Lovense LUSH 3 Review: The Best Remote Control Vibrator?!

By M.Christian

Lovense has released a brand new version of their popular vaginal/g-spot stimulating vibrator. The Lush 3 proves yet again that one of Lovense’s strongest points is taking a good thing and making it better.

So how better is the Lush 3? Before I get into the specifics, let’s take a brief look at Lovense’s approach to upgrading a sextoy, which can be more important than any specific improvements to this or any of their other products.


Why the Lush 3 Does it Right

Not to say that Lovense hasn’t done some impressive rethinking of the original Lush, as well as the version that preceded it, but what struck me about the changes they made to this third model are the reasons behind making them.

For those unfamiliar with this type of sex toy, the Lush 3 is designed to be used by someone with a vulva – though there’s no reason why folks with other genital configurations can’t enjoy its sensations, as well.

Keeping this somewhat simple – and focusing on who it was designed for – the larger part of the Lush is inserted into the vagina where its shape and vibrations, delivered by the toy’s powerful motor, stimulate the G-spot.

Meanwhile, the toy’s tail arcs out, back, and downwards to reach the clitoral area – the two parts working in concert or separately to provide a great range of pleasurable sensations.

The tail pulls double-duty, as well, housing the toy’s Bluetooth antenna and keeping the Lush 3 connected with Lovense’s Remote app for all kinds of interactive, long-distance, and pre-programmed play sessions.

That’s the basics, which hasn’t substantially changed from the original Lush to the other two models. However, as I teased at the beginning of this review, what they decided to upgrade with the Lush 3, and why they did it, says so much about Lovense as a sextoy manufacturer.

If you haven’t already clicked on its link, I encourage you to do it now because it perfectly demonstrates what I’m talking about. In short, the Lush 3’s description on Lovense’s product page contains several notes of what makes it a significant upgrade.

My favorite thing about the page, though, is how Lovense compares the two previous models, noting their differences and improvements. Like how the second’s antenna, in addition to being redesigned for greater Bluetooth connectivity, was also built to house the toy’s control buttons as well—on top of it receiving a bigger, beefier motor.

The key here is that Lovense didn’t make these modifications to get as much moolah out of their customers, but because it’s what their customers wanted.  As they say about the Lush 3: “As before, we did lots of research and tried to get as much feedback as possible.”

So, armed with this knowledge, the Lush 3 jumps ahead of its previous incarnations with:

  • an improved charging system.
  • a firmer tail to help keep it in place.
  • an upgraded antenna.
  • being made considerably quieter.
  • a massive improvement to its battery life.

All because Lovense asked for, listened to, and then learned what their customers said regarding the Lush 1 and Lush 2‘s shortcomings – then gave them what they wanted with the Lush 3.

This is why I said that what they did, meaning they paid attention to what people were saying, is more critical than the Lush 3’s improvements as it shows they are a company that values feedback and strives to meet the needs of their customers.

Doing so means that when they release any new model, their customers can be assured it was done for excellent – and enjoyable – reasons.


What’s New and Exciting About the Lush 3?

The Lush 3 is not one, but maybe three or four steps above its older models.

The biggest reason for this, I feel, is its upgraded battery life – an issue I’ve been whingeing about for more years than I care to mention, especially when it comes to sex toys.

Notably, for all the sextech whizz-bang cool electronic things companies stuff into their products, they too often irritatingly take the identical amount of time to charge as they do to use the darned things.

Not with the Lush 3, which improves on the Lush 2’s scant 190 minutes of playtime by delivering a staggering 290 minutes, or about 4.5 to 5 hours, of playtime.

After this – and, seriously, what could be better than one hundred additional minutes of use? – is how much quieter the Lush 3 is. As Lovense points it, the older model routinely operated at around 45.5 decibels. The Lush 3, though, drops that to a hushed 43: making it ideal for those who enjoy taking their sexy time antics to public or shared places and would like to avoid accidentally drawing a lot of undue attention.

I’m not a particularly big fan of magnetic charging systems. There’s a tendency for sex tech companies to implement massive changes in design without making sure they do what they’re supposed to do.

But, this is Lovense, after all. They’ve done it right with the Lush 3.

However, there’s still the risk of accidental disconnection, and you still need to pay a certain amount of attention to make sure it’s connected and stays that way.

They’ve also made the Lush 3’s tail considerably stiffer. While this may not sound particularly noteworthy – at least not when compared to all its other upgrades – it’s definitely worth recognizing.

Because, as veterans of these kinds of toys can attest, as you’re dealing with not one but two separate components, each doing radically different things to radically stimulate different sexual areas, it can be tough, and occasionally, impossible to do both well.

Particularly as the interior component will sometimes transmit a portion of its vibrations along the tail – resulting in unexpected wriggling that makes it tough to keep it in place.

Lovense has addressed this, though, by giving the Lush 3 a firmer tail to give it superior (not to get too technical about it) staying-put-ness.

lovense lush 3

Lush 3’s Specifications

An outer covering of body-safe silicone makes the Lush 3 waterproof, and therefore ideal for tub or shower sexual experiences. The Lush 3 carries Lovense’s well-regarded stamp of high-quality manufacturing.

