft on the outside of the toy, the interior promises a surprising experience, because the Kraken feels much bigger on the inside.

The Kraken is powered strictly by your own hand. For Lovense, this is a shocking twist.

Kraken also has a twist over the original pattern of egg masturbators: Its single-layer construction means it can be turned inside out, making cleaning out the cum and lube from its interior much easier (indeed, it makes it possible, as the original model couldn’t be turned inside out, a major problem when using the originals as an imported toy, increasing their price.

With that in mind, the Lovense Kraken’s impulse-purchase price makes it a much more ideal choice.

Even though it can be inverted, we would not recommend reusing it, because it’s made of porous TPE material, which means you’re not going to get it fully clean.

Lovense Kraken Egg Stroking Sleeve

What the Kraken is Not Good for

If you’re a cammer – and again, this is unlike most Lovense toys – you’re not going to get a lot of use out of the Kraken.

As the Kraken is a manually-powered masturbator, you’re not going to have free hands to interact with the camera or your viewers. Additionally, it’s also a cum-catcher, and for penis-having cam models, the cum shot is the most important part of your money-making equation.

For cam modeling, this toy is mostly one that would, could, and should be seen on the client side.

Maybe you have a particular group of clients for which this might be an attraction, but it’s not going to be the majority of your business.

The other thing that seems like a problem with this toy is that the TPE material is very soft.

So soft that it could be a problem in terms of getting enough stimulation through to your penis.

It’s gripping – and combined with the texture – is a great choice in terms of comfort, but getting off is a combination of comfort and rigidity, and there’s next to no rigidity in the TPE piece of the Kraken.

It’s just squishy-soft through and through, so all of the structure in this toy is coming from your own hand.

Because of that, you could end up with a fairly sore forearm if you’re going to be using these little guys through an extended masturbation session.

So it’s no good for camming; it’s very soft, requiring you to provide most of the structure behind the toy, and it’s not particularly good for the environment.

If the latter bothers you, email Lovense’s customer service and suggest that the next generation of Kraken should be made of a more reusable material than TPE.

Caring for Your Kraken

As we’ve discussed already, the Kraken is a one-and-done toy.

Super soft stretchy egg masturbator

So unlike most toys that we cover, this isn’t going to include instructions about washing it or a lecture on how to get it washed, dried, and stored correctly – because none of that matters for this toy.

You’re going to use it once and throw it away.

Get it? Got it? Good.

But as a rubber toy there are some things that you will have to typically be aware of. If you store it in a hot place or in the direct sunlight, the rubber will break down.

When you use the toy, give it a quick soap-and-water wash first before you get down to using it, just to make sure that any lingering mold chemicals have been washed off of the surface.

And when you’re done with it, be kind to your trash collectors and rinse it before you discard it. They’ve got a messy enough job without dealing with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like any sex toy experience, you can expect there to be a few common questions that crop up with the Lovense Kraken.

In this case, they’re actually a little unique for a Lovense toy because you’re not going to have any questions about compatibility, app interface or power – because the Kraken has none.

Where does the Kraken fit into the Lovense world?

Well, it’s a little weird in that regard.

Normally you’d expect a Lovense toy to be smoothly compatible with any device running the Lovense app – and I suppose technically that describes this toy, as well – but that’s because it has no electronics whatsoever, so you actually have no setup or Bluetooth latency to worry about whatsoever!

What are the six Kraken textures?

Lovense Kraken Single Use Masturbator

The six Kraken textures are:

  • Submerge: A tentacle-themed nautical texture with both sucking and sliding tentacles that are guaranteed to grab you and drag you down into the briny deeps of pleasure.
  • Tidal: Waves of silky TPE material caress you with a gentle motion and then drag you into the undertow of orgasm.
  • Voyage: The ship-themed voyage features anchors and steering wheels. As Puke & Snot used to joke, it’ll drive ye’ nuts.
  • Harpoon: With tridents and spears, you’re in Neptune’s arms for this one. If that sounds exciting, full steam ahead.
  • Whirlpool: Exactly what it sounds like. Whorls of TPE encourage twisting play, so you should have a pretty good time with this one. If you need a longer experience, this one looks like the most promising of the lot, since the interior texture isn’t as complex as the rest.
  • Riptide: The best way to describe Riptide’s swirling waves is that it’s a combination of Tidal, Submerge, and Whirlpool. This pattern looks like the most complicated, and likely the most fun, of all of these options in the Kraken six-pack.

Any choice of the six should give you exactly what you’re looking for, with only relatively minor variations in the duration and intensity of your pleasure, but of course, the major variation is your hand, since you control the most important aspect of this toy: Pressure.

How does the Kraken compare to its competition?

Lovense six pack Egg Masturbator

The Tenga egg and Svakom Hedy X are the main competing products. Both are a bit more expensive than Kraken.

But all three have the same problem: They’re use-once disposables, and in that regard, Kraken does come out ahead with the lowest price of the three.

If you’re concerned about plastic waste, this may not be the best toy for you to add to your collection since its porous construction means that you really should not be using it more than once.


  • Familiar egg masturbator form factor gives you a ride you really understand.
  • Deep sea theme is masculine and comfortable.
  • Variety of six textures gives you a choice of your underwater adventure.
  • Stretchy TPE material will accommodate almost any man to his full length.
  • Inexpensive price means that you can buy these easily and won’t mind using them hard.


  • Since this toy catches cum very effectively, it’s not a performer’s tool.
  • Unlike every other Lovense toy, this is a one-and-done.
  • Softer than you would expect, making it a second choice if you want hard and aggressive stimulation instead of a cushy ride.

Lovense Kraken Review: The Verdict

The Lovense Kraken is a little sea-themed egg masturbator that has a big stretch.

With a single-piece TPE construction, it’s easy to turn inside-out for a quick but thorough rinse after you finish.

Its cheap price and variety of internal textures mean that it’s an easy option to turn to for a quick wank session, giving you the best of all male masturbation options.

The outside texture makes this toy easier to hold onto while your hand is covered in lube, which can be a real problem with other toy choices.

The main problem with this toy is that it’s absolutely not reusable and the hard plastic packaging means there’s a lot of non-recyclable plastic waste involved in this thing, although in this class of masturbators, that’s actually sadly not uncommon.

Maybe in the next iteration, Lovense will think about offering a material that you can clean and reuse, keeping some plastic waste out of the overall garbage stream.

On the whole, the Kraken offers a kraken good time for a male sex toy, and is an easy recommend if you’re in the market for a new type of egg masturbator.

Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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