Lovense Edge 2 Review: Still the KING of Prostate Massagers?

By M.Christian

It’s said—well, I do, at any rate—that a measure of a company is when their customers want “the same, yet different” they treat it as an opportunity rather than anything to complain about.

And Lovense is a perfect example of this positive attitude, demonstrated by the work they’ve put into their newly-released Edge 2: an upgraded version of their popular and highly regarded anal sex and prostate-stimulating vibrator.

So let’s delve into it to see examine what Lovense’s slightly changed, significantly altered, or merely tweaked when making the Edge 2 “the same, yet different.”


Say hello to the Lovense Edge 2

Though it may not immediately appear like it, the new Edge’s design has been extensively rethought. Placed next to its predecessor, you’ll instantly see that while they share a slightly L-shaped configuration in common, the 2.0 model’s received a significant change in shape.

This isn’t merely a cosmetic alteration, either, as Lovense took note of what their customers liked and didn’t about it and modified their model 2 accordingly.

For example, if you’re an anal pleasure fan, you’re well aware that getting in and keeping in a toy can sometimes be on the tricky side. Extra if the device, as with the Edge, can be adjusted to reach all of those hard-to-reach and arousing anal sweet spots. Magnified, again like the Edge brand, if it has an extension designed to stimulate the outer areas—be it a vulva or penis and/or testicles.

The big, sexy brains at Lovense saw this frequent—excuse the obvious way of putting it—pain-in-the-ass issue with anal pleasure toys and refined their Edge 2 to be across-the-board comfortable to get in and keep in.

Beginning with increasing size of the Edge 2’s insertable bulb, making sure it doesn’t wander too far off track—or fall out—while it does its delightfully, arousing vibrating thing. Then there’s this improved design ups the ante in stimulating either a prostate or a G-spot.

But this is merely the beginning of the Edge 2’s improvements, so next, let’s take a gander at what changes Lovense’s done to their toy under its (metaphorical) hood.

What else does the Lovense Edge 2 offer?

If you read my comparison between the Hush, Lovense’s other anal sex toy, and the original Edge—if not, then here’s a link to that article—you probably remember me praising the Edge’s inner workings.

Specifically, how it uses a pair of outstandingly powerful motors to deliver its vibrational goodness: the same motors that are in the new version, as well, though with a significant upgrade in how they’re controlled.

Ah, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Bluetooth … the miracle of 21st-century smart sextoys: the frequently used tech that gives users the ability to use their smartphone or computer to tell their pleasurable gadgets what to do—whether in the same room, across the globe—or in response to what’s happening in porn videos or games.

What isn’t said, or at least not often enough, is that though it can do its job exceptionally well, Bluetooth isn’t without its drawbacks, however, mainly that no matter how well a device is built, or its software is carefully honed, it’s all for moot if the signal between this side of the sextech equation and that side can’t be made—or maintained.

In other words, it comes down to the toy’s antenna. A reality that, again, Lovense listened to and addressed with the Edge 2 by giving their new model a vastly improved one, in addition to making overall improvements to its electronics to help maintain its all-important Bluetooth connectivity.

They didn’t stop there, as another “oh, bother”—to oddly quote Winnie-the-Pooh—sextoys have is their electrical endurance, with users complaining more and more than as they’re on the verge of getting where they want to be with their orgasms their device suddenly konks due to a frustratingly-depleted battery.

To give you an idea of how much Lovense has worked on this issue, take a gander at these numbers for the Edge 2: that after 100 minutes to fully charge, it’ll run for an impressive 100 minutes at its basic level of function, with more features engaged it’ll go for 80, and full-tilt, and after every bell and whistle running at full capacity, you’ll have at least an hour to enjoy yourself with it.

For those into it, here’s a brief rundown of the Edge’s 2’s size and weight, starting with the weight difference between the two, with the new version clocking in at around 5.33 ounces—making it slightly heavier than the original’s 5 ounces.

The Edge’s 2 dimensions are 4.89 inches in overall length, with the insertable coming in at 3.59 long and 1.38 inches in diameter.


lovense edge 2

What you get with the Lovense Edge 2

Another improvement the Edge 2 has over its previous model is its improved magnetic charging system. This particularly has me grinning like a big dumb idiot as in the comparison piece I referenced above in practically every review I’ve written about sex tech; I’ve gripped extensively about how rarely, if ever, this technology works.

Along with this cable, the Edge 2 comes with:

  • A one-year warranty
  • A quick set-up guide
  • A user’s manual (though Lovense’s online guide is better)
  • A handsome storage bag


Getting started with the Lovense Edge 2

Stand by for yet another old chestnut: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In the case of the Edge 2, I’m specifically referring to how users won’t have to learn an entirely new way to set up and use their new model.

So don’t fret if this is something you don’t have any experience with, as in addition to manufacturing superior quality toys like the Edge 2, Lovense’s equally highly regarded for their software side of things, notably how easy it is to get their products Bluetooth linked up.

The key to which is their Lovense Remote app, available for Apple or Android smartphones, PC users—if their hardware supports Bluetooth—and, bringing another twinkle to this old Macintosh fan’s eyes, also on Apple computers.

