The 8 Best Lovense Sex Toys for Lesbians (Remote Or Not)

Long-distance lesbians are a thing, especially in the era of the Internet and of people finding love over long distance.

My most recent girlfriend (who first became my wife and then for the last 4 years has been my husband) moved from the East Coast to the Midwest to join me at my small Midwestern college… that I dropped out of a few years later.

Don’t worry, it’s all good now.

But the thing is, there are better options now that keep long-distance couples together for longer, letting you play with each other.

The lessons of the past are that imagination alone is never as good as imagination supplemented by high-frequency vibrations.

And nobody’s done a better job at putting the two together over the last 10 years than Lovense.

Their toys are the standard for long-distance play for a reason, and they’ve diversified into a wide range of toys for all kinds of people.

Here, we’re going to focus on their best long-distance options for women loving women. We’ll get right into it here.

Hyphy Clitoral Vibrator: High Lesbian Frequency

lesbian sexual toys

The Hyphy looks superficially like other magic wand vibrators – there’s a small vibrating head on top of a long handle with a flexible neck between them.

But that’s where the similarities end.

The Lovense Hyphy is sometimes compared to the Womanizer but it’s completely different, more of a traditional vibrator, using its vibrating head instead of air pulses.

The vibration is more of an oscillation than a rotational pound like more conventional vibrators, giving it a more balanced feeling.

We think it’s fantastic and as an in-person toy, it’s just as exciting as its remote options.

Since the oscillator is mounted in the body, the other end of the Hyphy is a super-strong g-spot vibrator, giving you multiple options for play.

Hyphy is short for “high frequency” (Hy-free probably just didn’t read right for the marketing department), and Hyphy certainly delivers on that.

The insertion is a great choice, and it delivers powerful vibrations right to where they do the best. Long-distance lesbian relationship or up close, Hyphy is a real winner.


  • Direct, targeted oscillations.
  • Quick, intense orgasms.
  • Reversible for a highly buzzy G-spot vibrator.


  • Utility of the head depends entirely on how much you like “point” vibrations.
  • More hands-on than many of Lovense’s signature devices.

Gemini Vibrating Nipple Clamps Are Silly but Really Effective

best lesbian sex toys

Lovense Gemini is one of the most interesting toys around. If you like nipple stimulation, they are amazing.

If you dabble in light BDSM with a long-distance lesbian partner, they are amazing. You just generally won’t go wrong with this product.

It looks a little silly hanging on your nips – the claws are a bit oversized for what you would expect – but like so many other Lovense products, they get the job done.

Cute pink tips fading to red near the knuckle, these claws are seriously big, but they also give a convincing level of pinch.

In tests we found that despite looking and feeling far plusher than the average nipple clamps, they stay on quite well.

A common issue is that one claw vibrates less than the other, but what we found was that with a little adjustment of the tension screws, that gets evened right out.

If you – or your long-distance partner – finds that you’re curious about nipple stimulation, these guys will be just the right thing to show you if it’s something you want to add to your repertoire.


  • Bluetooth nipple stimulation is amazing from mild to wow.
  • Firm hold means you won’t be constantly adjusting them — use the set screws and leave them in place.
  • Optional bra clip if you find the control module is pulling them off.
  • Great for first-time trying for those BDSM-curious. Not tight and painful like dedicated BDSM nipple clamps.


  • Bulky clamps make it look like your nipples are being held by Mr. Krabs!
  • If you already don’t like nipple clamps, these won’t change your mind.
  • They’re a bit pricey for a toy you might or might not like.

The Lovense Sex Machine Hits That Depth Button

strap ons lesbians

This is an interesting device because it’s Lovense’s very first foray into an old-fashioned piston sex machine.

It’s big, it’s powerful, it’s got brushed metal, and it has one or two reciprocating arms that can be attached to any kind of dildo you want to attach it to.

