The 7 Best Lovense Toys (Based on Sales Estimates)

By now, most of us, particularly all you devout LovenseFan readers, will know that our titular company is considered one of the best sextech manufacturers – and certainly, the leader when it comes to designing state-of-the-art pleasure devices.

No matter what they make – be it created for those with a penis, a vulva, or anyone sporting an anus – their sex toys are practically perfect in every way. And for a variety of excellent reasons, beginning with Lovense’s passionate approach to extra-brainy smart technology.

But do you know which of Lovense’s well-made, intelligent, and enjoyable products are the ones getting the most love from their customers?

To answer that question, here are the seven most popular Lovense toys, ranked in descending order of sales, according to our research.

#1: Lush 3

best bluetooth sex toys

At the top of our list is the fan-favorite for anyone into G-spot stimulation and Internet-of-things interactivity, the Lush 3.

The new version follows a long and respected line of vibrators, each managing to make a significant step forward in battery life, motor power, ease and consistency of Bluetooth connectivity, and overall design.

Made of body-safe silicone, the Lush 3’s extension serves multiple uses, doubling as the toy’s antenna. Exceptional firmness in design keeps the Lush 3’s G-spot stimulating component in place where it’s most needed and grants users the ability to fine-tune where its vibrations are doing their all-important vibrating.

All this and that Lush takes full advantage of the Lovense Remote software, available for PC and Apple computers, as well as an Android or iPhone app. With it installed on your preferred hardware, you can then take control of the Lush 3, whether it’s in the same room or halfway around the world.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The same software allows you to create customized playlists of vibrations and their intensities, have the toy respond to music, plus all kinds of other pleasurable features.

It even has the ability to be a somewhat-covert sexual device, as while its motor is powerful, it’s also wonderfully quiet. So no one will know it’s in use, save for yourself and whoever you may have given permission to control it.

But worn in the privacy of your bedroom or anywhere else, the Lush 3 is a product that has more than deserved its place at our number one spot.

With its unique yet sexually effective design, seamless connectivity, excellent fine-tuning, and all the other options the Lovense Remote app has to offer, and the fantastic power-to-pleasure ratio, the Lush 3 is the promise of sextech made real.


#2: Max 2

best wireless male masturbator


Meanwhile, for those equipped with a penis, Lovense has you covered with their Max 2: a sexually arousing, fully interactive stroker.

Built with comfort and excitement in mind, the Max 2 does everything a stroker should do and so much more. For instance, it vibrates while also gently contracting to double or even triple its stimulation power.

It also elegantly addresses a common headache with similar stroker-type toys. I’m referring to how when using one of these; there’s a tendency for a small amount of cushion to develop, with the more you use it, the more it (ahem) sucks – and not in a good way.

But Lovense has seen and understood this problem and so built their stroker with a nifty little pressure release valve. This keeps that unwanted suction from forming and even allows users the opportunity to apply some when they want.

On top of all this, the Max 2’s as brainy as it is effective, combining all this arousing hardware with the necessary smart electronics to work with Lovense Remote and, better yet, with Mirror Life, Lovense’s impressive testbed for erotic video games, and their Media Player, where you can put together customized vibrational patterns to accompany the action in your favorite porn film!


#3: Nora

sextoys best vibrators women couples

When Lovense decides to take a new look at a classic vibrator, you just know the result will be something that takes what works to improve it far beyond the dreams of its original designers.

Case in point the Nora: a rabbit-style vibrator that feels like Lovense fast-forwarded this fan-favorite sextoy into the 22nd century. Here is a vibrator made of ultra-high-quality silicone, powered by motors as durable as they are powerful, and equipped with everything needed to have the toy work with Lovense Remote.

Not only all this, but those motors can work together or separately. So if one’s not doing what it could, or perhaps is a bit too much, you can fine-tune them together as a single unit or as individual sensations until you’re nothing but smiles.

And through their software, be it the app or desktop version, you can also seamlessly connect it up to many of their other products, like the Max 2, so what one toy does the other will mirror: making them ideal for teledildonic, long-distance, playtimes.


#4: Edge 2

the best sextoys for couples

With the same high degree of diligence and enthusiasm they brought to their penis and vaginal products but dedicated to anal stimulation, Lovense’s Edge 2 has become the be-all, end-all prostate massager.