After downloading it to your platform of choice, all that’s required is to put your Lovense product into Bluetooth connect mode, look for it in your choice of Lovense Remote app, pair them, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Which can be as close as you or a partner controlling the action while in the same room together or—by hooking up to the Internet—anywhere in the world.

Sticking with this for a minute, as there have been more than a few, to put it mildly, troubling incidents lately involving Internet-of-things tech, including owners of a different company’s Bluetooth-equipped male chastity device held hostage (as in pay up or never touch yourself again), it’s important to draw attention to Lovense’s excellent track record when it comes to protecting their customers.

The connectivity fun doesn’t stop with nearby or thousands-of-miles away playtimes, as you can also connect multiple toys, sync your Edge 2 to specially coded adult videos, have it respond to noises (like moans and sighs), dance its sexy dance to your favorite tunes, or create your own interactive porn experiences courtesy of the Lovense Media Player.

Unless you have a PC, you can’t run it on anything else. That said, I’ve heard on good authority that Lovense is planning on releasing an Apple-supported version in the future.

Then there are erotic games to connect up with, with the best of the best of the best courtesy of Lovense, itself: Mirror life—which I raved about right here.

And if you’re an adult performer looking for a way to spice up your cam show—and, naturally, if you’re into anal sex scenes—Lovense has your back courtesy of its many arousing possibilities.

Including, for instance, the ability to grant control of your toy to a client or tease them with an opportunity to create their own special vibrational playlist, then cough up the bucks to see you use it with your Edge 2.


lovense edge 2 price

More Edge 2 improvements

Not so much of an addition to the first Edge, the 2nd is as waterproof as its predecessor—with an IPX7 rating for those you know about such things—so users can easily and safely add fluidic enjoyments while pleasuring their anal sex ones at the same time.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s for splashing around in a tub or shower only as ocean water or your standard hot tub—what with their various natural or artificial chemical compositions—isn’t recommended, as exposure will pit or corrode the Edge 2’s silicone outer covering.

What is different is as a result of their tweaks to its overall shape and appearance, as with their goal of comfort and effectiveness I mentioned previously, Lovense is promoting the Edge 2 as practically perfect for night’s out (or days if that’s your thing,) due to its staying-put-ness and quiet operation.

Like with the original Edge, cleaning up the Mark 2 is straightforward, requiring little more than mild dish soap and warm water to do the trick—though there are cleaning solutions available right now formulated to keep toys like it as good as new while also protecting what it’s made of.

As we are, after all, talking anal sex here, it’s worth taking time to mention the importance of appropriate lubrication, as inadvertently picking the wrong type may result—on one side of the scale—permanently damaging your brand new Edge 2 or—on the opposite—injuring the interior of your so-very-delicate anus.

Or, as I like to say, never forget that this particular part of the body evolved not to take stuff in but rather push stuff out. So too, those fragile tissues are there to remove moisture, so unless it’s a water-based lube designed for anal excursions, I recommended sticking with stuff your body won’t be able to easily absorb—as a dry anus will inevitably result in pain or a whole lot worse.

If this confuses you, an excellent place to educate yourself is to go straight to the source by reading over Lovense’s guidelines or, better yet, pick up a bottle of two of their recommended lubricants.

edge2 by lovense

Pros of the Edge 2

  • The redesigned exterior makes the toy noticeably more comfortable.
  • Same redesigning keeps the Edge 2 in place, including the possibility of secretly using the product while out in public.
  • Improved antenna and interior electronics mean a greatly enhanced and stable Bluetooth connection.
  • Significantly upgraded battery life compared against the first Edge.

Cons of the Edge 2

  • As with the first version, if prostate or stimulation of the area outside of the anus isn’t your thing, the Edge 2 may not be the toy for you.
  • If you’re familiar with and pleased with the original, switching to the upgraded model might be unnecessary or perhaps even uncomfortable.

lovense prostate massager

The verdict

Despite that writing about Lovense’s products and services helps keep bread on my table, in all honesty, I continue to be impressed by what they put out and—with this new take on one of their most popular items—how they sincerely seem to take to heart the idea that, no matter what, there’s always room for improvement.

And more than their fans voicing they want “the same, yet different” isn’t to gripe about but an opportunity to rethink, reexamine, remake their products.

Not to sound overly cynical, I can too easily picture a rival company rubbing their hands together while manically laughing over their plans to release a product that addresses a few, and no more, of their user’s feedback while taking on useless details like a change in color or a “go-faster” stripe along its length.

Then, insult to injury, that they’ll keep these nearly-inconsequential “improvements” coming year after year, with each designed to keep their customers hooked—though never really satisfied.

With the release of their Edge 2, they’ve directly addressed what should be changed to make a good toy better while avoiding stuffing it with unnecessary and unwanted extras. This elevates, again in my opinion, as a company to be respected, admired, and one I can’t wait to see what other improvements and upgrades they’re working on next.

So, yep, if anal sex is a pleasure and you’re turned on by tickling the fantastics (light or otherwise) of prostate or G-spot stimulation, then I suggest getting your hands on an Edge 2 sooner rather than later.

Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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