The sex machine concept has been around for more than a century, with an increasing number and variety of machines now available for home use by curious users. Lovense’s Sex Machine includes, of course, their signature sleek, lesbian-friendly flair and their Bluetooth control software.

The basics of the machine, of course, aren’t anything new to the user. The large, sturdy machine pushes a piston in and out into a cylinder, where the cylinder is you.

You can use the controls on your phone – or the internet controls – to tell the machine how hard and fast it needs to pump, and how deep.

If this sounds like a great idea, there are lots of videos on PornHub and other sites showing off the machine.


  • If you’re into penetration, this is a high-quality machine for it.
  • Optional double penetration option for same-room partner sex with thrust.


  • If sex machines aren’t your thing, this isn’t going to change your mind.

Domi 2 is a Better Magic Wand for Your Nightstand Drawer

lesbian sex toys couples

Nobody needs to be introduced to what a magic wand is. Magic wands are, by now, a ubiquitous bedroom staple.

The first one was introduced as a personal massage device by Hitachi in 1968 but became popularized as a sex toy by Ruth Westheimer in the mid-1980s, and again by TV’s Sex and the City in the early 1990s.

Domi 2 is a particularly successful adaptation of the Magic Wand format to add to Lovense’s manufacturing history.

Like all other Lovense devices, it can be controlled by Bluetooth. Like other magic wands, the Domi 2 is also capable of being controlled by a panel on the side.

For lesbian couples, magic wands in both full and mini size are an essential part of their tool set, and while the Domi 2 has less range than the original, it’s still an amazing wand.


  • One of the oldest lesbian favorites.
  • More compact than the Hitachi.
  • More powerful than most mini wands.
  • Remotely controllable like all Lovense toys
  • Strongest vibrator over long distances.


  • Not as rumbly as the original.
  • Maximum strength starts to decay after about a year.
  • A bit loud.

Gravity: When You Just Need a Little Thrust

remote sex toys lgbtq

An automatic thrusting dildo, the Gravity is sort of half a sex machine, with a 1.5-inch stroke.

If you like the idea of a sex machine, but don’t have the room in your home for something about the size of a sawhorse and just as difficult to put away when company comes over, you might be interested in a thrusting dildo like the Gravity.

With hands-free use, it’s a great choice for distance or close-up play.

Its 4-hour battery time helps the user focus on play without worrying about the battery dying before they can get their orgasms. And, your love can use it for more set-up play, as its size and thrusting distance make it less useful for discreet, under-clothing play.


  • Independent thrusting and vibration give it versatility as a toy.
  • Size is a great benefit versus a sex machine.


  • Large size and long stroke make it impossible to use for discreet play like other toys.
  • Quite loud!

Lush 3 Needs No Introduction

app-controllable long distance sextoys queer

There’s really two groups of lesbian couples: Those who have a Lush 3, and those who are going to have one.

The Lush 3 is the third generation of Lovense’s famous lush series, the toy that made Lovense famous.

It’s that well-known, and at this point, it’s almost as popular as the Magic Wand.

The Lush 3 is well-known for its ability to be used outside the bedroom as well, and with great app control and a strong wearable vibrator, it sets the standard for everything else in this category.

If you need to have one egg vibrator, it’s got to be the Lush 3. Its downsides are relatively minor and controllable for most people using it.


  • Body-safe silicone lets you wear it as long as you want.
  • Long-distance control is a breeze through the Lovense app.
  • App connection is extremely reliable in the third generation.
  • Strong and quiet gives you options for wearable long-distance play.


  • Likely to not give enough clitoral stimulation for an orgasm.
  • Doesn’t apply pressure by itself.
  • May slip out or be too big.

Lovense Tenera Gives a Suck

Clit suckers BDSM toys

Even though the Hyphy, above, is sometimes compared, this is Lovense’s true entry into the sucker vibrator category.

Sturdy and with a leveled and patterned suction cup, the Tenera is quite a surprise for new users.

