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Lovense DIAMO Review: The Best Bluetooth Cock Ring?

By M.Christian

The Max 2’s for people into stroker-type toys. The newly released Lush 3 is ideal for pleasuring a clit while doing the same to the G-spot. The Edge 2 also double duty excites, though this time the prostate and the genitals, and if you prefer only anal stimulation, there’s the Hush. Meanwhile, if you’re fond of classic wand vibrators, look no further than the Domi 2, Osci 2, or Mission.

With all these fine toys, it certainly looks like Lovense’s got one for practically every kind of genitalia or form of sexual enjoyment.

Except, that is, for folks into penile constriction toys—which I’d be saying if they hadn’t just released the Diamo: Lovense’s first-ever vibrating cock ring.

A toy I’m now going to explore for you, including its various features, how it works, using it, setting it up, and then my opinion if it’s worthy of your hard-earned dollars.


What the Diamo’s all about

Though it’s Lovense’s first foray into cock ring toys, it’s obvious they dedicated a considerable amount of time, and copious amounts of research, into getting it right.

Case in point, the Diamo isn’t a run-of-the-mill cock ring that happens to have a vibrator attached to it. Instead, Lovense made it a vital component of the toy’s overall design so while the ring constricting the penis vibrates, the majority of it goes to that sadly often overlooked region between the anus and the base of the penis.

Overlooked by sex toys, I mean, as anyone who enjoys sexual activities with the penis-equipped is no doubt intimately (and then some) familiar with how arousing this region—the perineum to be technical about it—can be.

Then there’s the ring part I mentioned and why slightly reducing the blood flow from the base to the shaft and head of the penis can feel really, really, great.

Okay, class, everyone find a seat. Bueller … Bueller … Bueller? Well, I guess he’s out sick. Anyway, open your textbooks to page 69 (giggle), and we’ll start today’s lesson on cock rings.

As this an hour-long class, I’ll cut to the chase. Slipped over the head and down the shaft of a penis, and from there positioned behind the testicles, cock rings do their magic by, as I said above, somewhat diminishing blood flow to the shaft and the head of the penis.

Emphasis on slightly and somewhat as if too tight, or worn too long, cock rings have been known to cause permanent damage to this remarkably fragile part of the human body … for those that have them, of course.

Cock rings come in all kinds of shapes, styles, and materials ranging from steel rings (not recommended for anyone save the experienced), latex, Velcro, jelly-like plastics, and leather (with or without snaps).

Regarding what they do and why they remain so popular among the penis-equipped is their constriction reduces sensitivity, prolongs erections, delays orgasm, allows for better control—to name only a few fun things about them.

So considering how long-established cock rings are in the world of sex toys that Lovense would, one day or other, try their hands at one was pretty inevitable.

That’s also good news for those of us who count themselves as fans; as with the Diamo, they’re demonstrated that they haven’t merely made yet another cock ring but one that does what many of them haven’t done before.

lovense diamo

What makes the Diamo so interesting

Though I touched on how it vibrates the perineum as well as its ring part, I want to add a few more details as to why the Diamo is so important—and exciting.

As a person with this set of genitals, it can be frustrating to see so many sex tech companies follow the tired old design idea that it’s the penis and nothing but the penis when it comes to stimulation.  The reality is that—depending on differences in biology and what does or doesn’t arouse someone—there’s a whole lot more to these types of genitals than merely stimulating the sausage in sausage-and-two-eggs.

Including how pleasurable stimulating the area around the anus, the base of the testicles, or the nerves above and to the side of the genitals can be.

Again, Lovense didn’t have to give us a toy with the potential to pleasure these areas, but they did—and a hearty thanks to them for doing it.

In addition to stimulating the perineum, the Diamo delivers pleasant vibrations to whoever else is involved during penetrative sex—though how much depends on what kind of positions are used, what their genitals are, and how they like them pleasured.

Though I’ve praised the Diamo’s for perineum-play, that’s not the only way to use it.  On its product page, Lovense as suggestions like placing the vibrating unit above and back against the wearer’s body to add tension, forward to vibrate against the shaft, below but forward to vibrate against the testicles—and whatever else people can dream up.

Another unique thing about the Diamo is its asymmetrical design, which might make it somewhat awkward to use depending on if the wearer is right or left-handed.


Looking at it from the wearer’s perspective, with its vibrator under and curving back, the single-button control is on the left, above the Diamo’s status-indicating LED light—and below that the toy’s metallic magnetic charging connection points.

A one-button-does-all design is not all-that common with Lovense products, but like those that do have one the Diamo’s does everything you need it to, beginning with powering the Diamo on or off—if you hold it down for three seconds—or by tapping it, cycling through the Diamo’s ten preset patterns and three levels of intensity.

I promise I’m not going to, yet again, bring up my issue with magnetic charging systems. Mainly because I know you’re probably getting tired of me ranting about how frustrating they can be, though mostly with the Diamo Lovense has shown they actually know how to make one that works.