For anyone into this kind of sexual activity, this is excellent news. Mainly as Lovense’s designers have done their anal sex homework and rather than copying what everyone else has done, instead started from scratch. Their innovative thinking has given us a toy that’s powerful, flexible, durable, arousing, and comfortable.

Build for pleasure and safety, the Edge 2 ticks every box needed for a fantastic anal sex experience and manages to go above and beyond. That’s hardly surprising as – like every other toy in our list of Lovense’s most popular items – it’s also chock-full of smart tech.

This way, via Lovense Remote, its anal pleasuring can be controlled remotely or set up to dance to whatever vibes you like best.


#5: Hush

sex toy lovense adult games

If you like anal toys but aren’t into prostate massage, Lovense has just the thing to fill your… shall we say, needs with the Hush.

With all the smarts and the power of its prostate-stimulating cousin, this butt plug is excellent for anyone into anal play. And when you’ve had a good time with it, the Hush’s innovative spiral design allows removal with a few quick turns.

And speaking of comfort, as this has the option to be a completely hands-off sextoy. With all its fine-tuning handled by the Lovense Remote app, a user can sit back and enjoy the ride – and not have to worry about trying to reach controls that might be slippery when wet.

It’s also not just Lovense’s initial foray into teledildonic butt plugs but the first of its kind, period: demonstrating how this is a company that’s taken the lead in mixing interactivity and anal pleasuring.


#6: Ferri

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Proving that good things come in small packages, Lovense took a look at this other classic vibrator style, and – as with the Nora – completely reworked it.

And the Ferri is more than merely a different shade of the same color. Lovense revamped the entire idea of a small yet effective vibrator by building one equipped with a special magnetic system so it can be attached to a wearer’s undergarments.

After securing it in place, the Ferri is terrific for a whole host of covert sexual escapades. As it works excellently with Lovense Remote, one partner can get their partner’s sexual motor revving from anywhere in the same room or as far away as an entirely different continent.

So what Lovense gave us with the Ferri is a reimagined bullet vibrator designed to be worn up close and very personal while safely at home or out on the town: a brand new kind of sextoy that only the sexy brains at Lovense could have dreamed up.


#7: Diamo

the best sextoys for men

Further revealing themselves as a company that never leaves any sexual stone unturned, for people into cock rings while looking for something extra, our final toy is the Diamo.

Last but assuredly not least, as Lovense pulled out all the stops when it came time to dreaming up and then manufacturing this vibrating-while-constricting plaything.

With it fitted snugly in place behind the shaft of a penis – and like other cock rings, also behind the testicles – the Diamo can be adjusted to meet the sexual needs of the wearer and also those of their partner.

This makes the Diamo far, far more than your standard, ordinary buzzing cock ring. Lovense helped make it user-customizable by providing an informative guide on their website to highlighting all these possibilities. Not to say you can’t invent your own, of course.

But, wait, there’s more! Joining with all of these Lovense toys, the Diamo works hand-in-hand with their Lovense Remote so its stimulating vibrations can be fine-tuned to your heart’s – or penis’s – desire.

Or, if giving up consensual control of your genitals to another person is your kink, you can allow them to deliver all the pleasures your Diamo has to offer – or if you’ve been naughty, not.


The 7 Best Lovense Toys – Conclusion

To put it simply, Lovense certainly knows their stuff.

Researching sexual needs and desires, conceiving how each product works, figuring out how to put their products together, and making sure what comes off the assembly line is of the highest quality, their eyes are always on the prize of customer satisfaction.

And the numbers showing how well they do all of this don’t lie, reflected by their all-star products we’ve listed.

What’s more exciting isn’t how well Lovense has done or how popular their toys are but that they aren’t a company that’s going to relax on their sextech laurels any time soon.

So, though we and other people obviously like what they’ve done so far, shooting their products far up the bestseller lists, we also know well what to expect for their next, and that next, sextech delight so it’ll blow our minds – and our libidos – away.


Written by M.Christian

M.Christian (they/them) is a passionate sex tech enthusiast, BDSM educator, kinky podcaster, and well-known erotica writer. Whether they’re reviewing smart vibrators or pondering the future of human sexuality, Chris tries to bring a smile--or an orgasm--to as many people as possible. Their fiction includes six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and editing 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700 articles, reviews, and essays on everything from BDSM tips and techniques to the best Lovense sextoy for rocking your world. Find more at or on Twitter at @mchristianzobop

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