Its app connection, based on the same tech as the rest of the Lovense toys, is amazing.

Tenera is one of the strongest devices of the clit sucker toy. If you’re not experienced with suckers yet, it MIGHT be too intense for you and your girlfriend.

Lovense’s app gives more pattern customizations than its competitors.

Unless you’re experienced with clit suckers, though, it might just be the right choice to leave this one on the shelf until you’ve decided if you like them or not, because some people really don’t. Spending money on a Lovense toy that you end up not liking is a painful lesson.


  • Best clit-sucker on the market for long-distance play.
  • App gives you the freedom to design your own patterns.


  • If you’re new to the clit sucker toy, this is an expensive introduction with a lot of features you may not need yet.
  • Test the waters with something more affordable first.

Nora is the Original Lovense

dildos vibrators intimate products lesbians

The Nora rabbit vibrator is an iconic device from Lovense. This is one of their first developed toys, and one of their most famous — after the super-famous Lush.

Originally developed in 2013 and one of the first two toys out under the Lovense name, the Nora is the top of the top for remotely controlled stimulator toys.

As usual, it also has buttons on the body of the vibrator for control without having to grab, open, and scroll through your phone to find the app after the power save function has closed your phone’s menu.

If one of the best rabbits on the market sounds like it needs to be in your nightstand, Nora is the best choice.

It’s a smooth shape with a rotating head, a powerful clitoral vibrator, and all the Bluetooth-based fun that you’ve come to expect from a Lovense toy.

The Nora is also one of the best-looking pieces out there, with a lovely silicone glove body that’s skin-safe from tip to grip.

Your remote play sessions will benefit from this classic toy, and your girlfriend will be excited to play with you with this one.

Like other rabbits, this is not suited for public play at all, unless your idea of public play is a play party.

how use nora max together


  • Simply one of the best rabbit vibrators on the market.
  • Independent vibrators in the shaft and arm, plus a rotating head gives you a lot of options for play.
  • The remote app is the most robust on the market, a common Lovense positive.
  • Play with your partner across the room or across the planet.


  • Large and noisy. Not one of the more discreet toys out there.
  • At 2.5 hours, the charging time is not on the forgiving side.
  • Thick insertable length isn’t comfortable for every user.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Lovense Come to Be?

Lovense came to be exactly how you’d expect it to have: The need of a long-distance couple to feel closer together.

The founders invented their devices to allow themselves to have sex when they were thousands of miles apart.

What’s Lovense’s History With Lesbians?

lesbian orgasm lovense vibrator toys

Lovense is one of the best-known names in the adult toy segment.

Coming out with their original toys, the penis-focused masturbator Max, and the Nora rabbit, in 2013, they set the standard for durability, reliability, and connectivity early in the Bluetooth revolution.

Lesbian couples found the Nora very early, and it became a classic.

Best Lovense Sex Toys for Lesbians: Conclusion

Lovense is one of the premier names in the sex toy business, and they have a wide variety of woman-focused toys that are excellent for lesbians trying to hold their long-distance, or in-person, relationships together and give them a new spark and meaning.

If you and your girlfriend are having a hard time keeping things intimate, the addition of a Lovense toy to your bedroom or toy bag might be the right idea.

These premium toys are manufactured with an emphasis on great ergonomics and body-safe components, perfect to help you with your sex life.

Lovense toys are great options for anyone, but especially if you’re interested in adding a sexual component to your long-distance romance that might otherwise be limited to dirty talk on the internet late at night.

Your lesbian relationship deserves these super-premium toys to add some excitement.

Written by William LeClair

The LovenseFAN Team led by William LeClair is an unofficial collective of experts and power users, each deeply immersed in the world of Lovense products. With combined experiences including working with leading SexTech companies, following the success of Lovense since the very first Indiegogo campaign and years of hands-on use, the team offers a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and products. Dive into their insights and guides to explore the multifaceted world of Lovense and discover the future of Sex.

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