Not that you’ll want to be overly cavalier with it, as taking it or any silicone-covered sex toy to the beach or for a splash in a hot tub will damage the silicone.

Treat it with care and a heaped helping of smarts, though – like carefully reading the Lush 3’s manual – and it won’t give you any problems.

Overall, the Lush 3 is 3.77 inches long, 5.3 tall, and 1.3 wide – with the vagina-insertable part at 3 inches long, 1.5 tall, and the same 1.3 wide.

Lovense recommends a suitable lubricant: ideally, one that won’t damage its silicone or, better yet, harm its user. Fortunately, right at the bottom of the Lush 3’s product page is a link to Lovense’s own brand of water-based lube.

On the underside of the tail’s tip you’ll find the Lush 3’s single-button control. This position might seem like it would be awkward but – again praising Lovense’s intelligent design choices – it’s actually elegantly ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Pushing it for three seconds turns it on or off, while tapping it briefly cycles through the Lush 3’s preset vibration patterns and also adjusts its intensity.

Cleaning the Lush 3 is remarkably easy, as it only requires warm (never hot) water, and the application of gentle dish soap, followed by a good rinse and drying with a lint-free cloth. Back to its silicone covering, avoid anything that contains acetone or alcohol at all costs as that’ll seriously damage it.Lush-3 antenna

What You Get With the Lush 3 – and How to Use it

In addition to the Lush 3, customers get a magnetic charging cable, a user manual, a quick set-up guide, and a bag to keep the toy in when not in use.

Along with all this, the Lush 3 comes with a pretty standard – for sex-tech products, anyway – one-year warranty.

And since this is a Lovense product, the Lush 3 is amazingly smart. With it, you’re able to do all the fun, interactive, and remote stuff many of their products can do, as well.

And all it takes to enjoy the Lush 3’s sextech capabilities is to first choose whatever Lovense Remote app suits your needs: PC or Apple desktops, iOS or Android smartphones (take your pick).

Before downloading and installing, make sure your preferred hardware is Bluetooth-capable. If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, Lovense sells its own dongle you can easily use to get connected with your Lush 3.

Next, power up your Lush 3 and put it into standby mode. This will tell the toy to fire off an electronic flare so the Lovense Remote app will be able to find it.

If all goes well, your chosen app will provide a digital thumbs-up sign that it, indeed, has located your Lush 3. From then on, it’s all about playing with all the fantastic things you can do with this sextoy and software combo.

For instance, you can tweak your Lush 3’s vibrational actions to your heart’s content, including trying out premade patterns or creating your own if the ones pre-installed in the Lovense Remote app don’t wet your … whistle.

If you have a partner, they can take the reins and control your Lush 3 remotely; the range depending on whether you’re standing or sitting: 30 to 45 feet away for the former, 20 to 30 for the latter.

You can do the same if you’re in a long-distance relationship, as well. Simply send them a special permission message from within the Lovense Remote app, and no matter where they are in the world, they’ll be able to push all your sexy buttons.

If you’d like to get your groove thing on while you’re doing the nasty, the Lovense Remote’s got you covered by allowing you to pass your rocking beats along to the Lush 3. Think of it as one of those toys that dances when you clap or make a loud noise, but with an ultra-sophisticated piece of software so instead of dancing, think of the Lush 3 vibrating your fun bits.

And music isn’t the only thing you can have your Lush 3 respond to, as it’ll do the same to any ambient noises, as well. So, for the first time you can moan, groan, hiss, scream, shout, or giggle and have a state-of-the-art sextoy accompany your sounds with its own sweet music, to… well, not your ears.

That’s not all, as Lovense has more software games in store for owners of their products, though sadly, they aren’t yet available for as many platforms as their Lovense Remote app is.

If you want to combine what you see in your favorite adult videos with what your Lovense toy does, then download (PC only) the Lovense Media Player to do just that. If you’re curious about it, I recommend reading my review of it here.

lush 3


  • Battery life increased to nearly five hours.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity
  • Enhanced tail rigidity keeps it in contact with the clitoral area.
  • Now equipped with a magnetic-type charging port.
  • Created via feedback from users.


  • Only really suitable for those who enjoy clitoral and G-spot play.
  • Similarly, if you prefer rhythmic penetration, it may not be as arousing as other products.
  • Its magnetic charging system may require some tinkering to work right.


Lovense Lush 3 Review: The Verdict

In a distinct change of pace from my other reviews, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you should buy a Lovense Lush 3.

After, of course, my boilerplate caveat: only if you have the necessary biology and are aroused by simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation toys.

Because the Lush 3’s from a sextech industry leader who’s gotten where they are by producing well-made and thoughtfully designed products – and never fixes something that doesn’t need to be, but also never ignores real problems or haphazardly tosses out upgrades when they aren’t necessary.

A company that also (gasp!) listens to what customers say, reaches out to them, values their opinions, and (also gasp!) puts this knowledge to work by improving what was already a great product.


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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