Kiiroo vs. Lovense: Which One Sells the Best Smart Sex Toys?

Lovense and Kiiroo are the two biggest retailers of high-end teledildonics – remote control sex toys. What sets these two companies well above most of the others is their dedication to providing the latest technology integrated with their own patented designs.

Both are geared to provide interactive, virtual sexual options to individuals, couples, and anyone who wants to achieve amazing orgasms and sexual pleasure.

How are you supposed to decide which company to trust with your next purchase of self-pleasure or interactive sex toys?

Each company offers quality products that are very popular and have created very dedicated fans to their brands. Check out this brief look at each of these teledildonics giants, their main features, perks, and shortcomings to help you decide.

Which Brand of Sex Toys are Right For You: Lovense or Kiiroo?

Lovense and Kiiroo both provide great sex toys. Deciding which brand is the right choice for your next toy purchase is going to depend mostly on what you expect from your sexual playtime. Some of the things that will determine which is the perfect choice include:

  1. The type of play you want, either solo, partnered, virtual reality, cam sites, gaming, etc.
  2. Your budget.
  3. Your sexual preferences.
  4. Shared pleasure desire.
  5. Personal preference.

Keep reading for a closer look at each of the options available from both Lovense and Kiiroo to help you decide which one is the perfect choice to meet your sexual desires.

What is Teledildonics?

Teledildonics is a trendy term for the kind of sex toys that use some type of wireless technology, usually, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to connect two people’s sex toys together. Teledildonics is not only the interactive toys, but it also refers to toys that can be controlled from a distance.

Lovense and Kiiroo are the undeniable leaders in teledildonics. Each company offers its own patented technology and a wide range of features to bring together fantasy and physical pleasure.


lovense vs kiiroo

Lovense was the first company to introduce teledildonic technology in 2013. Dedicated to promoting interactive sexual pleasure for couples and play partners, specifically those separated by distance for some amount of time. Lovense understands the importance of sexual intimacy and pleasure in a strong relationship.

Lovense is the clear leader in interactive virtual sex. Their patented technology found in the Lovense Nora and Max 2 allows users to feel the movements and actions of their partners in real-time. This means that the actions of one user direct affect the sensations felt by the other partner.

The Lovense Choice

Here is how Lovense stands up to the characteristics listed above:

  1. Lovense provides several types of play options. Their focus is on solo and couple play, specifically interactive, realistic virtual sex.
  2. Of these two companies, Lovense products tend to be slightly less expensive than comparable Kiiroo products. Additionally, Lovense pairs many of their products, which allows them to be purchased together as a couple at a discount.
  3. Lovense features products that are perfect for all sexual stimulations, including penetration, anal, clitoral, and prostate-focused toys.
  4. Lovense is dedicated to couples and increasing the intimacy that long-distance couples need to keep up in their relationships.

Toys Available

Name Style Wearable? Solo Play? Local Control? Distance Control? Virtual Sex? Music Sync? Patterns/


Nora Rabbit Vibe X X X X 7/3
Max 2 Male Masturbator X X X X 7/3
Lush 2 G-Spot X X X X X
Hush Anal Plug X X X X X 0/3
Ambi Hammer Bullet X X X X
Edge Prostate Massager X X X X X
Domi Mini Wand X X X X
Osci G-Spot Wand X X X X



kiiroo sex toy industry

Kiiroo is the leader in virtual sexual pleasure. Unlike the Lovense focus on couples and interactive, responsive play, Kiiroo focuses on the huge industry of visually-based sexual pleasures. These include porn and live cam sites, gaming, and adult films.

Kiiroo is dedicated to giving a unique experience to individuals that want to have a physical connection to adult sexual content. While many of the Lovense products can be used in a similar way, it is not the original intent.

Kiiroo also provides a wide range of options for their customers to connect with not only all of their own products but other sex toys, as well. They’ve worked hard to build relationships with important companies in the visual adult content industries.

Another important aspect of the Kiiroo line of toys is that they can connect with any other Kiiroo toys – and even some toys from other product line partners.

This means that for the first time ever, there are interactive toy options for lesbian couples to experience virtual sexual play. For example, two women can each use a Pearl 2 and be able to control the sensations the other experiences. This is done using the free FeelConnect app for Android and iOS.

The Kiiroo Choice

Here is how Kiiroo stands up to the characteristics listed above:

  1. Kiiroo provides plenty of options for solo and coupled sexual play. However, as mentioned, they provide toys to be used with virtual adult visual content, such as live webcam interactions, gaming, and even programs designed to coincide with adult films. One way that Kiiroo provides these experiences is by providing a range of sleeve options that are each unique and licensed to specific popular adult film stars. The purchase includes a digital adult film download, which also includes program settings that create a virtual sexual experience to match the film.
  2. Across the board, Kiiroo products generally cost a bit more than similar models available from nearly all other toy manufacturers and retailers, including Lovense. Kiiroo does offer discounts for purchases of paired items, such as the Onyx 2 and Pearl 2.
  3. Kiiroo has a smaller product line, and there are only four basic types of toys: traditional male masturbators, a clitoris vibrator, a rabbit-style vibrator, and G-spot vibrators. While the toys could be used for anal stimulation, they offer no toys specifically designed for anal play.
  4. As mentioned, Kiiroo directs their technology improvements toward the visual and interactive sexual industries. Couples can absolutely use all the Kiiroo products, but their products are mostly designed as a supplement to these industries.

Toys Available

Name Style Wearable? Solo Play? Local Control? Distance Control? Virtual Sex? Music Sync? Patterns/


Cliona Clit Vibe X X X X
Fleshlight Launch Male Masturbator X X X X X
Onyx 2 Male Masturbator X X X
Titan Male Masturbator X X X X
Esca 2 G-Spot Vibe X X X X
Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibe X X X X
Fuse Rabbit Vibe X X X X

Personal Preference

The final piece of the puzzle is not something anyone can decide for you. Your personal preference is going to be a completely personal, and perhaps private thing.

The truth is… only you can choose the company that you feel personally drawn to, whether that is based on this information or your own research and experience.

The best part of personal preference is that you are definitely allowed to change your mind! If you choose one company and are not happy with your experience, you should be more than comfortable with “switching.” In fact, your satisfaction should be the biggest priority.

Kiiroo vs. Lovense: Which One Should You Choose?

Both Lovense and Kiiroo produce quality sex toys. When comparing them side by side, we consider the clear winner to be Lovense.

Our reasons for this include:

  • Cost.
  • Variety of product options.
  • The interactive experience, especially realistic virtual sex with Nora and Max 2.
  • And sexual preference/orientation inclusion – we cannot help but fault Kiiroo for failing to provide toys geared for anal play.

We hope you have found this helpful and wish you the best in your future sexual pleasures!


Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.


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