Lush 3 vs Ferri: Which Lovense Vibe is The Best?

Somewhere on YouTube is a memorable female comedian who, after a big sigh of relief, exclaimed that it was the last time she would ever buy a vibrator from eBay because after using it, she contracted all sorts of itchy STDs.

That was many years ago, and vibrators have come a long way since then – especially the ones made by Lovense. As a woman, you have probably ‘auditioned’ more than a few pleasure-inducing sex toys that never felt right for you.

Either the range was too short, the surface too rough, the batteries never lasted, and there was no customization. You’re probably a woman with high standards, one who loves G-spot action but also needs clit vibration to intensify the climax. That is exactly what you’ll get from the Lush 3 and the Ferri by Lovense.

This article will compare the Lovense Lush 3 vs. the Lovense Ferri that feature neither of the problems mentioned above. As perfect as these products are, the dilemma still remains which of the two will satisfy your needs. Read on to find out which is the best of the two.

The Lovense Lush 3

bluetooth remote control vibrator

The Lovense Lush 3 is an insertable egg vibrator that features a tail and a smooth, bulbous head. It basically looks like a pink sperm that fits in your palm. It is a third-generation and the latest upgrade from the popular Lush 2.

This remotely-controllable egg vibrator comes with a free app that enables you to customize the vibrations to suit your preferred settings. You are able to share the same app settings with your long-distance partner to boost intimacy. You can recharge the Lush 3 by magnetic charging and continue to enjoy long-range public and private kinky pleasure.

Notable features include a better battery life, improved waterproof element, more power, and stronger Bluetooth technology. The Lush 3 is more than flexible, which enables you to wear it in more than one style.


The Main Features of the Lovense Lush 3 Egg Vibrator

Made of Silicone

Women have been using silicone for transplants effectively for a long time. The same way transplants bring satisfaction is how this body-safe silicone material of the Lush 3 maximizes pleasure by being extra soft to the touch, just like a natural penis.

Convenient Small Size and Shape

The Lush 3 will slide in 3 inches max, but that’s much more than enough to hit the G-spot and vibrate you into an orgasm. When inserted, it forms a c-shape that transfers a percentage of the vibration to your clit, and we all know how that feels. What this egg vibrator lacks in size, it more than makes up for it in power.

Stronger Vibrations

lovense lush vs ferri comparison

The Lush 3 offers three levels of vibration and four pulse patterns that rumble intensely. The strong motor inside responds instantly, which means you will immediately feel a change in custom pattern vibrations.

Quiet Enough for Public Naughtiness

This egg vibrator is really quiet, unlike other toys on the market – a feature that dares you to wear it in public and just live your life. You could also live out your wildest fetishes of going grocery shopping or taking office meetings with the Lush 3 on maximum settings, and no one next to you will hear a thing. They might confuse the orgasms as a seizure, though.

Improved App Control and Connectivity

Whether you’re using a computer or a phone, it’s possible to remote-control the Lush 3 by Lovense. The app allows you to synch the vibrations to your favorite music.

The redesigned Bluetooth antenna maintains a strong connection, no matter the distance. Feel free to combine it with other toys in case your partner has a different brand or Lovense model.

The tail features a button that you can use to control the level of vibrations that will get you there. A totally cool feature of this egg vibrator is that you can control it using voice commands! The motor is also designed to respond to any particular ambient or on-device sound.

Fully Waterproof

One advantage with a sex toy being fully waterproof is that you can enjoy it while in a swimming pool, soaking in a bathtub, or enjoying a sexy shower. You can take the Lush 3 anywhere and in any weather without fear of water – just be mindful that salt water could damage the silicone if submerged for too long.

This egg vibrator has a waterproof of IPX7, which means that it’s able to be submerged at a depth of one meter for half an hour. That’s more than plenty of time to swim in cloud nine orgasms.

You’ve read what the Lovense Lush 3 can do; now it’s time to check out the other sex toy, which is a panty vibrator.

The Lovense Ferri

lovense long distance setup

The Lovense Ferri is also Bluetooth controlled, but the difference with the Lush 3 is that this one is a panty vibrator. You simply attach it to your panty using a sturdy magnet that comes with the packaging. After wearing the Ferri vibrator on your panty, there are ten patterns to choose from that are customizable as well.

