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Lovense Hush 2 Review: The Return of The King(s)

By M.Christian

Within our general physical limitations – in other words, we can’t get too small or too big – each of us is biologically unique.

Or, I should say we’re wonderfully, gloriously, beautifully different from one another – and this specialness is even more apparent in the shape, depth, function, and texture of our internal organs.

A fact more than a few sextoy companies seems to forget, offering us supposed one-size-fits-all products which too often mean we have to (more times than not) uncomfortably adjust ourselves to use.

However, other manufacturers understand and respect our differences.

Like Lovense, which just released their new, upgraded Hush 2 anal vibrator in two sizes. So, if your anus is on the small size or you’re new to the whole butt-sex thing, you can choose the one-inch model.

Meanwhile, if you’re somewhat larger or are well-acquainted with anal play, you can select the 2¼ inch version.


The Tail of Two Anal Vibrators

lovense hush 2 xs or l

Whatever their size, both are finely crafted. Like everything else they’ve given us, they are genius-level smart, complements of their state-of-the-art Lovense Remote app.

But while this is a cause for celebration, Lovense’s dedication to crafting superbly-engineered toys is just as evident with their Hush 2.

For instance, they clearly know there’s a massive difference between anal sex products and ones intended to be used in other orifices, like how each Hush 2 is:

  • made of ultra-smooth body-safe silicone.
  • is completely waterproof.
  • has a flared base.

Their smoothness and the base are essential because – as opposed to a vagina, for instance, anal tissues are more delicate. In other words, if something other than a specially-designed toy is inserted “up there,” it will more than likely result in tearing, bleeding, or a hospital-level-of-nasty inflection.

The same is true of their bases, as millions of years of human evolution have resulted in a system that, though it’s mostly about expelling waste, can also pull things up and in.

A flared base, though, prevents and provides something to firmly grip when it comes time to extract either toy.

Power, Control, and Comfort

hush 2 butt plugs

Another key difference between anal sex toys and those designed for penis or vagina play is power. Because, unlike our genitals, the anus isn’t equipped with an especially large number of those luscious nerve endings, so to pleasurably excite and sexually stimulate the anus, anal toys need to double up on vibrational power.

Which the large and small Hush 2 absolutely do. During my time with each, I pleasantly discovered that no matter how I positioned them, their powerful motors managed to work their thuddy, rumbly magic like no other anal toy I’ve used before.

Each Hush 2 has three built-in power levels and four preset patterns like pulse (decidedly intense), wave (more gradual), fireworks (feels like a cross between pulse and wave), and earthquake (generates more dramatically-increasing sensations).

But those are only what the toys come with. Connect either up to Lovense Remote, and you’ll unlock a much wider array of control options, such as:

  • the ability to connect multiple Bluetooth toys together.
  • give or take control over long distances.
  • have them respond to music or nearby noises.
  • make and share your own customized playlists.
  • and a whole lot more.

The Smaller Hush 2’s Dimensions (XS)

hush 2 xs

Overall, the Hush 2 is 4.72 inches long with a 2.64 base. The part built to go in you is never thicker than one inch and only 3.86 long – so it’s ideal for people beginning to explore the delights of anal play or whose (ahem) cavity is tighter or narrower than average.

Towards the end of the toy and above the flared base, the small Hush 2 narrows to .47 inches. This is a great design decision as another aspect of first starting in your journey towards butt sex arousal is your sphincter will be a little sensitive. By making this section of the Hush 2 slim, the toy shouldn’t excessively stretch you there, as well as avoid injuries or hemorrhoids from forming.

How Big is the Bigger Hush 2 (L)?

hush 2 l

For larger-anus people, or those who are well-versed in the joys of anal sex toys, the second Hush 2 is 5.91 inches long – of which the part that’s designed to go into you is 5.16 of that and 2.25 inches across.

Before its 3.15 flared base, this Hush 2 drops down to .98 inches. Unlike its slimmer brethren, the larger toy is decidedly bulbous.

This is because the anus will more than likely expand the more it’s played with, but there is a silver lining to this all: the person using it gains experience in how to insert it into themselves – so having a Hush 2 which fills this need and delivers its vibrations in all the right ways, is brilliant.