Regarding its all-important charge to playtime ratio, the Diamo is superb: clocking in at a very respectable two hours of effective use for an hour and ten minutes of charging.

Similar to other Lovense toys, the Diamo’s sheathed in body-neutral silicone that’s rated IPX7 for waterproofness so you can shower or soak in your bathtub without worry.

On that, its silicone skin should only be exposed to clear water. So keep it away from the ocean or hot tubs as there’s nothing worse than a corroded sextoy.

Cleaning the Diamo takes the application of a small amount of gentle dishwashing soap and warm, though not hot—as high temperatures will also damage the silicone —water.

The Diamo weighs three ounces (86 grams if you prefer), with a total length of 5.3 inches, 2.75 of which is the vibrating part.

However, the inner diameter of the ring is 1.7 inches—a critical point I’ll be addressing in my verdict below.

lovense ring

What comes with the Diamo and how to set it up

If you’ve gotten your hands on any of Lovense’s products, you know the drill regarding what they come up with—not counting the toy itself.

The Diamo is no different, with customers receiving a charging cable (USB, without a power supply—but no sextoy company includes one), a quick set-up guide, an in-depth manual, and a stylish bag to put your Diamo in when you aren’t using it. The Diamo also comes with Lovense’s standard one-year warranty.

As I touched on, right up there with how well-thought-of they are in the quality of their products department, the Diamo is as brainy as every toy they sell.

To get this going, download the Lovense Remote app to your computer (PC or Apple) or smartphone (Android or iOS) and put your newly purchased Diamo into Bluetooth standby mode.

Once connected, the Lovense Remote can be used to operate the Diamo, and with far better options than those provided by its single hardwired button.

For example, you can create customized intensities or patterns, and share what you’ve made with other users—or see what they’ve come up with, as well.

There’s also the option to set the app to do its vibrating thing to ambient noises (oooh ahhhh), make the Diamo dance to your hottest tunes, or with the Lovense Remote’s built-in video chat feature put a face to the person you’ve allowed to take control of the toy—making it ideal for all kinds of limited-only-by-your-imagination teledildonic pleasures.


  • Lovense’s first cock ring toy
  • Options to stimulate the entire genital area
  • 175 Minutes of playtime with a full charge
  • Waterproof for shower or tub enjoyment


  • May not be pleasurable for those unfamiliar with cock rings
  • Suitable only for those who like penile construction along with perineum stimulation

remote cock ring

The verdict

Though I have a reasonably substantial amount of experience with this new—and fascinating—generation of sex toys, it’s quite cool to be able to share my thoughts on Lovense’s Diamo through the lens of someone with (gasp) thirty+ years of cock ring use.

This is why the Diamo is such a kick to write about, as far too frequently otherwise intelligent sex tech companies have tried to upgrade this classic sextoy only to make me feel they didn’t get it—as in what makes cock rings so enjoyable.

Or, for that matter, how for all of their good points—and believe me, there are plenty of those—cock rings have one inherent … well, maybe not a flaw, per se, but something can make shopping for one quite challenging.

It goes like this: even the most stretch of stretchy rings doesn’t mean it’ll be a perfect fit. The reality is how comfortable or effective a ring isn’t simply a matter of size but material, ease of getting it on or off (particularly in a hurry), whether or not someone’s pubic region is closely shorn or a nearly impenetrable thicket of pubic hair … and on and on and on.

So, like many cock ring fans, I have a drawer full of them—and several dozens more I tossed away—that looked good but never felt right.

So buying a cock ring sight unseen or without the ability to take it for a ride can be problematic. Plus, there’s not knowing if it’ll be too tight, too loose, pulls the right (or wrong) way, and so forth.

That Lovense lists the inner diameter of the Diamo’s ring is a fantastic start as it grants potential purchasers at least somewhat of an idea of how effective/comfortable it might be.

Summing up, and thank you for indulging my thoughts on this, Lovense makes some of the finest sex toys on the market—and because of that, I can unequivocally say the Diamo is fantastic and well worth the price.

However, unless you know your way around a cock ring, especially after developing the ability to understand what a silicone one with an inner diameter of 1.7 inches means for how enjoyable it could be.

If you’re new to cock rings, my advice is to hold off on buying a Diamo until you get yourself an assortment pack of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles to familiarize yourself with what a cock ring feels like.

Even after that, there remains the possibility that for this or that reason, the Diamo won’t work for you—after spending a not-small-amount of money for a toy that’ll end up gathering dust in a closet.

If you can accept all this and are experienced enough with cock rings—or have the disposable income to roll the dice—then, most definitely, I have no qualms about saying that you should pick up a Lovense Diamo.

Otherwise, have fun playing with all sorts of cock rings and, when you feel you have a good grasp of what you like and can afford to, buy one as well.

Because the Diamo is from Lovense—and you can’t get any better than that!


Written by LovenseFAN Team

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