If the Lush 3 is a tampon, then the Lovense Ferri is a sanitary pad, a fact that portrays how these sex toys are worn. Unlike the Lush 3, this one features a physical button you can use to select the ten vibration intensities. The same patterns can be set and customized in an accompanying smartphone application.

Your main concern with the Ferri panty vibrator is an incident where it drops to the floor while in a public function. Imagine if that happened when you decide to visit your in-laws or parents!

Lovense guarantee the magnet is strong enough to save you from such unforgettable humiliations. Besides, if that ever happens, the vibrator is inside of your panties, so you can somehow clench it before it falls.


The Features That Distinguish the Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

Fast Charging

The Ferri is fitted with a rechargeable battery that charges via magnetic charging. It takes an hour to reach full charge from zero.

That charge can last for 100 hours when on standby. You are able to use this panty vibrator for three and a half hours straight without the need to recharge.

Quality Vibrations

The vibrations are directed on your clit, so expect deep and really intense rumbling. You have the option of 10 patterns you can customize using the free app.

There are three vibration levers, which are high, medium, and low. Each of the levels offers the right intensity for a particular mood you are in. You can use low or medium for flirting and foreplay while you and your partner are still having dinner on a date.


lovense lush patterns

You are highly cautioned against submerging the Lovense Ferri because it is only water-resistant and not waterproof like the Lush 3. It is also not recommended in the shower because the water will damage it. However, all these restrictions will not reduce the quality of the orgasm you’ll get from wearing this panty vibrator.

This feature is an advantage because it gives you the freedom to own several toys. So that each toy has its place and time.

For example, on rainy days, you could take the Lush 3 and still go swimming to cum all over your naughty underwater fetish. Then the Lovense Ferri will accompany you to events and functions that require more clothes to be won.

Comfortable Design

The Ferri is made from plastic and silicone that comes in contact with your clit for that organic touch. When worn, it’s light enough not to cause any discomfort or hinder the way you’ve always cat walked. The magnet keeps it in place so you can spend all your energy fantasizing about your favorite fetish.

Easy to Use

You’ll probably use it correctly without reading the manual that comes with the packaging. This is because the Ferri is straightforward.

There is a button, two magnets in case you lose one, a magnetic charger, and tiny booklets. The button is for powering the panty vibrator on/off and for selecting any of the ten vibration patterns.

Connecting to the app is also effortless, and you can let your partner control it as far away as outside the house while you tuck yourself into bed to enjoy another well-deserved, intense orgasm. The app allows you to add your own created patterns and also sync the vibrations to songs.

Conveniently Quiet

Just to let you know how quiet the LovenseFerri is, the Lush 3 makes 40dB vibrations while this panty vibrator makes a maximum of 43dB. That’s still stealthy for dinner dates and meetings where the atmosphere is relatively quiet.

Which is Better: the Lovense Lush 3 vs. Lovense Ferri?

It is hard to choose the best between a Lush 3 and the Ferri because they are both great for the individual tasks they are meant to do. The Ferri works perfectly as a panty vibrator thanks to the strong magnet that holds it in place, while the Lush 3 offers maximum pleasure as an internal G-spot and clit vibrator.

There are two differences between these two sex toys by Lovense:

  • The Ferri is more suited for outdoor sexual adventure when you’re in the mood for discreet pleasure with your clothes on in public.
  • The Lush 3 shines best when you’re naked, wet, and looking to satisfy your horniness. That is why it is popular with cam girls, and Lovense is even integrated with the best cam sites.

The second difference between these two is pricing.

Typically the Lush 3 costs $80 more than the Ferri, but from time to time there’s a special online discount, so the Ferri is only $99, and the Lush 3 is $119.

Lush 3 vs Ferri: The Verdict

These two vibrators have their own individual strengths because they have two different specializations. There is a solution for anyone who cannot decide between the Lovense Ferri, a panty vibrator, and the Lush 3, an egg vibrator that works best when inserted 3 inches deep. The solution is, why not own both of them to test the limits of your naughtiness?



Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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