The Hush 2s and Lovense Remote

hush 2 features

Okay, I know I promised to at least try to reign in my enthusiastic praise for Lovense Remote, but… well, that’s pretty gosh darn tough to do because it truly is the sextech industry’s top-tier control app.

Connecting Hush 2 is so headache-free! I kept thinking it wouldn’t, and – as with apps from too many other companies – I’d have to try again and again before it’d work but Lovense Remote was so fast and so easy.

This smooth linking extends to multiple Lovense toys. To see how far I could push it, I managed to control four separate devices simultaneously. Wow, I told myself, this is… wow!

Once connected, the Lovense Remote’s ease-of-use extends to using it for long-distance playtime fun – where you and your remote lover can link toys so they’ll respond to what the other is doing, create and share your own vibrational patterns, use your smartphone’s playlist (or Spotify), and rock your Lovense toys to the beats or buzz along to any nearby noises.

One slight drawback to the app is that while it works with a select variety of interactive videos or games like Lovense’s own Wild Life or Mirror Life, the number supported is sadly far lower than with apps such as FeelConnect.

Charging, Cleaning, and Lubrication

Whatever their size, each Hush 2 uses a magnetic charging cable and whatever USB power source you have handy.

They differ because the smaller version takes around forty minutes to fully charge, after which it’ll run for about two hours.

On the other hand, its big brother needs two and a half hours but will go the distance with an impressive eleven hours of use.

Each Hush 2 is made of body-safe silicone, so is 100% waterproof. In addition to using them in the tub or shower, every anal sextoy can be washed before and after every use.

The instruction manual for both toys makes it very clear you have to do your absolute best to keep your Hush 2 as clean as possible. However weak-kneed or woggle-headed you may be after enjoying them, it’s a darn good idea to give them a wash in mild antibacterial soap – or, better yet, an approved sextoy cleaner – before rinsing and thoroughly drying them.

Don’t ever boil your Hush 2 or expose it to silicone-reactive lubricants. Unlike how things were back in my glory (hole) days where there was a strong demarcation between anal and vaginal lubricants, thankfully, these days, we have specialty formated ones able to pull double duty.

Still, it’s preferable to stick with a lube specifically designed for anal play and silicone toys as others may not only damage your Hush 2, but your ass as well.

What Do You Get With a Hush 2?

hush 2 guides

Each toy comes with a nifty little storage bag, a magnetic USB charging cable, User’s Manual, and a Quick Start Guide.

If, like me, you find yourself doing more squinting than seeing, the manuals and quick start guides for both are available on the Lovense site for much easier reading.


  • Two sizes available.
  • Expertly designed for anal sex play.
  • Works perfectly with Lovense Remote.
  • Silicone is safe and comfortable to use.


  • Smaller size has reduced battery life.
  • Experience may necessitate the purchase of the larger Hush 2.
  • Lovense Remote not as well supported by explicit videos and games.

hush 2 boxes lovense

Lovense Hush 2 Review: The Verdict

While we’re built differently inside and out, the thing about anal sex is, as we spend more and more time with it under our belts (bad joke, sorry), that part of our bodies will expand.

This is why smaller toys are frequently advertised for beginners as, new to the experience, the anus may require sensual coercion before it gets comfortable – and from there arousing.

And though over time, it’ll tighten up again – faster or slower depending on how your body responds to anal play and how frequently you do it – it may never get to where it once was.

So if you want to keep going, eventually, you’ll have to increase the size, shape, and depth of your anal toys.

All of which has nothing to do with how fantastic the Hush 2 toys are. I merely wanted to mention a possible downside to anal sex toys, that if you enjoy the experience, you’ll inevitably have to upgrade.

Fortunately, both Hush 2’s are insanely well made, and coupled with the Lovense Remote app, each will knock not only your socks off, but your loafers, too.

Should you get one? Yes, a thousand times, yes: either as an introduction to the joys of playing with your ass or an amazing toy – or a pair of them – for those already well-versed in how exciting it can be!





Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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